So many things. So many things to tell you.

If I had the energy, and it weren’t 1:15am on a school night, and I hadn’t already drunk five glasses of box wine while talking to fellow bloggers, I would tell you so many things.

I would tell you about the long journey I took to upgrading my site to WordPress.

I would tell you about my friend kris, who not only designed my new beautiful masthead, but also endured hour upon hour of my total blog ignorance, with questions like, “Wait… I have an FTP client? What’s that?”

I would tell you about the wunderkind, Nikki, who migrated my site and designed my new template so that I didn’t have to attempt to do it myself.

I would tell you that most of you probably will never see this entry, because I haven’t yet figured out how to forward my RSS feeds to the new platform.

But most of all, I would tell you about how UNBELIEVABLY excited I am to finally be packing my bags for Santa Fe, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of TequilaCon with bloggers old and new!

Once again, innumerable thanks to my dear friends and fellow TequilaCon Board Members, Dave, Vahid and Brandon for their tireless efforts at planning this event. They don’t know it yet, but I plan on slipping some peyote into their margaritas and marrying them all in a moonlit pagan ceremony. Our only witnesses will be a cactus and a prairie dog, just as the gods intended.

I am the very definition of giddy with anticipation right now!


Safe travels to everyone who will be making the trip to the Southwest this Saturday. I can’t wait to hang out with all of you!

And my apologies to everyone else for all the template bugs I am undoubtedly leaving behind. Thanks for your patience while I fumble my way through WordPress…

21 Responses to “So many things. So many things to tell you.”

  1. Dave2 Says:

    Oooh! Your new blog is so pretty! Hmmm… but will it remember my info the next time I comment? THAT is the question!

    Can you believe that TequilaCon is just days away? It seems like only yesterday we were having the Official Planning Meeting, and here we are!

  2. Dave2 Says:

    Why, yes… your blog DOES remember me now! How sweet is that?

  3. Jenny Says:

    Dave – YAY!!! If nothing else, that was the one thing I had hoped would be fixed with the migration. What will Shari have to harass me about now, though? And NO!!!! I can’t believe it’s only days away. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  4. vahid Says:

    holy sh*t, is that this week?! I had totally planned to start building up my tequila tolerance over the last week. I’d better start sneaking a bottle to work to get caught up.

  5. Jenny Says:

    Whatever it takes, Vahid. Whatever it takes.

  6. kat Says:

    the site looks beeeee-you-tiful!

  7. Jill Says:

    Yay for the new blog design! Have fun in your pagan ceremonies. Wish I could be there. Do some extra special fake tattooing in my name.

  8. shari Says:

    Oh please, like I can’t find something more creative to harass you with? OK, maybe I can’t. Creativity has never been my strong suite. But YOU? Look at this place! It’s gorgeous!! When’s the housewarming comment orgy scheduled?

    I’m with Jill, (well, I’m not actually with Jill, though I wish I were because it’s been too long since I’ve seen her), please do some extra-special tattooing for me this weekend, and have at least one drink in my honor, preferably scotch.

    Bon voyage!

  9. shari Says:

    I feel foolish. Guess not much has changed afterall, eh? I think you need another new blog — one that won’t make me feel stupid. Now I see it’s Jill Writes, and it’s been a really long time since I’ve seen her, being as how we’ve never met.


  10. Nikki Says:

    Hey, what a snazzy design… ^_~

    I wish I could go to Santa Fe. It sounds like it’s going to be a blast. Have fun!

  11. Jenny Says:

    Jill – thanks! We will most definitely do some temp tattoos in your honor. Hope you can make it next year!

    Shari – if we can’t feel silly on my blog, what hope is there for us in the real world? Do they serve scotch in NM? If so, I’ll have a single malt for you!

    Nikki – I know, isn’t it?! It’s all about who you know… :)

  12. whall Says:

    What is this Tequilacon thing you speak of? I wish I could go? Maybe I could go back in time, learn about it ahead of time, plan with a friend to attend, and get on the list of attendees.


    Only if I try REALLY REALLY HARD?!

    Ok, I hope! I believe! I think it’s working!

    YAY I’m going!

  13. churlita Says:

    Very cool. Have fun in New Mexico…Whatever you can remember.

  14. kat Says:

    I think your new blog ate my unbelievably witty and hilarious comment, so I’ll paraphrase: looks purty!

  15. Karl Says:

    Gorgeous new design, Jen. Can’t wait for TC. I arrive in NM Friday around noon, then driving to Santa Fe in a rental car. Woo hoo!

  16. martymankins Says:

    Nice new blog design. And just a few more days to count down until TC09. Yeah!

  17. brandon Says:

    Does New Mexico allow gay marriage? What if Vahid and Dave aren’t virgins? With whom do I consummate first? I hate to be anal about this.

  18. Jenny Says:

    whall: my god! behold the power of positive thinking!

    churlita: thanks! and fortunately (or unfortunately) there will be plenty of photos in case i forget a thing or two…

    kat: no, my blog is learning as it goes along. it just thought you were spam. i fear the day my blog becomes self aware.

    karl: thanks, karl! i can’t wait, either! safe travels!

    marty: thank you! i know – how did this sneak up on us so fast?

    brandon: not sure if new mexico does, but i sure as hell do! in fact… i’m going to get my sea captain’s license right now so i can officiate.

  19. jill Says:

    I love, LOVE the new digs, Jenny! Gorgeous, like you are.

    And Shari, if you think you were embarrassed, imagine how I felt. I didn’t remember leaving the comment in the first place! I was so relieved to learn that I don’t have a split personality. Or at least one that blogs without me.

    Anyway, a big *MWAH* to both of you! And give my love to the TCSF set!


  20. mike Says:

    Wish I could be there knocking back shots with you this year, Jenny. Is Halifax (hell, I’d settle for Toronto) still on the long-term TC destination list? :)

  21. Cheryl Says:

    Beautiful redesign! I wish I had an FTP client. Then again, maybe I do.

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