J: “So, I think I lost my favorite bra.”
V: “Really? How’d that happen?”
J: “No idea. But I can’t find it anywhere.”
V: “Some pervert probably stole it from your laundry basket.”
J: “Ew. You think so?”
V: “Totally. That’s exactly what happened.”
J: “Wait a minute… so the possibility never even occurred to you that I might have left it at someone’s house after a wild, erotic tryst?”
[dramatic pause]
V: “Are you suggesting that’s a possibility?”

[thoughtful pause]

J: “Some perv stole it.”

24 Responses to “Braless”

  1. Jessica Says:

    It’s not that big of a deal, Jenny – just call Brandon and ask him to return it.

  2. Pants Says:

    I lost my favorite bra for a week. Turns out, it was in my gym bag. That’s what I get for working out.

  3. Dave2 Says:

    Could always be worse… some perv could be WEARING it right now!

  4. kat Says:

    um, actually, i have it. and i ain’t givin’ it back.

  5. mike Says:

    Does this mean we’ll get an updated, “liberated” version of your animated characature soon?

  6. jenny Says:

    Jess: Uh, yeah. I’ve met Brandon’s wife, and she’s a 6ft tall modelesque former athlete from Transylvania. If I know what’s good for me, the only thing I’ll be leaving at their house is a sacrificial goat.
    Pants: Yeah, that working out causes nothing but pain and heartache.
    Dave2: [cue Psycho music] Eee! Eee! Eee!
    kat: Wait… you have it? But when… How did…? Oh, god – it’s all coming back to me now! Call me. :)
    Mike: That’s already available on the Run Jen Run After Dark site. Didn’t I give you the password?

  7. Jessica Says:

    Sorry – I should have clarified – I didn’t mean to insinuate that you may have left it at Brandon’s house….I was identifying him as the “perv” who stole it. Okay, so logistically it doesn’t make sense that he would have access to your laundry basket but I’m willing to bet he could find a way….let’s face it, he’s THAT sick.

  8. Karl Says:

    Sorry, I thought it was a gift.

  9. ms. sizzle Says:

    how can i beat karl’s comment? ha!
    i think you need to get yourself one of those trysts. they sound like fun!

  10. shari Says:

    Confess: you sold it on eBay as one formerly worn by Tyra, didn’t you?! Well listen up a minute young lady — just because you and she are identically proportioned, doesn’t give you license to auction off your delicates. I’m really quite ashamed of you, Jenny. ;)

  11. jenny Says:

    Jess: Oh, well then that I would believe.
    Karl: No, the macramé owl I made you was a gift. The bra was an oversight.
    Sizzle: Don’t they, though?
    shari: Oh, come on – Tyra is way bigger than me. Her forehead, I mean. The rest of us is identical, though.

  12. Neil Says:

    How do you know it didn’t run away itself?

  13. egan Says:

    Yep, I totally know the feeling. I had to wear a g-string during the holidays once. It wasn’t much fun, but when you undercook a turkey, someone must entertain the masses.

  14. teahouseblossom Says:

    Maybe the bra was left at Hogs and Heifers. You know, that bar in NYC…

  15. Jill Says:

    Wow, I’ve been missing a rowdy party over here.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Jenny,
    It’s likely the ass who stole your fuses.

  17. Dustin Says:

    I’m with Viv on this one (and no I’m not sucking up to her because she’s blonde and gorgeous – that was what the poetry reading was for), anyone who is depraved enough to jack fuses probably can’t get a date…hence the missing under garmnet.

  18. peefer Says:

    Jenny, as you bear this sad loss, I offer my hand in full support.

  19. Cheryl Says:

    When I (or a tryst partner) is missing a bra, it’s frequently found on my cat’s head. Apparently her head is a perfect C-cup. Have you checked with Maddox and Zahara? This could be revenge for the butter episode.

  20. Hyperion Says:

    I am not sure why, but this absolutely cracked me up.

  21. jenny Says:

    Neil: Well, the sight of my bosom has been known to make people run away before.
    Egan: I can’t get that image out of my head now. And I don’t want to…
    THB: I can only hope it ends up with the likes of Julia Roberts and Tara Reid’s bras.
    Jill: That’s what happens when we go unsupervised for long periods of time!
    Viv: You’re soooo right!
    Dustin: Ooh, when I catch this fuse-stealing, bra-snatching perv…
    Peef: HA! But… only one hand?
    Cheryl: Now that you mention it, I did notice that they were both wearing yarmulkes and walking side by side at all times, but I thought maybe they had converted.
    Hyperion: I’m not sure why, either. This is a serious crime, and no laughing matter! :)

  22. Michael Blowhard Says:

    I’m wearing your bra right now. You probably don’t want to know how, though. Or where.

  23. Roger Bourland Says:

    Neat blog. One of best I’ve seen. Quirky. Intriguing. Fun. I do hope you find it if only so you will know.

  24. jenny Says:

    Michael: I’m afraid the only way I’ll know it’s mine is if you send me a photo. 8 x 10. Glossy. Quickly.
    Roger: Thanks! Still haven’t solved the mystery, so I had to go out and buy a replacement!