TequilaConcerted Effort

This past week, I was holed up in a too hip for its own good hotel in Portland working on, among other things, the final plans for TequilaCon 2008. The TequilaCon Planning Committee was called together from all corners of the earth, or Washington and Oregon, to select the official location for the event, and I’m happy to say that we only had to smash one Long Island Iced Tea on the ground in order to reach consensus.

Vahid, Sibyl, Asia, Dave2, Shari and Brandon all arrived ready to roll up their sleeves and don their fedoras to get down to business. It was the kind of can-do attitude that makes a person proud to be a blogger. [Sadly, I missed Dustin’s arrival the next day because he was too afraid the fedoras would break his show curls.]


Even after the location was chosen, the ideas kept flowing. This was possibly my most productive weekend in recent memory. Not satisfied with simply locking in the destination, we pushed ourselves further and further to make this the most educational meet up ever. As evidence, I give you this impressive numbered list:

1. We utilized spreadsheets with complex and unbiased scoring mechanisms.
2. We mapped out quarterly to-do lists on top-of-the-line notebooks.
3. We debunked quantum physics and the theory of infinity.
4. We devised a plan to combat feline obesity.
5. We discovered that an iPod docking station, YouTube and potentially free wine are a recipe for sheer joy.

And of course, there were tattoos.


Space Invaders

u r pwn3d!

So after all that unnecessary buildup, I give you the official details:

TequilaCon 2008
Saturday, May 3rd 2008
6:00pm – ?
North Bowl Lounge ‘n Lanes
Philadelphia, PA

I’m pretty sure that North Bowl was a suggestion from Ashbloem many months ago, and ironically, many months of research led us right back to it again, so thanks, Ash!

Our VP of Design, Dave2, unveiled some amazingly awesome graphics, one of which is below. And the more observant among you will notice a little hidden visual treat. That boy is crazy mad skilled with the subliminalz.


I’ll be sending out more details via email in the future, so if you’re planning on coming and want to be added to the distribution list, just leave me a comment or send me an email.

Philadelphia, here we come!

33 Responses to “TequilaConcerted Effort”

  1. Hilly Says:

    Drunken bowling! Yay, my favorite! I totally can’t wait :).

  2. teahouseblossom Says:

    Hey, nice tattoos!!
    Y’all have fun in the City of Brotherly Love!

  3. libragirl Says:

    Hi, Shelli sent me. Can you add me to the wanna come list. Thanks.

  4. NYCWD Says:

    So where do we register??? Or is this considered a registration???

  5. Sarah Says:

    I seriously failed you. But that place is cool, I hear!
    I can’t wait!!

  6. kat! Says:

    We debunked quantum physics and the theory of infinity.
    wow. i’m not sure i want to have any part in this.

  7. You can call me, 'Sir' Says:

    If that’s Shari’s arm, I’m afraid that I’m now too intimidated to attend.

  8. You can call me, 'Sir' Says:

    If that’s Shari’s arm, I’m afraid that I’m now too intimidated to attend.

  9. Karl Says:

    Excellent! Talked to Vahid yesterday and he wouldn’t cough up a single detail, the bastard.

  10. Bre Says:

    Oooh, that place is mega-fun! Please add me to the list! :)

  11. shari Says:

    Philly? I was pretty sure we voted on Wenatchee.

  12. claire Says:

    Ooh, that’s about as appealing a place for my tastes as you could pick. If only they had DDR…
    Do they have cosmic bowling (i.e. glow in the dark)? Maybe not the best thing for a con, but I’ve always wanted to try it.

  13. jenny Says:

    hilly: i should probably have everyone sign a waiver before allowing them on the lanes under the influence.
    THB: thanks! it’s not that far from NYC, you know… :)
    libragirl: done!
    NYCWD: consider yourself registered.
    sarah: there will be many opportunities for redemption in philly. :)
    kat!: well, perhaps it’s not so much that we debunked quantum physics as we all agreed that we didn’t like the movie, “what the bleep.”
    sir: it is shari’s arm, and you should see the rest of her! just make sure you get on her good side.
    karl: the boy can keep a secret, what can i say?
    bre: glad to hear it!
    shari: a common mistake.
    claire: well, the 2nd floor has video games, so who knows? maybe they do have DDR.

  14. Cheryl Says:

    More details on item #4, please. There’s a full-figured cat in L.A. who wants to know how she can eat all her favorite foods while the pounds melt away.

  15. vahid Says:

    Yay! All that hard work has paid off, big time.

  16. asia Says:

    we didn’t technically debunk infinity, we just acknowledged some inherent paradoxes and managed to contain an infinity into a finite act. sheesh.
    but we also never finished with our discussion of quarterly to-do lists so, um, put that on your white-board.

  17. Show Curls Says:

    Had I known there were going to be nerd tattoos, I would have gladly shorn my head like Sampson.

  18. jenny Says:

    cheryl: well, i’ll be writing about it soon, and maybe your full-figured cat can get in on the action, but i’m not gonna lie to you – it’s going to take hard work and dedication!
    vahid: it was hard work, indeed, and many a night of pinball.
    asia: fine. i mostly just like to say the word “debunk.” but i still don’t think you can eat infinity chocolate cake or go on an infinity walk to the door. how small would your feet have to get?
    show curls: i would never steal your power like that. i know better.

  19. Roy Says:

    I have to agree that’s some mad photoshop skilz there.
    Now, I don’t know why, but I have the oddest urge to go ring a bell somewhere.

  20. Lisa Says:

    I heard about TequilaCon over at Blogography and live right outside of Philadelphia. Would I be able to join in on the fun?

  21. jenny Says:

    roy: see? subliminalz will get you every time!
    lisa: absolutely! i’ll add you to the list.

  22. ashbloem Says:

    Woo hoo!

  23. Shelli Says:

    Please include me. I want to be invited.

  24. Avitable Says:

    Please add me to the email distribution list. I think I might try to make it this year.

  25. jenny Says:

    ash: you can say that again!
    shelli: you’re invited!
    avitable: done and done. hope you can make it!

  26. BlondeBlogger Says:

    I’m thinking of joining in the fun (so many of my friends are going). We go to Philly to see the Phillies play and it’s not that far from me. Can I be included in the email loop? Thanks!

  27. Gwen Says:

    I came here from Lara’s blog — can I join in?

  28. Black Belt Mama Says:

    Hi there,
    I might be interested in joining you if I’m allowed to invite myself. Am I? I’m a friend of Karl’s. Please let me know. This sounds like such fun and it’s close to where I live.

  29. jenny Says:

    blondeblogger: i’ve added you to the list, so you’ll get the next update email.
    gwen: absolutely!
    black belt mama: of course! any friend of karl’s… :)

  30. Heather B. Says:

    I’m just looking forward to it being held on this coast this year. Huzzah!

  31. Karen Sugarpants Says:

    I’ll be there….Hilly, Britt, Avi, and Lisa convinced me. Can’t wait!

  32. DaDuck Says:

    ooh next year…..next year…as long as it isn’t on the west coast. Cost too much to fly there from Europe.

  33. DaDuck Says:

    I take that back…Las Vegas BABY! Then my man can come and we can drive across the country!

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