O Jenny, We Hardly Knew Ye

It just struck me last week that I reached my one year blog anniversary this month. (I can’t bring myself to call it a blogiversary. Oh crap, I just did, didn’t I?) Like any important event that marks the passage of time, it is only natural that I would take this opportunity to reflect upon this past year:
What’s happened in this past year?
• Threw myself into the downward spiraling depression that is unemployment
• Launched myself into the self-esteem boosting thrill that is a new job
• Got burglarized and developed hatred for all mankind
• Fell in love, got married, and divorced to a stranger on a train
• Dropped out of tap dance due to creative differences
• Joined a jug band and experienced the highs and lows of life on stage
So all in all, this has been one unpredictable year, and the great thing is that it’s all documented right here in this public forum. Every last story. My whole life. All my quirks and neuroses on display. My successes and failures, here for your amusement. You know me better than I know myself. Why are you looking at me like that?
And the other nice thing about celebrating a one year blog anniversary is that it gives me a built-in reason to post an entry today. So in honor of this auspicious occasion, I am dusting off some of my personal favorites. Wait a minute – selecting my own personal favorites? Egotistical? Perhaps. Lazy? Most definitely. But if it counts for anything, it did take me a long time to put all these links in this post. That counts, doesn’t it?
More than anything, I want to thank you all for stopping by – it’s been a fun year!
Golden Oldies:
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7 Responses to “O Jenny, We Hardly Knew Ye”

  1. Robert Says:

    Happy 1 Year! So is there a party? karaoke? jug band performance?

  2. trisha Says:

    Hey, thanks for the links! I am new here and rather lazy…

  3. Jenny Says:

    R: Tonight at the stroke of midnight, I will be tap dancing on top of a gigantic anniversary cake while playing the washboard and singing Jessie’s Girl. It will be spectacular. Truly spectacular.

    T: My pleasure! In fact, did I ever thank you for your link? I guess I thought we were just cool like that. No need for words. ;)

  4. jill Says:

    Congrats sister-blog-friend! I love that you’re sharing your gift with the internet and that the joy we get from reading your site doesn’t stop at our desktops but trickles out to the rest of the world, too during coffee breaks and walks with our dogs and dinners with our friends. But it’s more than your writing. I think your generocity of spirit resonates, too. A kindness that keeps bringing us back. That and the laughing. The laughing is big, too. Congrats, again! — j

  5. AB Says:

    You tell such great stories – I’m looking forward to another year of it! For now, I’ll enjoy some oldies but goodies that you’ve linked for us.

  6. trisha Says:

    We are cool like that. And cool in, you know, other ways.

  7. jessica Says:

    Jen – thanks for this post as I’ve been wanting to sit down and read through your archives. This will be a nice start to touch on some of your favorites.
    Wow – a lot happens in a year, doesn’t it?