TequilaCon Canceled!

Hey guys, sorry to tell you like this, but I totally have to cancel TequilaCon. I just found out that I’ve got a thing I need to do that weekend, so, you know. Some other time.

Wasn’t that hilarious when I tricked you? OMG, I’m peeing. Wait… what? You just canceled your flight? No… no. I was totally joking! It’s still on! TequilaCon isn’t really canceled! And now it’s going to cost you an extra $400 to rebook? But… I didn’t think you’d believe me. Are you serious? Why would you cancel your flight? And how did you even do that so fast? I mean… it was just a joke.

Oh god. Oh, I feel sick. I’m sick right now. I’m so sorry. See, this is why I hate April Fool’s Day.
Look – if it really was canceled, would Dave2 have designed this kickass poster? Of course not! See – it’s still on!


So for those of you who didn’t fall for my clever April Fool’s trick, here are the details once again:

TequilaCon ’08: Yes It’s Still On
May 3rd, 2008
6:00pm – ?
North Bowl Lounge ‘n Lanes
Philadelphia, PA
Look forward to seeing you all there!