Daylight Savings & Loan

Did you remember to save some daylight yesterday? I did. I saved 60 whole minutes of it, just like I do every year. But this time, I promised myself that I wouldn’t take this extra hour for granted. I would make the most out of every minute. So this year, I kept track of everything I did during my extra hour so that I could share it with the people closest to me:

  • 1 minute: Thought about how excited I will be when, after Tuesday, I won’t have to hear the phrases “undecided voter” or “swing state” anymore. Unless, of course, those undecided voters finally make up their minds and cause their states to swing, in which case we’ll never hear the end of it.
  • 15 seconds: Put the last ghost shaped marshmallow Peep in the microwave to see how big it would get. It got really big.
  • 2 minutes 45 seconds: Cleaned up melted ghost shaped marshmallow Peep in the microwave. It got really melted.
  • 2 minutes: Ate three mini-boxes of grape flavored Nerds that I intended to give to trick-or-treaters. Later remembered that when I bought all this candy, I knew full well that I don’t get any trick-or-treaters in my apartment building.
  • 7 minutes: Cleaned litter box. It had to be done.
  • 2 minutes: Washed my hands. People, I just touched cat litter.
  • 4 minutes: Recalled the best costumes I saw on Halloween: man dressed as robot, woman dressed as bloody prom queen Carrie, man dressed as homeland security terror level advisory.
  • 6 minutes: Ate some cheese.
  • 17 minutes: Watched part of one episode of Strangers With Candy, Season Three.
  • 3 minutes: Wished Amy Sedaris was my best friend. Because she would make me laugh. All the time.
  • 5 minutes: Tried, unsuccessfully, to get into my laundry room.
  • 3 minutes: Contemplated going to the laundromat, but then decided to just spray Febreeze on my clothes instead.
  • 7 minutes: Ate rest of cheese while I emailed Amy Sedaris.
    Looking over this list, I can’t help but feel intensely proud and somewhat amazed at what can be accomplished in just one hour. What could I achieve if I were allowed to save more than one hour a year? I wish we could borrow a few hours every now and then to get things like this done. Then, I could pay them back later in the year when I don’t need them – like when I’m sleeping, or stuck in traffic.
    Well, that settles it. I’m going to cast my vote on Tuesday for the candidate I feel is most likely to be in favor of establishing federally funded Daylight Savings & Loans all across America, so that we can once again reclaim our status as the most productive country in the universe.
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