Give Peace a Chance

Looks like Seamus is at it again. If he’s not getting Natasha and me arrested at 2:00am, or trashing a Starbucks, he’s fueling the East Coast/West Coast blogger rivalry. I learned through the grapevine that Seamus has been trying to instigate some war between my old friend, TuBlog Shakur, and me.
This all goes back to my youth – when I was a young gangblogger, I was known on the streets as the Notorious B.L.O.G., or Bloggy Smalls to my crew. TuBlog Shakur and I met when he was just coming onto the blog scene. I showed him the ropes – I linked to him, he linked back. We’d leave funny comments on each other’s blogs. It was cool.
But then TuBlog moved to a western suburb of Chicago, and things started to change. There’s just a different attitude toward blogging on the West side. It’s a more in-your-face, hard-edged style that I’m just not down with.
TuBlog and I would run into each other at a few of the big blogging galas, where he’d roll up in his tricked out Ford Windstar with some young hoochie on his arm – I think her name was J-Chlo. He got sucked into the glitz and the glamour of the business, and lost touch with what blogging is really about.
So last week, I caught wind of an email Seamus sent to TuBlog:
“Bloggy Smalls does a much better job updating her blog than you do. She has new stuff several times a week. Sometimes you go for weeks without posting a new entry. I may stop reading your blog altogether and just stick with her. Plus, I heard she called you a punk.
If you want to keep any sort of blog cred at all, you’d better do something about Bloggy. Unless you really are as much of a punk as she said you were…”

Personally, I’ve never bought into this whole East Coast/West Coast blogger crap. Maybe when I was younger I did, but now that I’m older, life is just too precious to waste on pointless rivalries. This fighting has got to stop, so I’m here today to offer an olive branch to my friend and fellow blogger.
TuBlog, if you’re reading this, what do you say we put aside our petty differences once and for all? Does it really matter who blogs more, or who knows how to post photos on his blog, or who has a Sean John designer case for his iPod? We’re all working toward the same goal, so I say we throw down our mouses, toss aside this silly East Coast/West Coast thing, and just blog like we’ve never blogged before.
Blog on blog violence stops right here, right now.

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