Mystery Photo Quiz #4

“Anyway, that’s seriously the last time I’m going out with them. It just always gets out of control. So, what are you up to tonight?”
“Uh, I don’t know. I think I’m going to work on a mystery photo quiz for tomorrow.”
“Cool. What’s this one about?”
“If I told you, it wouldn’t be a mystery now, would it? Don’t worry though, it’s gonna be a really easy one.”
“Yeah, you’ll figure them all out in no time.”
“See, Jen, I hate when you say that, because it’s like I can’t win. If I guess them all, it’s only because they’re easy. And if I don’t get them right, it’s like you think I’m dumb.”
“No, but… no. Of course I don’t. That’s not what I meant…”
“You just shouldn’t say anything about it. Now I don’t even want to guess.”
“But… no, I mean… it’s really not that easy. Some of them will be hard. I just… it always seems obvious when I take the pictures…”
“Yeah, well maybe I’ll start my own mystery photo quizzes and we’ll see how well you do.”
“Don’t be that way.”
“Yeah, not so fun being on the other side, is it?”
“No. It’s not fun at all. Mystery photo quizzes suck.”
“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.”
So with that, I give you the most difficult mystery photo quiz in the entire universe. If you so much as get even one correct, you are smarter than 99.7% of the population. But really, I think I already knew that about you. Good luck!
If anyone guesses this one correctly, they can have my blog*
*By “have” my blog, I mean read it whenever they want, from the comfort of their own home.
OH WAIT! Just in case you guessed the Bonus Photo, you also have to get this one right. Then you can really have my blog**
**By “really have” my blog, I mean bookmark it as a favorite or add it to Bloglines.
SUPER DOUBLE BONUS QUESTION: What is the theme of these pictures? [Hint: it might not be as obvious as it initially seems. The eagle has landed. A red cow walks backwards in the moonlight. This blog will self destruct in thirty seconds.]

15 Responses to “Mystery Photo Quiz #4”

  1. Dave2 Says:

    1) A bell… IT’S A BELL! A BELL!
    2) Is that a fake Christmas Tree? FAKE TREE! IT’S A FAKE TREE!
    4) Christmas light? A LIGHT!! A CHRISTMAS BULB!!
    6) Holiday Peeps? I’M GOING WITH HOLIDAY PEEPS!!

  2. Jessica Says:

    1) A bell (yawn)
    2) Well, it’s a fake SOMETHING…tree, wreath, I can’t tell.
    3) A bow
    4) A Christmas light
    5) Hot chocolate with marshmellows
    6) Frosty – is that you??!
    Bonus Round
    1) Jen, are you posting pictures of your festive hoochie-mama skirt?
    2) Rudolph called….he wants his nose back.

  3. jaymarie Says:

    i don’t care if it is an easy quiz, because your photos are pretty. i like pretty.
    speaking of which, do you really have a festive hoochie-ma skirt? right on.
    show me.
    um, please?

  4. jaymarie Says:

    hey, you didn’t have those bonus photos last night when i read this.
    i am slooooow.
    where is my coffee, darn it?

  5. nicole Says:

    I know there’s a Peep in there, and that’s all that matters.
    The first bonus looks like a pretty shoe. I’m not sure about the second one…an airplane?

  6. Kevin Says:

    1. Christmas Bell
    2. Fake fireplace fire
    3. Ribbon
    4. Yellow Christmas strand light
    5. Hot chocolate with marshmallows
    6. Snowman peep
    Bonus 1: Glitter on an ornament
    Bonus 2: Some kind of ornament meant to look like a turbine jet engine with a holiday bulb on the front of it maybe?
    If I already Bloglined you, do I win anything else as a replacement prize or am I required to remove my Blogline subscription and then reinstate it? If I actually win, that is.

  7. nina Says:

    1. bell ( knew it before they did!)
    2. fake tree (I copied someone else’s ans.)
    3. Hanukah ribbon
    4. either a tree light or the flashing yellow at an intersection. I’ll go with the flashing yellow at an intersection.
    5. marshmallows in a late, made with whole milk
    6. blood drops on snow. No, blood drops on sugar. No, cinamon drops on sugar. I’ve come a full circle.
    7. your new year’s eve sweater
    8. rudolph’s nose, recharging
    9. the theme is: glitter and gobble. No, wait: jen’s jewels. No, maybe “what I want for Christmas..”
    Do I get your blog?

  8. shari Says:

    1) It’s a jingle bell, and I think it’s on a cat collar.
    2) Looks like a really stiff plastic mop. Can’t figure out why you’d want one, though.
    3) White ribbon bow.
    4) Twinkle light bulb; or alternatively, a drop of vitamin E oil being squeezed out of a dropper…
    5) Steaming mug of cocoa, with smarshies and perhaps peppermint schnapps.
    6) Frosty Peeps, which if you think about it long enough, could be the headline of a newspaper in a small town vicimized by peeping snowmen.
    Bonus 1) Fringe and tassle tree skirt.
    Bonus 2) Tail-light on a remote control car.
    Theme: Right. Like I can connect the dots in YOUR head… I can’t even follow my own thoughts most of the time.

  9. jenny Says:

    Mmm… let’s see. Okay, I can’t really say much because I don’t want to give anything away and spoil this insanely difficult mystery photo quiz. But I can say this:
    Dave2 – why are you always yelling at me? You’re supposed to hit your buzzer first.
    Jess – I’m sorry, am I putting you to sleep? Sheesh, I’ll try to be more entertaining in the future… ;)
    Jaymarie – if I did own a hoochie mama skirt, you can feel confident that a photo of me in it would never, ever, ever appear on the internet. All cameras would be destroyed!
    Nicole – you seem to have your priorities straight, my friend. Peeps = happiness.
    Kevin – okay, if you won, then I think maybe I would send you a series of lovely holiday photos I took of the glorious Marshall Field’s xmas display. No need to thank me.
    Nina – my favorite is “blood drops on snow.” And maybe you’re right, but they’ll never be able to prove anything. Mwahahahahaha!
    Shari – Wait – so you’re not even going to try to understand the innermost workings of my brain? I expected more from you.

  10. Jessica Says:

    You could never bore me, dear…it’s just that the bell was, well – obvious (YES, I know you promised this one would be an easy one).

  11. Postmodern Sass Says:

    I’m getting that clueless feeling again (fortunately, for me, it’s quite familiar), but I have to ask. What’s a peep?

  12. jenny Says:

    Jess: See – now I should’ve posted the other picture of a bell I had where it was a crazy side angle. You NEVER would’ve guessed it then. Or maybe you would’ve. Fine. Bunch of Smarty McKnowitalls.
    P. Sass – please, please tell me they have these in Canada? Because if not, it would tarnish the near adoration I hold for your people: PEEPS!

  13. Amy Says:

    It’s no fun getting here late and everyone has already looked so smart and now I can’t even add anything new. I have to say, though, that I’m going to use the word “smarshies” from now on. I dig it.

  14. patricia Says:

    Girl please. These are so freaking simple it’s almost an insult that you posted them. I won’t even deign to offer any “guesses”.
    The theme however, hmm, that could go so many ways. You can’t possibly be wishing us a Merry Christmas with these festive photos because, well, we all know Christmas is dead, killed by all the wacky heathenish liberals. I’m quite stumped. Please to be providing an answer ASAP. Inquiring minds are not always patient minds.

  15. Postmodern Sass Says:

    Marshmallow Peeps! Ah! Why didn’t you say so!
    Um, actually, no, I’ve never heard of them. Or seen them. But that’s not to say they don’t exist here. But I don’t think they do. But what do I know? My tap teacher refers to us, her students, as her “peeps” sometimes. I was trying to parse those other comments with that meaning, and my head felt like it was going to explode.