I Object!

Recently, I was contacted by a famous attorney, threatening to sue me for copyright infringement. As if that weren’t bad enough, this person had the audacity to come to my blog and threaten me. Her exact words:

“Um, Jenny? I have copyrighted the negligent and unpredictable blogging schedule and I’m afraid you’re infringing on it. Please post immediately to avoid further liability.”

Well listen up, Ms. Eclectic: maybe the reason I haven’t posted anything since last week is because I’ve met someone who is more important to me than this blog. Is that so hard for you to believe? What? Just because I’m not all physically fit like you and your six-pack ab Sunshine Family, climbing mountains and rafting rivers and hiking trails, does that mean that it’s inconceivable that I might step away from my computer for longer than it takes me to check on the frozen pizza and toaster strudels?
Well that’s where you’re wrong – I don’t even like toaster strudels. HA!
Look, this new special friend of mine has shown me things no one else has.
rebel 2.psd.jpg
We go all sorts of places together.
Meet new people.
Do new things.
Try exotic foods.
It’s like being married, but where it’s actually enjoyable to be together.
But maybe you’re too busy deep sea fishing and filing class action lawsuits against telecom giants to understand that. Now I’m asking you, blogger to blogger, won’t you drop this silly lawsuit and let me be happy, just this once? I promise to bring my new special friend to Tequilacon – I know you two will get along just famously…

22 Responses to “I Object!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I am so happy for you two and am already mightily impressed with your babies! ;-)

  2. Dave2 Says:

    I’m ever so happy for the both of you, and look forward to seeing you guys at TequilaCon. Any idea when that might be? :-)

  3. elle Says:

    I gotta get me one of those….

  4. ms. sizzle Says:

    “It’s like being married, but where it’s actually enjoyable to be together.” HA HA.
    Yeah! When IS TequilaCon? I can’t wait to pose for your camera. ;)

  5. jenny Says:

    Sarah: Thanks so much! You and I might need to talk lenses…
    Dave2: The email has just been sent – it’s March 10th, 2007 – Portland, OR! Be there, or be the reason for my deep depression. :)
    elle: Yes, you do. Because then we can all join a Digital Rebel street gang and get REAL tattoos!
    Sizz: Excellent! My camera will be more than delighted to take photos of you!

  6. Jessica Says:

    Congats (and great shots)!
    But…ummm – is that ketchup I see on those dogs?!

  7. peefer Says:

    Silly people. A copyright protects creative content, artistic or otherwise. However, I believe Ms. Eclectic’s complaint that you are infringing on her irresponsible style of blogging is a complaint of method and not content. I would consider said complaint to be valid if and only if Ms. Eclectic held a PATENT on the method or procedure which she purports to have first used. Short of a patent, I believe as they say in the legal business, she can stuff it.
    (Nice camera. Be sure to take lots of photos of Ms. Eclectic’s abs.)

  8. heather anne Says:

    Oh Jenny. Such a big day. Congratulations, my friend. I wish you two the very best.

  9. Kevin Says:

    Superdawg rocks! My mother in law introduced me a few years ago. I miss it. I need to go back. Think I can meet up with your significant other at that time?

  10. Sarah Says:

    Ohhhhh…I get it!!
    Man, I was ready to rip Ms. Eclectic a new one…I even clicked the link to her blog and browsed a bit pondering what a nice lady she seemed like to be so anal about your use of a measly combination of words.
    Who is this special new friend and why are you hanging out with rowdy bands of sailors??

  11. Sarah Says:

    Hahaha! Your new friend is the camera…..righto.
    God. I am so pregnant. Truly. Saps your ability to comprehend most things.

  12. jenny Says:

    Jessica: KETCHUP!?!? On a Chicago hotdog?!?! Bite your tongue! At Superdawg, they’ll give you ketchup if you ask for it, but they won’t put it on the hotdog.
    Peefer: My hero! Take that, Shari Eclectic! Where’s your patent, huh? Huh?
    Heather Anne: Ah, thank you. It really is a happy time for the two of us. For our two month anniversary, I bought him an extra battery.
    Kevin: Absolutely! Although, my favorite is still the little hotdog place in my neighborhood. Mmmm… char-dogs!
    Sarah: I love that you were totally going to kick Shari’s ass! Except, I wasn’t kidding about her 6-pack abs – I’ve seen a photo! She could probably take both of us on pretty easily… if it weren’t for the fact that she’s super sweet, and seems like more of a lover than a fighter.
    Sarah2: Ha! Can I just claim to be pregnant so I can justify the fact that I’m starting to have a lot more trouble understanding things?

  13. brandon Says:

    oh, jen. just wait til you’ve been together two years, and just see if you’re eyes don’t start to wander, as you start to consider, even for a moment, what it would be like to trade in for a newer, shinier model.
    not to put a damper on your honeymoon, but as a true friend, it’s my responsibility to let you know these things.
    many soft landings!

  14. jenny Says:

    Brandon: Sage advice, my friend. I already see the signs, even though our relationship is still so new. I started to notice people with bigger, stronger lenses, and got a little jealous. It’s only been a few months, but I’m already trying to change him…

  15. shari Says:

    Ha! Patent, copyright… whatever. Like words mean anything anyway. *sheesh* I just needed you to post Jen, and I’m not above threatening if that’s what it takes. Peefer’s just all in a snit because he knows he’s already on my hit-list. And Sarah, sorry to alarm you unnecessarily — please don’t sue me for infliction of emotional distress. Let’s all save that for TC’07 when Jenny’s S.O. meets me and breaks.

  16. jenny Says:

    Shari: Wait – so you were totally bluffing? You were never going to sue me? And I just fell right into your trap by posting? Sheesh, I’m a sap. Ooh – but now I wanna know what Peefer did to raise your ire…

  17. Chase Says:

    I’m 100% jealous of your new somebody!!! I’ve been pining for a new somebody for about a year now. I want a D20, though.
    But I’m still insanely jealous.
    If I knew how to find you, I’d try to convince your new somebody to come home with me for a little bit. ;)

  18. Bobby Says:

    Sweet! Can’t wait to see more!

  19. marie b. Says:

    Is it weird that I’m drooling even though I have one already? Oh, well. *drool*

  20. shari Says:

    No, I never said I was bluffing. I’d totally have done it if you hadn’t posted. ;) And Peefer hasn’t been posting much lately either, so he should probably expect the summons any day.

  21. nina Says:

    Dumb me. The picture of the camera notwithstanding, I really did think you were preoccupied with a him rather than an it. An it may serve you well, but if it keeps you away from blogging than it isn’t worth it.

  22. claire Says:

    I rather like the pair of crosses. Cool shot.