I think I’m throwing in the towel. This writing thing is way too competitive. First, I had to contend with Dragons Are Fierce by my six year old nephew, and now I discover this prose poem by my eight year old nephew? I suppose I could always take up cross-stitch.
by Jenny’s Nephew, age 8
September looks like different kinds of red, gold, orange, yellow and brown leaves in the shady forest by my grandma’s house.
September sounds like the smashing of leaves being stepped on and jumped on in the forest by my grandma’s house.
September tastes like pumpkin pie at my grandma’s house in the woods while my family and I are having a party.
September smells like oak wood burning in the dark forest at night.
September feels like white tree bark by the creek by my house.
September is quiet like me in my secret hideout in my bedroom closet.

22 Responses to “September”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Aw, I love this. And I love how much ‘grandma’ is tied in. Wonderful.
    Don’t worry, Jen, there’s something for everyone. Say, you did a bang up job with paint by numbers and latch hook!

  2. jenny Says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure my mom appreciated that as well!
    And thanks for reminding me about my paint-by-numbers and latch-it-hook rug. Who needs cross-stitch when I’ve got those?

  3. Tracy Lynn Says:

    Yeah, I can’t top that, either. Maybe I should take up peanut farming.

  4. teahouseblossom Says:

    How adorable and creative!! And he’s an artist, too.

  5. shari Says:

    I’m telling you, with talent like that at your disposal, you’re like sitting on a goldmine as a talent broker. Seriously, what are you doing letting them fly free-agent?! Gah! Do I have to teach you everything???

  6. heather anne Says:

    Yowzah. Makes me want to throw in the towel too. Or maybe go jump in a pile of leaves.


    WOW! That’s it. I’m throwing in the towel too. Such a gem!!!!

  8. Thegrandma Says:

    My heart is laughing because as I remember it, your nephew tasted a piece of pumpkin pie which was cut about as thick as one of those forest leaves. Can’t say as he loved it, although he put forth a gallant effort to pretend that he did!!!

  9. Mocha Says:

    Whoa. The kid is a genius. He is very good and you have to believe me because I am an English teacher. I want this kid in my class! How adorable.

  10. jenny Says:

    tracy lynn: let me know if you need a good hired hand on your peanut farm.
    thb: it’s true! an artist and a writer… sheesh. some people get all the luck!
    shari: apparently, you do! now i’ve exposed his talent to the world, and he’ll be snatched up by some greedy hollywood agent in no time!
    heather anne: i think you should opt for the latter. nothing like a good leaf pile to put things into perspective.
    thegrandma: but did you put enough whipped cream on it? enough of that will kill the taste of any spicy pumpkin pie (y’know… for those weirdos who don’t like it)!
    michael: thanks! but really, we can’t all throw in the towel. until he starts a blog, i think we’re all safe…
    mocha: ah, you’re sweet. i would LOVE for you to be his teacher!

  11. allison Says:

    I am right there with the crunching fallen leaves thing.
    And pumpkin pie.
    And grandmas.

  12. margaret Says:

    That’s really cute, but it doesn’t rhyme.

  13. CrankMama Says:

    This is a gorgeous poem! I love hte part about a secret hiding place… I could use one of those.

  14. jenny Says:

    allison: I know – I just love crunching through piles of fallen leaves!
    margaret: None of the cool kids rhyme anymore. That was, like, soooo 2nd grade!
    crankmama: Ha – me too! And I’m pretty sure his secret hiding place has all sorts of spy gadgets and weapons, so no one can break in…

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Jenny,
    This just to say that your 8 year-old nephew is a better poet than many many “poets” I know. Wow!

  16. diane Says:

    I had my first poem published in 2nd grade.
    I wrote a Thanksgiving song that is still being taught in my elementary school.
    It’s been all down hill since about age 10. Life/school/socialization saps our creativity. It’s really quite sad. :(

  17. Abigail Says:

    Wow, if you’re nephew hadn’t already intimidated me, Diane certainly did.
    You should have him guest blog on a regular basis. Then you’ll never have to know if the readers are coming for him or for you. Ignorance is bliss.

  18. Lisa Marshall Says:

    That is beautiful. He is a smart kid, I can tell!

  19. diane Says:

    Oh goodness Abigail, don’t be intimidated by me! My whole point is that I was so brilliantly creative as a child and now my stupid day to day blog life is my primary creative Tour De Force. Whenever I see a kid being super creative, I say a tiny prayer that they never lose it.

  20. sbukophile Says:

    Yes, if I was having doubts about my writing before, this clinches it. I’ve resorted to posting cute pictures of kittens on my blog since I clearly can’t write to keep up.

  21. amanda Says:

    he’s quite good. find that child an agent.

  22. dee-dee Says:

    This is so sweet…