Hey! What are you doing on May 4th?

a) Removing temporary tattoos
b) Popping Advil
c) Deleting photos from your digital camera
d) Shaking your head in regret
e) Inspecting the mysterious bruises on your body
f) Some combination of the above

The correct answer is F!

How do I know this? Because on May 3rd, you will all be in Philadelphia at an undisclosed location fraternizing with a wholebuncha bloggers!

Yes, babies, TequilaCon is here. Well, not here. It’s there. You know what I mean. Look, here’s a mini-FAQ:

Mini TequilaCon FAQ:

1. What’s a TequilaCon?
TequilaCon is a wondrous event that brings bloggers from far and wide together, not to learn anything or better themselves, but to make merry. This will be the 4th annual TequilaCon and the bar has been set very high.

2. Where and when is it?
Philadelphia, PA
Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

3. What if I don’t drink/don’t drink tequila?
No worries. I think tequila is vile, but I used it as bait to trick the first two TequilaConners into meeting me in Chicago. It totally worked. We do what we have to. As long as you’re cool hanging out in a bar with a bunch of internet geeks… I mean a bunch of cutting edge hipsters… you’ll do just fine.

4. How do I get invited?
You’re already invited! The first official email has gone out, so if you didn’t receive it from me, just send me an email and I’ll add you to the distribution list.

5. What if I don’t have a blog?
Look, we don’t really have strict criteria for attendance. In fact, I’m not sure we have any criteria. If you have a blog, read blogs, have a friend with a blog, know what a blog is, then you’re A-OK.

In fact, I’m working on bringing every non-blogger I know – Dee-Dee, Natasha, Farnsworth, Seamus, Dr. Greene… this could be the first TequilaCon where non-bloggers outnumber bloggers.

6. What do you want from me?
Unconditional love and an occasional back scratch. But in lieu of that, I’d be happy to take some suggestions for bars from anyone familiar with the Philly area. Our criteria: big, near public transportation, serves food.

7. Is that all?
For now.

18 Responses to “Maythird”

  1. Dave2 Says:

    g) Counting the days until the next TequilaCon…

  2. Jill Says:

    In the date book.

  3. Hilly Says:

    I hate it when he does that…takes my answer.
    So yes, all of the above, hung over in an airport, talking about where the next one will be and ready to do it all over again.
    Mmmm, TequilaCon!

  4. brandon Says:

    yes, jenny. you do certainly know how to put the CON in tequilacon.
    but you know, fool me once into FLYING ACROSS THE COUNTRY TO MAKE MERRY, shame on, uh, um, shame on…you. BUT FOOL ME YOU CAN’T GET FOOLED AGAIN.
    unless it’s to make merry in the city of bloggerly love.

  5. vahid Says:

    I’m in. If only because you owe me a pinball rematch.

  6. Robin Says:

    I am putting it on my calendar — please add me to the email list!

  7. Carrington Vanston Says:

    On May the 4th I’ll be running around making the same bad Star Wars joke I make every 4th of May: “May the Fourth be with you.”

    Oh, and I’ll be doing all the rest of the stuff on your list, too, because I’m going to TequilaCon.

    Woo, as they say, hoo!

  8. jenny Says:

    dave2: h) wondering where the hell your laminating machine went…
    jill: yay! now if we can only convince that kat person to come, it’ll be just like NYC!
    hilly: dave2 iz in ur hed, steelin ur ansurz!
    brandon: look, can i help it if you and jill! were so trusting? although, you did have alex there to protect you. :)
    vahid: i’m already researching pinball arcades in philadelphia. because it’s on, brother!
    robin: right on! you’re on the list!
    carrington: canada in the hizzouse!

  9. shari Says:

    Oh, the other venue requirement is: “That it be conveniently located near to whatever hotel Shari’s staying in.” You forgot that one. ;)

  10. kat! Says:

    actually, i think i’ll be washing my hair in may.

  11. Laurel Says:

    I suck at pinball but am willing to play the roll of drunk cheerleader for whomever needs the most encouragement… Now, if karaoke’s involved, well, bring it on…

  12. d Says:

    okay this sounds like a blast. i wanna come!

  13. jenny Says:

    shari: i’ll make sure there’s at least a flop house across the street for you. :)
    kat!: why kat? why do you try to hurt me so?
    laurel: i was just going to post an open position for drunk cheerleader, but looks like that job has been filled! thanks!
    d: you’re on the official list!

  14. dan Says:

    Mummers! 30th Street Station, famous from Travolta’s “Blow Out” (a good remake of “Blow Up”)! Scrapple! The Bio Pond and Stoner Gardens on the Penn Campus! and now – drunk bloggers?!!! How could I possibly stay away? Plus, now my wife is insisting that we make it a family vacation. Upshot: I’ll be enjoying a cheesesteak-and-funnelcake tequila frappe in Philly in May – hope to see you there! (bring a strainer. The cheese tends to stick to the shotglass.)

  15. Kyra Says:

    Please add me to the distribution list! I’d love to actually make it to one of these gatherings!!

  16. sizzle Says:

    did i ever tell you that i want to be on the list for TC08? cuz i do! not 100% sure if i can swing it but i’d like to think i could.

  17. Lara Says:

    Ooh! Count me in, please! I can be a local representative!

  18. Bre Says:

    Can you add me to the list? :) I only live a few minutes outside Center City, so the commute will be glorious! :)

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