New Product Launch

CHICAGO, IL – October 18, 2004 – Run Jen Run, Inc. (Nasdaq: RJR) announced today that they are launching a new regular feature in their weekly blog. This feature is called Overheard in the Elevator, and is the result of extensive consumer research studying the ever-changing demands of the blog world.
Overheard in the Elevator will chronicle the ongoing saga of Run Jen Run on her regular trips up and down the elevator at work. Will she overhear an attempted corporate takeover? Witness the grumblings of disgruntled employees? Learn where complete strangers are going for lunch? It’s really the unpredictable nature of the elevator experience that attracted us to this forum in the first place,” said Jenny X., Chief Marketing Officer of Run Jen Run, Inc. “We are confident that this enhancement will deliver immediate and substantial value to all RJR stockholders, employees, suppliers, and customers. We feel that the addition of this new feature will help us further connect with our customers and build brand loyalty by remaining innovative and fresh.”
Jenny X. continued, “I see the elevator as the corporate version of the confessional. Leave your sins on the 15th floor. Going up, going down. Heaven, hell. Elevators are the great equalizers. Sinner and saint. CEO and maintenance man. We all use them. We all need them.”
In response to concerns from the public that this new feature might be violating people’s privacy by documenting their conversations, Jenny said, “Elevators are a public space. If people choose to reveal private details standing next to total strangers in an enclosed metal box, they accept an inherent risk that others may overhear them. Personally, I see elevators as miniature stages, where the audience is captive and the admission is free. Deep down, we all know that what we say on an elevator is a performance. I’m just taking this to the next level by actually publishing it. Plus, I change all the names, so my Legal Department has assured me that I’m covered.”
# # #

Overheard in the Elevator

Blonde Woman: “Hey, do you know when Girl Scout cookies come out?”
Other Blonde Woman: “Uhh… I’m not sure. But I think my husband just bought something from the Boy Scouts, so it should be pretty soon.”
Blonde Woman: “I hope so. I have to order some of those Samoans. Those are the best!”
Other Blonde Woman: “Now which ones are those?”
Blonde Woman: “Those are the ones with the caramel and chocolate and coconut.”
Other Blonde Woman: “Oh, yeah. Those are good! But I thought they were called Caramel Delights?”
Blonde Woman: “Umm, I’m not sure. Maybe. They’re good, whatever they’re called.”

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