If you checked into a hotel and there was a card that said, “Thanks for joining us again, Jennifer!” and it was kind of sitting near a bottle of wine, but there were also several other expensive bottles of wine in the mini bar, would you:
a) Assume the wine was a gift and drink it.
b) Assume the wine was a trap and leave it because you knew they were going to add $67 to your hotel bill.
c) Assume the wine was a trap and drink it anyway.
d) Smash the bottle against the bathroom mirror and slice up the bedspread with the broken shards because they called you “Jennifer.”
e) Open up the $4.50 tin of mini Snickers and hide the wrappers so that housekeeping wouldn’t know you ate them all.
I did one of these things. And I’m still not sure about the wine. Seriously, gift or trap?
And by the way, it’s Leap Day. Make the most of it.

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  1. You can call me, 'Sir' Says:

    Assume it’s a gift. If they try to charge you for it, whisper “You called my ‘Jennifer'”, get angry, turn into the Incredible Hulk, start smashing stuff. Works every time.

  2. You can call me, 'Sir' Says:

    Assume it’s a gift. If they try to charge you for it, whisper “You called my ‘Jennifer'”, get angry, turn into the Incredible Hulk, start smashing stuff. Works every time.

  3. churlita Says:

    I’d call down and ask someone, while eating the Snickers and hiding the wrappers. Then I’d be sad that I didn’t save some of the Snickers to eat with the wine.

  4. Hilly Says:

    If they left it for you with a note, definitely a gift. And if they give you shit, just say “Oh I’m sorry. I thought the hotel was showing real class by giving me that gift. My mistake”

  5. Tracy Lynn Says:

    I would have drank the wine and then started smashing the place, but it wouldn’t have been a CHOICE per say, as much as my normal behavior when drinking.
    I KNOW. That would be why I DON’T DRINK.

  6. Jennie! Says:

    Well, I’d pick D, but that’s just me.
    (every time someone calls me Jennifer, I think I’m in trouble)

  7. vahid Says:

    Oh, that wicked bowl of Snickers!

  8. Dave2 Says:

    Well, probably not… but I’ve always been suspicious since the time I checked into a hotel and found a similar card next to a bottle of water. Since it didn’t have a price tag on it, I assumed it was complimentary. For an entire week, they kept replacing the water bottle, always setting it next to the card.
    So imagine my surprise when I checked out and had a bill for $22.50 for the water! I complained at the front desk and they removed the charges, apologized for the misunderstanding, and promised they would make it more clear in the future that the bottle was $3.75 if you drank it.
    Maybe you should drink it, then start crying at check-out if they try and charge you for it! Crying is an effective bargaining maneuver… sometimes more effective than complaining.

  9. sizzle Says:

    Total TRAP!

  10. Miss Britt Says:

    Oh absolutely a gift.
    And since it’s not in the mini-bar, it’s probably not magnetized. Which means if we’re all wrong…
    Deny, deny, deny.

  11. Mad William Says:

    I think the only choice is to go with options C and E.
    “C” Drink the wine knowing that most hotels are cheap and would never give anything away, but you deserve it.
    “E” Who can resist mini snickers?
    Followed by “F”, calling the desk to tell them your can of mini snickers was already empty and you would like another one to enjoy with the complementary wine they left for you.

  12. claire Says:

    I’d assume it was a trap but would call the front desk to ask if I wanted it.
    I like the hotels with fresh baked free cookies in the lobby. They go pretty quick though.

  13. Robin Says:

    I would assume it is a gift, but it probably is a total trap.

  14. Don Says:

    It was a message, left at great trouble by the local contact, who upon receiving his instructions had to quickly learn Spanish and then fit into one of those maid’s uniforms. But you followed the instructions microprinted on the inside of the cork, so he won’t mark you for the Lost Guest Maneuver (or worse) next time you’re there. Lucky you, that was close. You did follow the instructions, didn’t you?

  15. jenny Says:

    Seems like kind of a split vote. Let’s just say that I’m REALLY hoping it was free, since, you know… it’s gone now.
    Mini Snickers, on the other hand, were definitely not free.

  16. shari Says:

    G): Con friends into drinking it with you so they can share the cost if it turns out to be a trap.
    Plus, they should be thanking you with multiple bottles of wine. Too few hotels host prom night for no reason and play “Faithfully.”

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