I recently realized that last month marked the two year anniversary of this blog. Two years. That would almost qualify as a long-term commitment. In fact, in some states, this blog would be my common-law wife.
Now get me a Pabst and fry me up an egg sandwich, dammit! Lazy good for nothing blog!
While my first year of blogging was filled with change and the slow climb back from unemployment to financial stability, this second year can be summed up in two words: digital camera.
What a sap I was during that first year, always trying to think of stuff to say, worrying about grammar and shit. Now that I have a camera, I can just swear, put up a picture of a light bulb, and call it a day. See what I mean? I just said “shit” a minute ago and no one did anything. What are you gonna do? Call the internet on me? Ha. Here’s your damn light bulb:
No wonder I always preferred the “show” to the “tell” as a child – it’s so much more efficient. Now, if only someone could explain to me what white balance is all about, my life would be complete.
But still, I have to admit that I did learn a lot about myself during this past year. This blog isn’t all about giggles and candy, you know. Sometimes it’s my private little refuge, the place I visit when I want to be alone with my thoughts in a completely public forum. But then I think, two years is a long time. But it ain’t long enough. Sixteen years ain’t gonna be long enough. Hell, I wouldn’t care so much if there hadn’t been so many things I haven’t done yet. So many damn things I ain’t seen or done. Shoot, that time when you and me was in Windrixville was the only time I’ve ever been away from my neighborhood. You listenin’ to me, Ponyboy?
Whazza? Anyway, with that, let me share a few of the important self-discoveries I… discovered. About myself. [Aside from the fact that scotch makes a nice chaser to lemon/lime popsicles.]
1. Tattoos turn me on, in a big, BIG way.
2. I have an unhealthy obsession with my cats.
3. I :::heart::: macro.
4. Bloggers rock my world.
[And for those of you who prefer the “tell” to the “show,” I linked to some of my favorite entries from the past year over in the sidebar.]
I said fried egg, dammit! This is scrambled!

36 Responses to “Two”

  1. elle Says:

    Would you think less of me if I told you I still have my tatoo on?? I will never wash that hand again… just kidding. I do still have my lolly though. Haven’t been that desperate yet. Give me time.

  2. jenny Says:

    Elle: Actually, that would make me think you were even cooler. Believe me, I wept a little when mine finally came off. Call me when you finally make it to the center of that lollipop…

  3. kat Says:

    actually jenny, it wouldn’t qualify as your common law wife in any state, as every state has outlawed common law marriage ;)
    happy beleated blogiversary. so glad to have found you!

  4. jenny Says:

    kat: What?! You mean I’m single? Free as a bird? I can sow my wild oats? SWEET! To show my gratitude, I would like to offer you a position as my official legal counsel and fact checker. Your next assignment will be to taste double salty Dutch licorice and tell me if it is, indeed, revolting. Glad to have found you as well! :)

  5. Kevin Says:

    It’s TWO LIGHTBULBS! TWO LIGHTBULBS!!! YES!!! I win the mystery photo ID contest!!!
    Oh wait…
    Congrats and happy two year blogiversary. BTW, you’d be common law in Canada as well.

  6. Loudlush Says:

    I’m still laughing at the idea of two lightbulbs and a randomly placed rude word making up a good post. I’m sorry, but you I believe that the bare minimum of swearwords per post is four (and you earn extra points for creative mix’n’matching).
    Happy second birthday!

  7. jaymarie Says:

    oh jenny, my life is sweeter for the knowing of you because you make me laugh out loud with every freaking post, well done! congrats on the two year anniversary.

  8. peefer Says:

    Jenny, according to Canadian law, you and I are technically common law, even though we’re like sisters and I’m already married to three other women and two men. It was the shin thing that did it. I guess you thought my government wasn’t looking. Sorry, I should have told you earlier.

  9. peefer Says:

    And congratulations on two years!
    Isn’t it about time you fix that farce of a “Remember Me” button?

  10. Scott-san Says:

    Happy two years. And I think it’s, “I said FRIED egg, dammit, BITCH! This is scrambled, WHORE!” Nice try, though.

  11. jenny Says:

    Kevin: You win! But… does this mean I can no longer sow my wild oats in Canada?
    LL: Thanks! So you’re saying I don’t swear enough? Damn shit piss fu… oh, who am I kidding. I’m no sailor. :(
    Jaymarie: You’re the sweetest! Thanks for stopping by and making this so much fun for me!
    Peef: I did not read anything about this in my Canadian citizenship handbook. WTF? Now I’m your sister? Before I was a home-wrecking blogger slut, and now I’m family? My ego is crushed. And BTW, are you and Shari in cahoots to make me insane over the Remember Me thing?

  12. ms. sizzle Says:

    despite the fact that your blog is the only blog that doesn’t want to remember my information so i can comment (what are you trying to tell me jenny, i can take it- just spill it. hee hee.) i am SO glad you are in blogland. and also? you always quote the best movies.
    ponyboy and sodapop curtis. :)

  13. Justin24601 Says:

    Glad I found you! Keep showin’, keep tellin’.

  14. peefer, remember me? Says:

    Jenny, in Canada, one’s sister can still be a home-wrecking blogger slut, so it’s all good.
    And BTW, Ms. Black-Kettle-Calling-Person, you don’t know insane like we do. Take THAT!

  15. ashbloem Says:

    It’s true. You quote the best movies, your cats have the prettiest eyes, and your blog wins.

  16. shari Says:

    Awwww, happy BLirthday!! But how come Kat gets to be your legal counsel and I only get to be in cahoots? Although, if I’m going to be in cahoots with anyone, Peefer’s a good choice… it’s just, what the hell is “cahoots” anyway?

  17. jenny Says:

    Scott-san: Well, she may only be my common-law wife, but even I know better than to say that to her, unless I want that frying pan upside my head!
    Sizzle: I try to take every opportunity possible to quote The Outsiders. :)
    Justin: Thanks – right back at ya!
    Peefer: I’m sorry… Peefer? Peefer? Peef? Nope, not ringing a bell. For some reason I just can’t remember you.
    AAsh: I WON?! What’d I win? Is it candy? And my cats think the same about you. ;)
    Shari: Do you want to be co-counsel? I might need one. And you know darn well what cahoots are, because you’re in them! You and Peefer are KNEE-DEEP IN CAHOOTS!

  18. brando Says:

    i keep reading and re-reading this post waiting for a penis joke due to the light bulb photo, but i’m just not seeing it anywhere.
    either point out the phallic humor in this post or prepare to go without good blogiversary wishes from moi!

  19. Mocha Says:

    For a blogiversary present I’m going to get you instructions on how to REMEMBER ME.
    That’s really nice of me, too, because I didn’t see one picture of my tattoos or any of me in the blogger photos. I’m taking my toys and playing in the sandbox without you now.
    Not even a macro shot of my huge forehead. Wow. ;-)
    Congrats, Jen!

  20. jenny Says:

    Brandon: If I have to come up with all the phallic humor, then what will your role be? Besides, that photo was from my comment orgy, and was supposed to be breastal, not penile.
    Mocha: Second row, third photo down, sitting next to Dave2. Can I help it if you don’t recognize yourself? And if you can fix my Remember Me function, I will get a tattoo of your face across my entire back. Seriously… but I’ll warn you, others have tried before, and apparently my template was not created like normal templates. I will accept any and all help!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Jenny,
    Happy anniversary! What would I do without being able to read runjenrun on my lunch breaks? Your uproarious observations of life? Your karaoke tales? Your retelling of our phone conversations? (I love being all ninny nanny– but really all the drinkin and swearin Jenny!) Your stories of basement and painted hallway escape? Your pop culture references that I don’t get? Your tap dance your hip hop your ring tones? Your zipity zapity clever comments?
    Your blog is a joy… And. You. Are. A. Joy.
    Here’s cheers to many more years of Rock Me Amadeo.

  22. Mocha Says:

    Oh, there I am! I was too preoccupied with the tattoos. HA.
    Hey. Look at that. It remembered me. I’m special.

  23. RW Says:

    Mocha can’t fool me… she didn’t WANT to see herself in that picture because I’M in there too.
    Mocha’s being mean to me!

  24. asia Says:

    Yay! Two years!! *kisskiss*

  25. jenny Says:

    Vivian: Aw, Viv. You’re the best pal a girl could have. Thanks for being my biggest supporter (and a constant source of material…)!
    Mocha: I know – all that flesh is distracting! (but you’re teasing me about it remembering you, right?)
    RW: What?! Mocha! You come back here and apologize to RW – his feelings are hurt!
    asia: Thank you! And look how European you are, what with the double kissing and all!

  26. jill Says:

    Wait. Only two years? Haven’t we been friends since, like, the Regan era? No? Really. Are you sure? Well, I don’t believe you. But regardless, your blog is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me online. And pretty high up there in real life, too. I second Viv. You. Are. A. Joy. (And now I second Asia sans Europe – *kiss*)

  27. Jessica Says:

    I heart you, Jenny…for being exactly who you are and sharing it with all of us.
    Thank God Brando was only in, like, four of your blogger pics – lest you feed his ego too much.
    Oh – did I ever tell you that I make a wonderfully delicious FRIED egg? It’s true.

  28. jenny Says:

    jill: You’re such a doll – right back at ya! And yes, I think we’ve been friends at least since the Clinton era. Hillary Clinton, that is. *mwahh!*
    Jessica: Thanks so much, Jess! And you most certainly did not tell me about your mad egg-frying skillz – good to know, good to know… But according to kat, common-law marriages have been outlawed everywhere, along with polygamy. Is there no fun left in the world!?!?!? ;)

  29. steph Says:

    happy blogiversary!

  30. shari Says:

    Awwww… group hug!
    Wha? Oh, like you didn’t already think of it yourselves? Ha! You were just waiting for someone to take the risk of suggesting it.

  31. jenny Says:

    Thanks, Steph!
    And Shari, I was thinking about group something, but it wasn’t a hug… OOOOOOHH!! She’s cheeky now that she’s two! ;)

  32. Jennifer Says:

    Two years is a commitment in any country, I have to think. Which means what, I don’t know. But I keep coming here to read this post and laughing my ass off, so I wanted to say something. Happy blogiversary might have sufficed.

  33. nina Says:

    That’s two lightbulbs, Jenny. You really should first post then drink. Or do both at the same time, like me right now.
    CONGRATS, btw!

  34. Fiorello La Guardia Says:

    OK,I won’t give you a hug, but I will give you a definite THANKS FOR THE FUN! I always enjoy reading your blog…and passing it along to my friends!
    Raising a glass right this minute to you in the hopes of seeing many more years of “RUNJENRUN.”
    Best wishes to you!

  35. jenny Says:

    jennifer: I think what you’re trying to say is that if I lived in any other country, this blog and I would already be married, but in America, we just care deeply about one another and don’t need a stupid piece of paper to prove that to anyone. Right?
    nina: Another lawyer trying to tell me what to do… man! “Common-law marriages are banned in every state. Your remember me function doesn’t work. You don’t know how to count.” Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, and I gotta blog, Nina. When you think of it that way, does it really matter whether it was one lightbulb or two? Whoa… did I just finish that whole bottle of Pinot Grigio by myself?
    Fio: Thanks, pal! Save a glass of whatever you’re raising for me…

  36. Tracy Lynn Says: