Game On!

[Dear Ashbloem – the gauntlet? She is thrown.]
What the-? Why’d she put a tub of butter next to me?
Oh bitch, you did not just put butter on my nose.
Hmm. Kinda creamy, little salty. Oh, it’s butter all right. Son of a…
Enh! Can’t… quite… reach.
Damn! What side is it on?
Plblblblb… is this low fat butter? Sick!
Nice. After I already took a bath this morning!
That’s right. Take your precious photos. As soon as you fall asleep, I’m sucking out your breath.

11 Responses to “Game On!”

  1. kris dresen Says:

    In revenge, that cat is so gonna regurgitate a buttery furball on your bed.

  2. ashbloem Says:

    God. Oh, GOD.
    DESPITE the fact that this delights and tickles me to no end, I will RISE to this challenge! BUTTER, eh?
    (Um, so Jenny, do you think we have enough to do?)

  3. jenny Says:

    kris: I’m thinking of naming my next band “Buttery Furball.”
    Ash: I would expect nothing less from you. But actually, I think we have too much to do. But as long as we have our priorities straight, i.e. cat tongues, I think we’ll be just fine.

  4. Jessica Says:

    Jen, remember when you applied for Canadian citizenship? I dated a guy from Nova Scotia who said that, on your birthday, people rub butter on your nose.
    Now I ask you, coincidence?
    P.S. – Perhaps some of your Canadian commenters can confirm or deny this.

  5. adena Says:

    You should TOTALLY submit this to
    I bet she’d post this whole exchange, including subtitles, and totally give you props. :)

  6. Dave2 Says:

    When you wake up with a tub of butter dumped on your head, I hope there are no hard feelings. :-)

  7. shari Says:

    I cannot believe you are exploiting that beautiful feline without at least giving her real butter. As my three-year-old would say: “That’s CHEAP.”
    (And yes, we laugh our asses off when he says it, because we have no idea where he got it but he uses it in perfect context. Eeep!)

  8. mainja Says:

    “I dated a guy from Nova Scotia who said that, on your birthday, people rub butter on your nose.”
    for the record, no one has ever rub butter on my nose, birthday or no…
    but, you know, maybe it’s a nova scotia thing, as opposed to an all of canada thing…

  9. heather anne Says:

    i’m no expert, but i think that may be a world record of cat-tongue-out photos in one sitting. you should check. you might be eligible for a prize.

  10. the_editter Says:

    I was trying to read the brand of butter. Is it Lard Heart? I clicked on the photo to biggify it but could not get past the pats of butter the Lard Maiden had for breasts.
    (sorry about repeating this, accidentally posted on the wrong post, doh)

  11. jenny Says:

    Jessica: Butter? On *my* nose? Hmm. I may need to rethink this Canadian thing.
    Adena: OH – that’s my favorite website in the WHOLE WORLD!
    Dave2: No, I will certainly have earned it…
    shari: My cat was mistaken. If you look closely at the photo – it is, indeed, real butter. I’m from Wisconsin – do you think I would buy lowfat anything?
    Mainja: Phew. I was beginning to think I had made a mistake in converting to Canadianism.
    Heather Anne: A prize? Really? Would it be, perhaps, more cat tongues?
    Editter: Ha! No, not Lard Heart butter, although that would be truth in advertising, for sure. It’s Land ‘O Lakes. And funny you should mention her boobs, because as kids, we would take the cardboard butter label and fold her knees up to her chest… instant boobs!