Pa-Rum-Pa-Pum… D’OH!

Normally at this time of year, I welcome Christmas songs with open arms. We’ve made it through the Thanksgiving food-fest and I begin to look forward to decorating my apartment with lights and balsam-scented candles from Bath & Body Works. This year was no different, until, that is, a friend of mine alerted me to the game he and his friends play every year at this time. It’s called The Little Drummer Boy Challenge, and the only real rule is that once you hear The Little Drummer Boy, you’re out. Avoid that song, and you’re still in the game.

He created a Facebook page where players post their status and brag about narrow misses. Ever since I started playing, I have become even more paranoid and high strung than normal. I peeked my head into my hair salon and yelled, “Are you playing Christmas music?” before walking in for my appointment. I snatched up the first Christmas tree I saw on the lot and paid for it before Silent Night was done playing. I almost trampled a small child at Target while blindly shoving boxes of ornaments into my cart.

“The Santa Claus is a lie! Just pick out a damn stocking and move out of my way!”

I’ve been trying to avoid all the high-risk locations – shopping malls, Starbuckses, marching band practices. The funny thing is that I actually like the song. I mean, how can you not? Just listen the lyrics – this kid has nothing – NOTHING – to give, except the gift of music. And by golly, he’s going to play his little heart out. Even the ox and lamb kept time – what greater stamp of approval could a drummer boy hope for?

I’m not sure my heart can take the stress of this competition for the next 19 days, so I might just pull a Kamikaze at some point and hang out at the ice skating rink at Millennium Park. I would expect Little Drummer Boy to be playing on rotation there about every 30 minutes or so.

If you want to join the madness (and you haven’t already heard the song since the day after Thanksgiving), you can find fellow LDBCers here.

Until then, stay strong.