It’s about time…

After weeks of heated debate, violent arguments, hurt feelings, mud slinging, arm wrestling, mud wrestling, arm slinging, apologies, forgiveness, Trojan viruses, and sudoku, the TequilaCon Planning Committee has finally decided on the actual venue for TequilaCon 2010!

And the winner is…

Steamworks Brewing Company
375 Water Street
Vancouver, BC
Ph : 604.689.2739

Saturday April 24, 2010
6:00pm – ?

So – if you’re planning on attending – and I hope you are – just send an email to and let me know two things:

1. Your URL (if you have one – and you don’t need to have a blog to attend)
2. How you would like your name to appear on your lanyard

But now the biggest question remains to be answered: do they serve poutine in Vancouver?


What do these three things have in common?

1. Blogging
2. Tequila drinking
3. Hockey playing

Give up? All three of these activities are likely to be happening next April when TEQUILACON GOES INTERNATIONAL! That’s right… bust out the passports, pack the Cuervo in your checked baggage, we’re taking a road trip to Canada, people!

Earlier this year, the Official TequilaCon Planning Committee met in Las Vegas to review all the TequilaCon 2010 candidate cities’ application videos and make our final selection.

[Dave, Brandon and Vahid hard at work on official TequilaCon Planning Committee business.]

It was a grueling weekend with a lot of heated discussions over the craps tables. At one point, we thought about letting the roulette wheel make our final decision, but ultimately we knew we couldn’t leave such an important decision up to chance. So it is with great excitement that I get to announce next year’s TequilaCon location:


We will announce more details as we have them, but for now, mark your calendars and renew your passports. We need to help Vancouverites fill the lonely void that will inevitably be left in their lives after Olympics-mania sucks them dry.

[Gorgeous design work by the über-talented Dave from Blogography – thanks Dave!]

TequilaCon 09: Southwestern Magic

TequilaCon recaps.

For some reason, they are some of the most difficult entries for me to write. And not because I don’t want to talk about them, but because there’s simply too much to tell. It’s like when you meet up with an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time, and you both start talking at each other, quickly trying to fill in every detail you’ve missed over the years, and then you walk away feeling just as distant as when you began, and exhausted.

So instead of trying to recount every detail of this past weekend, let me describe some of the moments that defined it for me. Even just the key moments make for an annoyingly long blog-entry. But if I had to sum up the trip in one word, it would be magic, for so many reasons.

Home Sweet Home
This year, instead of being split up among different hotels, we decided to rent a house for the TequilaCon Planning Committee. Dave, Brandon, Vahid, my friends Melinda and Reg (who typically make appearances on this blog as Natasha and Farnsworth), and I rented a house that made all of us squeal with excitement just about every 30-45 minutes. Well, I squealed. The men did whatever the masculine version of squealing is. Grunting? Chest-thumping?

Four bedrooms, five fireplaces, gourmet kitchen, gorgeous décor, back patio, fire pit, bottle of wine waiting for us… we couldn’t stop commenting on how beautiful it was. It was the embodiment of sheer joy. I was so excited about the house that I completely forgot to take any photos of it, so it will just have to live on in my memories, and in the link at But for the record, I’m pretty sure I’m never going to want to rent a hotel room again on a vacation. Ever.

Waking up and eating scrambled eggs and toast slathered in creamy Irish butter and sitting around a high wooden table with friends you get to see far too infrequently in a house too beautiful to describe with magpies flying across the yard as the sun streams in was almost too much for my heart. I was in a constant state of giddiness.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live with three incredibly funny, intelligent, beautiful men at once, let me illustrate:

Shhh. Don't scare them away.
[Clickety, clickety, click. Bloggity, blog, bloggity. Twitter, tweet, tweetify. Format, upload, resize. These boys are addicted, I say. ADDICTED! And I loved every minute of it. I want to live with them forever.]

Apples to Apples
On our first night there, we were still exploring the house and stumbled across the game cabinet. They had all sorts of puzzles and board games, including the greatest game ever invented – Apples to Apples. Trying to describe the game to people and make it sound fun is almost impossible – like trying to retell a joke whose punch line you don’t have quite right.

No wait… I think it goes, So, the Rabbi says, ‘You think that’s bad? You should see her sister!’

Nevertheless, let me attempt to explain the rules: there are green apple cards and red apple cards. Everyone gets a bunch of red cards with nouns on them. The judge lays down a green card with an adjective on it. All the players lay down the red noun card (facedown) they believe the judge will feel most accurately fits the adjective, and the judge gets to pick the winner. If the judge picks your noun, you get to keep the green card. First person to get seven green cards wins the game. Now, usually any board game that involves parts of speech is not exactly one people are lining up to play, but trust me when I say that it’s a blast.

The reason I’m going into this much detail about a board game is because Apples to Apples is responsible for a new hip expression that all the kids will be using soon enough. During one round, Dave was the judge and he laid down the adjective, Extreme. I don’t remember what all the noun cards were, but his decision came down to my card, which was Adolph Hitler, and Melinda’s card, which was Sharks. I’ve found in the past that if you want to win at Apples to Apples, you should always play the Holocaust card whenever possible, because it’s really hard for someone to not choose it as the winner without coming off as a total jerk.

So clearly, I knew I was going to win when I threw down Hitler. The man is responsible for murdering over 11 million people. Does it get more extreme than that? Apparently for Dave, it does, because he chose sharks. Sharks. I lost it.

“Are you kidding me?! Sharks are more extreme than Hitler?! ADOLPH F*CKING HITLER? What are you talking about?”

“I’m not saying Hitler wasn’t extreme, but sharks have been around way longer than him. They’re still killing people today. They’re killing machines.”

“Sharks are fish! They’re not extreme! They’re not evil and calculating! They go off of instinct! They’re just hungry!”

“Look, the Discovery Channel devotes an entire week to sharks. That’s extreme. It’s really extreme. In fact, it’s shark extreme.”

shark ex·treme (shärk’ ik strēm), adj. exceedingly intense; the utmost or highest degree of extremeness: I’m a big fan of rollercoasters, but even I couldn’t handle the Blazing Phoenix at Six Flags over Molokai – that was shark extreme!

So there you have it. Sharks are apparently more extreme than Hitler.

On Friday, we loaded into our tricked out Toyota Sienna minivan and I drove us up to Taos for the day. The trip became a battle of navigators because we had Brandon with his vixen GPS and Dave with his iPhone and Reg with his map from the house. Taos is not on the 3G network, so Dave was helpless. Brandon’s possessive whore of a GPS kept trying to keep us from Taos. So, ultimately, it came down to Reg and his old school lines on paper that got us to our destination.

We visited the Taos Pueblo, where we bought blueberry and cherry pies made in adobe ovens and took pictures of skulls.

Church at Taos Pueblo


Then we drove to the Gorge Bridge which crosses the Rio Grande. I was terrified that the high winds would blow away my newly purchased cowboy hat, but found the courage to soldier on to try to get a few good photos. It was far more stunning than I was able to capture in these photographs.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

But really, the most memorable thing that happened to me in Taos was Lindsey. Melinda, Reg and I were wandering through some of the shops when I saw a sign that said, Horsefeathers. Pre-Loved Hats & Boots. Magic Tricks.

Horse Feathers

“Magic tricks?!” I yelled. “Ohmigod! We have to go in there!”

As we walked through the door, we were greeted by a smiling man with pale blue eyes, wearing a pink shirt and a cowboy hat.

“Like your lids, ladies,” he said.

When he saw the momentary look of confusion flash across our eyes, he touched the brim of his hat.

“Oh, thank you! We just bought them.”

We wandered toward the back of the store where all the pre-loved boots were located. Mel and I were jealous that all the boys had already found used boots the day before, so we were committed to finding our own.

The owner came back to check on us and asked us where we were from. He introduced himself as Lindsey, and we talked for a while about the time he visited Chicago many years ago with his son. He saw a Cubs game and ate at the Billy Goat Tavern.

“Cheeborger, cheeborger. I sure loved that old Saturday Night Live. And that Gilda Radner, boy she was funny.”

He was charming and polite and looked you directly in the eyes when he spoke to you. He was everything you hope for in a Southern gentleman. Lindsey told us to holler if we needed any help, and he walked back to the front of the store.

I gravitated toward two different pairs of boots – one was a very old, vintage beat up pair that had clearly seen their share of clearing brush. Paint splotched, the leather worn down on the toes, they were $88. The other was a much fancier and stylish pair, in far better condition. They were $295. I had one boot on each foot when I walked to the front of the store to check out the full-length mirror. Lindsey looked at me, looked down at my feet, then pointed to the $88 pair and said, “Those are your boots. They fit your style. They fit you. Those are yours.”

And he was right. He sold them to me for $60 even. I was giddy.

As I left the store, I remember thinking that I didn’t see any tricks anywhere, but I know without question that Lindsey was pure magic.

The Reminiscing
An hour or so before TequilaCon began, we all headed over to the venue, The Pink Adobe, to make sure everything was in place. After countless hours of research, Vahid had settled on the most perfect location for the event. We sat outside and sipped drinks in the breeze and admired our new boots while we waited for guests to arrive.


Brandon and I started talking about how this whole event began, with me asking two people I had never met to come visit me in Chicago, for no other reason than the fact that I loved their writing and wanted to hang out with them. Why did they agree? It’s so crazy.

We talked about how I was excited and nervous when they arrived, and how amazing and special it is that five years later, we are still dear friends and still meeting up to laugh and meet new people and eat and drink. I started to get choked up, and then my 12-oz Maker’s Mark arrived just in the nick of time.

The TC09 Posse

The Event
The TequilaCon gods blessed us once again by leading us to a private room upstairs. Bloggers started filing in, greeting each other with hugs and laughs and I knew it would be a good year. I got the chance to talk to people I met in Philadelphia last year, to finally meet bloggers I’ve known for years in the virtual world, and to get to know brand new bloggers.

The smaller crowd seemed to make for more mingling than in TequilaCons prior, and I was so happy to see everyone having a good time. Everyone loved the customized tequila bottles and lanyards and buttons that Dave designed, and Vahid was busy at work applying temporary tattoos.

Official Tequila of the 2009 TequilaCon

Then, at one point in the evening, I walked out of the bathroom and straight into a familiar and wholly unexpected face – Dustin. He was the only member of the planning committee from Philadelphia who wasn’t going to be able to make it to Santa Fe, but unbeknown to all of us, Dave had arranged just days earlier to fly him down for the event as a surprise.

Upon seeing Dustin’s angelic face, I, of course, immediately shoved past him and punched Vahid on the arm, because that is how Sicilians show their love. When I realized that Vahid had been as duped as I was, I turned to Dave and then became a weepy pile of goo, which is also how Sicilians show their love.

From our magical house to my magical boots to my magical friends and all the magical people who made their way to Santa Fe, I couldn’t have imagined a better weekend. I can’t thank everyone enough for coming to this event and bringing their stories and humor and kindness and making it the wonderful celebration that it was. I can’t even imagine what next year has in store for all of us.

The gang's all here!
[My heart, she explodes.]

[For more photos, go here]

So many things. So many things to tell you.

If I had the energy, and it weren’t 1:15am on a school night, and I hadn’t already drunk five glasses of box wine while talking to fellow bloggers, I would tell you so many things.

I would tell you about the long journey I took to upgrading my site to WordPress.

I would tell you about my friend kris, who not only designed my new beautiful masthead, but also endured hour upon hour of my total blog ignorance, with questions like, “Wait… I have an FTP client? What’s that?”

I would tell you about the wunderkind, Nikki, who migrated my site and designed my new template so that I didn’t have to attempt to do it myself.

I would tell you that most of you probably will never see this entry, because I haven’t yet figured out how to forward my RSS feeds to the new platform.

But most of all, I would tell you about how UNBELIEVABLY excited I am to finally be packing my bags for Santa Fe, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of TequilaCon with bloggers old and new!

Once again, innumerable thanks to my dear friends and fellow TequilaCon Board Members, Dave, Vahid and Brandon for their tireless efforts at planning this event. They don’t know it yet, but I plan on slipping some peyote into their margaritas and marrying them all in a moonlit pagan ceremony. Our only witnesses will be a cactus and a prairie dog, just as the gods intended.

I am the very definition of giddy with anticipation right now!


Safe travels to everyone who will be making the trip to the Southwest this Saturday. I can’t wait to hang out with all of you!

And my apologies to everyone else for all the template bugs I am undoubtedly leaving behind. Thanks for your patience while I fumble my way through WordPress…


I was forced to do something against my better judgment on Wednesday – something I vowed never to do – but I was driven to this state by the actions of one man. A man I love dearly, but oh my god, don’t ever ask him to keep a secret. As one of the founding members of the TequilaCon committee, Brandon had the responsibility to hold the date and location under lock and key until such a time when we had secured a final venue, or at least narrowed it down to a few options. But then almost two months ago, it started with an email, and I knew I had to worry.

To: Jenny
From: Brandon

It was only a matter of time before he would crack under the pressure. And then I heard rumors of him starting guessing games and leaving a series of clues on Twitter. I had to know if it was true. I had to stop him.

For ages I had resisted joining Twitter because a) I don’t really understand how it works and b) I feared it would be the end of my already sporadic blogging. But he was out of control and someone had to intervene. Vahid tried his best by posting red herrings all over the internet. Dave played it cool and feigned ignorance.

But now the time has come to put Brandon out of his misery. So here I am, a reluctant Twittite, finally announcing the details of TequilaCon 2009.

When the TequilaCon Planning Committee came to Chicago in October for our hard core planning session, we narrowed down the list of candidate cities to a possible six or seven. Then we spent an agonizing number of hours weighing out the pros and cons of each option.

Frankly, even we were surprised with the final outcome. But after much deliberation and intense research, TequilaCon 2009 will be held…
…on Saturday, April 25th …
…in Santa Fe, New Mexico!
[awesome artwork courtesy of Dave]
TC09 teaser.jpg
For the first time in TequilaCon history, we are heading to the Southwest! Yee-haw! Wait… do they say that in the Southwest, or the South? Guess we’ll find out.

So this still leaves a lot of questions, I’m sure, like – what is TequilaCon? And where will we be meeting up? And where should we stay? And will Brandon wear pants? But for now, I can only ask that you hang tight as we work through the final details. In the meantime, if you’re interested in attending and want to be on the distribution list for future updates, send an email to

Until then, you can see what you may be getting into by taking a walk down TequilaCon Memory Lane:
TequilaCon 05: Chicago, where it all began
TequilaCon 06: New York City, where it first got tattooed
TequilaCon 07: Portland, where it got swag
TequilaCon 08: Philadelphia, where it got big

Hope to see you in Santa Fe!

TequilaWeekend: The Recap

The Day Before…

…is mostly a blur because my trip got off to a rough start due to an unwelcome cold that on Friday turned into what felt like an icicle being stabbed in my left eye for 15 hours straight. Mercifully, a good night’s sleep and lots of what I now affectionately call Italian Tylenol (“Hey! It’s red, white and green!”) helped me pull it together in time for TequilaCon.

The Morning Of…

… was when I tried to fit in at least a few essential sightseeing activities since it’s been over a decade since I’ve been to Philadelphia. My friends Natasha, Farnsworth and Dee-Dee decided join me in Philly, so we all started off the day with a trip to the Reading Market.

I was so sad that I jumped at the first food opportunity and filled my belly with a stupid (albeit tasty) almond polenta cake because I would find out minutes later that mere steps away stood the Amish lunch counter where they served HOMEMADE CHICKEN POT PIES and APPLE DUMPLINGS. I didn’t even know apple dumplings were real – I thought it was just the name of the gang. Once again, the Amish get everything right.

Next we got our history on by checking out the Liberty Bell. A Japanese tourist in front of me was confused and disappointed to learn that he couldn’t bring a knife with a 5” blade into the building, nor could he throw it outside for the kids to play with. “Whatever happened to the right to bear arms?” is what I almost said, but I was being strip searched at the time.

After I took Dee-Dee’s picture in back of the bell, because no one could get past the droves of tourists in front of the bell (apparently, if you can’t see the crack, it’s just like any other bell), we headed over to Philosopher’s Hall, which is what I like to call the Poor Man’s Independence Hall, mostly because it’s the only option for those of us who didn’t plan ahead and get tickets for Independence Hall.

Dee-Dee loves freedom

The Evening Of…

… actually began in the late afternoon. Vahid, Dustin, Dave and I all arrived at the Northbowl Lounge and Lanes around 3:30pm to stake our claim on some seats to prepare for the actual event. If you could have videotaped me walking up the steps to the upstairs lounge, you would have seen a 10-year old child who just got a Wii for Christmas.

I flipped my wig, seriously. I think this is a direct quote, “Ohmigod you guys! Ohmigod! I’m freaking out! This is so perfect! There’s no one here! Ohmigod! Look – they have Family Guy! Ohmigod it’s Ms. Pacman! You guys this is so awesome! I am so happy! I can’t even tell you how happy I am! Ohmigod it’s a Spiderman pinball! Oh wait I don’t think I’ve ever played Spiderman pinball so I don’t know if I should be excited about that one but anyway! Ohmigod you guys! Everyone is going to love this! Ohmigod! I’m so happy!”

The guys kindly humored me as I bounced around like a total freak for another 15 minutes or so, and then they ordered some food. When the menu came, it was Dustin’s turn: “Ohmigod you guys ohmigod! You didn’t tell me they had seven kinds of tater tots here! Ohmigod I’m so happy! Seven kinds – are you kidding me? I’m so happy right now!”

Sexy mofos, every one of 'em

But really, the space was just perfect. Huge, open seating areas with comfy leather couches, three pool tables, video games, pinball machines, a separate bar, and not a soul up there. Oh, except for a bunch of 13-year old girls having a birthday party. We kept giving them the stink eye every time they even thought about sitting down on one of “our” couches.

The only thing that could have made it better for me is if my TequilaCon co-founder and personal life coach – Brandon – could have been there. I did the next best thing, though, and ensured that he would appear in more photos and in more compromising positions than he ever would have accomplished in real life. He was everywhere… watching over us all, popping up in the unlikeliest of places.

Not creepy at all, Officer

Just eat the tot, dammit!

Dave set up the awesome swag table with his lanyards and buttons, and I set out the official TequilaProm mix CD’s. I was in charge of dance hits, while Brandon sent us his love from afar by compiling the greatest assortment of 80’s love ballads ever known to man.
Lisa and her husband, Dude, were the first to arrive and I was so excited not only to meet them, but to have some more bodies to keep the teenyboppers away from our couches. Shortly thereafter, more and more bloggers started to wander in, including my friends Seamus and Dr. Greene who had just arrived from DC.

I can’t even begin to sum up all that occurred that night, but it involved a ton of:
o Laughing
o Pinballing
o Tater totting
o Brandoning
o Mustaching
o Foosballing
o Dancing
o Tattooing
o Singing
o Voicemailing
o And a little bit of drinking

It was absolutely everything I had hoped for and more – but why did they have to close at 2am? There were so many people I didn’t get to spend enough time with!

The Day After…

… was my last chance to spend a little more time with everyone before they headed off to their respective homes, as well as my final opportunity to see more of Philadelphia. Everyone had raved to me about the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museum, so Dee-Dee, Dustin, Vahid, Dave and I went there after breakfast.

Art is fun!

My planning skills were clearly burnt out, because it never even occurred to me that we might have trouble getting tickets to THE MOST POPULAR ART EXHIBIT IN THE CITY at noon on a Sunday during its final two weeks. The earliest they could fit us in was four hours later, so we had to take a pass on Frida because she hates bloggers. She always has.

Instead, we just wandered around the art museum and looked at paintings of baby Jesuses and dead pheasants and transgendered Little Lord Fauntleroys. At one point, as we made our way through the contemporary art section, I transformed into a pre-pubescent boy and made myself cry laughing by pointing at abstract portraits and telling Vahid and Dustin, “That’s your girlfriend!”

I probably will not be asked back to the Philadelphia Art Museum.

No trip to Philadelphia would be complete, of course, without the obligatory photo in front of the statue of the founder of Pennsylvania, Rocky Balboa.

Rocky loves me

Some other stuff happened, like when Dee-Dee met some women in a public restroom who confessed that Steak Escape is way better than Geno’s cheese steaks, but I think we’re all pretty tired by now.

So in conclusion:
1. Bloggers = awesome
2. Philadelphia = awesome
3. Tequilacon = awesome
4. Rocky = awesome
5. That painting = Dustin and Vahid’s girlfriend

A million thanks to everyone who attended and made this such a fun-filled event, and a Brazilian thanks to Dave, Dustin, Vahid, Brandon and the extended Pacific Northwest planning committee who helped make this a total success! Until next year…

Not a Post

Hey, just so you know? Here’s who you don’t want to see when you drag your unshowered post-TequilaCon body off a plane and shuffle through through baggage claim with witch hair while wearing dirty jeans and a bunch of temporary tattoos that are half rubbed off: one of your company’s vice presidents, especially when you’ll be spending the next three days in meetings with him.

That’s who.

I need to go get some lunch before I can write my real TequilaCon post. Now where can I get a good cheese steak in this two-bit town?

TequilaCon Canceled!

Hey guys, sorry to tell you like this, but I totally have to cancel TequilaCon. I just found out that I’ve got a thing I need to do that weekend, so, you know. Some other time.

Wasn’t that hilarious when I tricked you? OMG, I’m peeing. Wait… what? You just canceled your flight? No… no. I was totally joking! It’s still on! TequilaCon isn’t really canceled! And now it’s going to cost you an extra $400 to rebook? But… I didn’t think you’d believe me. Are you serious? Why would you cancel your flight? And how did you even do that so fast? I mean… it was just a joke.

Oh god. Oh, I feel sick. I’m sick right now. I’m so sorry. See, this is why I hate April Fool’s Day.
Look – if it really was canceled, would Dave2 have designed this kickass poster? Of course not! See – it’s still on!


So for those of you who didn’t fall for my clever April Fool’s trick, here are the details once again:

TequilaCon ’08: Yes It’s Still On
May 3rd, 2008
6:00pm – ?
North Bowl Lounge ‘n Lanes
Philadelphia, PA
Look forward to seeing you all there!

TequilaConcerted Effort

This past week, I was holed up in a too hip for its own good hotel in Portland working on, among other things, the final plans for TequilaCon 2008. The TequilaCon Planning Committee was called together from all corners of the earth, or Washington and Oregon, to select the official location for the event, and I’m happy to say that we only had to smash one Long Island Iced Tea on the ground in order to reach consensus.

Vahid, Sibyl, Asia, Dave2, Shari and Brandon all arrived ready to roll up their sleeves and don their fedoras to get down to business. It was the kind of can-do attitude that makes a person proud to be a blogger. [Sadly, I missed Dustin’s arrival the next day because he was too afraid the fedoras would break his show curls.]


Even after the location was chosen, the ideas kept flowing. This was possibly my most productive weekend in recent memory. Not satisfied with simply locking in the destination, we pushed ourselves further and further to make this the most educational meet up ever. As evidence, I give you this impressive numbered list:

1. We utilized spreadsheets with complex and unbiased scoring mechanisms.
2. We mapped out quarterly to-do lists on top-of-the-line notebooks.
3. We debunked quantum physics and the theory of infinity.
4. We devised a plan to combat feline obesity.
5. We discovered that an iPod docking station, YouTube and potentially free wine are a recipe for sheer joy.

And of course, there were tattoos.


Space Invaders

u r pwn3d!

So after all that unnecessary buildup, I give you the official details:

TequilaCon 2008
Saturday, May 3rd 2008
6:00pm – ?
North Bowl Lounge ‘n Lanes
Philadelphia, PA

I’m pretty sure that North Bowl was a suggestion from Ashbloem many months ago, and ironically, many months of research led us right back to it again, so thanks, Ash!

Our VP of Design, Dave2, unveiled some amazingly awesome graphics, one of which is below. And the more observant among you will notice a little hidden visual treat. That boy is crazy mad skilled with the subliminalz.


I’ll be sending out more details via email in the future, so if you’re planning on coming and want to be added to the distribution list, just leave me a comment or send me an email.

Philadelphia, here we come!


Hey! What are you doing on May 4th?

a) Removing temporary tattoos
b) Popping Advil
c) Deleting photos from your digital camera
d) Shaking your head in regret
e) Inspecting the mysterious bruises on your body
f) Some combination of the above

The correct answer is F!

How do I know this? Because on May 3rd, you will all be in Philadelphia at an undisclosed location fraternizing with a wholebuncha bloggers!

Yes, babies, TequilaCon is here. Well, not here. It’s there. You know what I mean. Look, here’s a mini-FAQ:

Mini TequilaCon FAQ:

1. What’s a TequilaCon?
TequilaCon is a wondrous event that brings bloggers from far and wide together, not to learn anything or better themselves, but to make merry. This will be the 4th annual TequilaCon and the bar has been set very high.

2. Where and when is it?
Philadelphia, PA
Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

3. What if I don’t drink/don’t drink tequila?
No worries. I think tequila is vile, but I used it as bait to trick the first two TequilaConners into meeting me in Chicago. It totally worked. We do what we have to. As long as you’re cool hanging out in a bar with a bunch of internet geeks… I mean a bunch of cutting edge hipsters… you’ll do just fine.

4. How do I get invited?
You’re already invited! The first official email has gone out, so if you didn’t receive it from me, just send me an email and I’ll add you to the distribution list.

5. What if I don’t have a blog?
Look, we don’t really have strict criteria for attendance. In fact, I’m not sure we have any criteria. If you have a blog, read blogs, have a friend with a blog, know what a blog is, then you’re A-OK.

In fact, I’m working on bringing every non-blogger I know – Dee-Dee, Natasha, Farnsworth, Seamus, Dr. Greene… this could be the first TequilaCon where non-bloggers outnumber bloggers.

6. What do you want from me?
Unconditional love and an occasional back scratch. But in lieu of that, I’d be happy to take some suggestions for bars from anyone familiar with the Philly area. Our criteria: big, near public transportation, serves food.

7. Is that all?
For now.