Weekly Opinion Poll: Sweet Nothings


Okay, really folks, this is it. I mean it. I’m not going to write about candy anymore, I promise. At least not until my arms heal from all the deep scratches I sustained while chasing my cats around for 45 minutes, trying to get them to pose wearing candy necklaces. Sometimes they’re just no fun at all.
And really, let’s face it – it’s Friday before a long weekend, half of your office is gone, you’re all somewhat bitter about having to be there anyway. So why not take a minute and let this tiny corner of the blogosphere get to know you a little better? Because just like Tom Cruise, I care about you. I care about all of you, almost as much as I care about Brooke Shields. And I’ve done the research, so stop being so damned glib, would you?
All right, so on to this week’s Weekly Opinion Poll:
Question: What kind of sweet treat launches you immediately into a nostalgic trip back to your childhood? (write-ins are welcomed)
A. Blow Pops
B. Candy buttons on the paper strip
C. Candy necklaces
D. Lik-m-Aid Fun Dip
E. Necco wafers
F. Pop Rocks
G. Razzles
H. Rock Candy
I. Wax bottles/lips
(Oh, and if you need any help remembering the name of your favorite candies, go here!)

16 Responses to “Weekly Opinion Poll: Sweet Nothings”

  1. trisha Says:

    All of the above.
    And Tootsie Pops & Whatchamacallits.
    Oh, my God! That list! That list is making me weep! Zotz! Sugar Daddies! Marathon Bars!
    And, for whatever reason, I used to eat the little ketchup packets from McDonalds. Yes, I know that is really, really gross.

  2. Dave Says:

    Pep-O-Mint Life Savers
    Never ONCE did I see my Grandfather without his roll of Pep-O-Mint Life Savers. I snuck a roll in his coffin at the funeral.
    I should go buy some. I miss him.

  3. sween Says:

    Oh, Lik-m-Aid Fun Dip. All the way.
    Nothing like eating sugar. With a utensil. Made of sugar.

  4. nicole Says:

    Have you heard the news that sugar costs are going to rise due to the hurricane? Gahhh!
    I’m a big Fun Dip fan myself. I hate the actual “dip”, but those sticks are the best. For my birthday one year, I received my age in lick-a-sticks.

  5. Christie Says:

    I remember always getting a roll of Necco’s when my mom would take me to the movies. I’d pass her ones until I got to the chocolate and black ones. How exciting when you could eventually by a whole roll of Chocolate ones.

  6. brando Says:

    i seem to remember during my childhood a candy bar called a maratho bar. i’m weeping just thinking about the caramely goodness. it looked like braided bliss. i don’t know why they stopped making it, but a part of me died that day. my pancreas, most likely.

  7. Jessica Says:

    Without a doubt, mine are those giant candied diamond rings (I couldn’t find them on the website) in watermelon flavor.

  8. Strode Says:

    Malo-Cups and Bottle Caps

  9. shari Says:

    Pop Rocks! Oh the fizzy goodness… Well, and also Whoppers…. and then there were the Babe Ruth bars my Grandma always had at her house… I can’t go on — I’ll develop diabetes.

  10. jill Says:

    We rarely had candy in my house when I was a kid. Seriously, there was a package of Mallowmars way high up in the cabinet that lasted the duration of my youth. But I seem to recall enjoying the occasional Charleston Chew and always buy one whenever I see it. But I’d rather have an olive, or a pickle or some pineapple on pizza :).
    And I AM bitter. How did you know? Perhaps it was the lack of sweetness in my formative years? My desolate lonlieness here at work. Alone. Without anyone to email. Except, you know, people I’m SUPPOSED to email.
    Thanks for the always amusing break from the mundane!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    The flavor of Hubba Bubba origional and those little sesame hard candies in clear plastic. I once pulled a tooth out chewing a Sugar Daddy. Woah! I didnt even know it was loose.

  12. asia Says:

    That was my comment… didnt mean to go anon.

  13. Robert Says:

    A couple of weeks ago I got a promotional packet at the store. The Dummies books series is publishing guides to different decades and to launch the ones for the 60s and 70s, they sent us a bag of all of those kinds of candies. It was fun to see my son experience them for the first time. I had to watch, dammit.

  14. Omar Says:

    I’m with sween. Lik-m-Aid Fun Dip was definitely a fun, if not redundant, concept. Mmm mmm!

  15. Junebug Says:

    For me, Now & Laters and Nerds take me back. I remember that popularity in fourth grade was positively correlated to how many Now&Later packs and Nerds boxes you had at lunch time to share with your friends. Those were the days…

  16. Sarge Says:

    What about the Marathon Bar? Do you know what happened to it? See Curly Wurly on Old Time Candy.