Statistical Analysis

In honor of the day of giving thanks, I thought I would share some important Thanksgiving statistics:

  • 20 minutes = amount of time it took me to scrape the ice off of my car this morning.
  • 14 = the number of times my nephews will say, “Aunt Jenny – tell us a scary story. Not Hansel & Gretel. A really scary story!”
  • 7 = the number of times I will (unsuccessfully) try to explain to my relatives what people in marketing actually do.
  • 11:00am = the acceptable time to begin drinking wine.
  • 3 = the number of side dishes my mother will forget to put on the dinner table.
  • $2.00 = the amount of money I will pay my 4-year old nephew for one of his signed original drawings of a black widow eating a cobra.
  • 4 = the number of hours I will spend flipping through digital cable on the TV in the guest room.
  • 6 = the number of times I will have a mild panic attack due to sensory overload, and need to go for a walk in the woods.

That’s all folks. Have a very happy Thanksgiving, and for you non-Americans, happy… Thursday!

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