It’s Now or Never


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The time has come, my friends, to separate the true believers from the commitment-phobes.
I’m talking about TequilaCon ’07: Portland Edition. You’ve heard about it, thought about it, contemplated it, worried about it, decided against it, changed your mind about it, still undecided about it.

Enough with the wishy-washy, peeps! It’s less than two months away! Believe me – I know how hard it can be to make a decision like this, so I thought it would help if I gave you a Pros/Cons list, like I usually do for big decisions:

1. Tequila
2. Hang out in Portland, home of Powell’s bookstore, and I’m sure a bunch of other cool stuff
3. Meet awesome bloggers and ex-bloggers
4. Time off from work
5. Enough blog fodder to give you at least 2-3 more entries
6. TequilaCon swag
7. Breakdance contests
8. Tattoos
9. Finally get to take pictures of something other than your cats

1. Tequila hangover
2. Portland ice storms
3. Return to everyday life will be a total letdown
4. Ex-bloggers might try to convince you that blogging is out
5. Lindsay Lohan can’t make it

Clearly, you can see that the Pros far outweigh the Cons, so you really have no excuse. Once again, here are the specifics:

TequilaCon ’07
Saturday, March 10, 2007
Portland, Oregon
McMenamins Kennedy School
7:00pm – ?

Hopefully, you’ve already received these details from me in an email, but if you’re planning on going and haven’t received any of the update emails I’ve sent out, send an email to and I’ll make sure I add you to the distribution list.

Hope to see you all there!


“Come to TequilaCon or I will steal your babies.”

13 Responses to “It’s Now or Never”

  1. sizzle Says:

    i am seriously glad i already booked my room AND that i have no babies for your cat to steal aaack! the fangs!
    does doing the robot dance qualify me in the breakdancing contest? it’s either that or i’m gonna bust out some lindy hop. ;)

  2. Dave2 Says:

    w00t! I’m so totally ready.

  3. Long Story Longer Says:

    I can’t believe I get to meet Sizzle! Wow! Count me in, and I have a new name/site – I’m Long Story Longer now. Make sense? :)

  4. churlita Says:

    Man, I wish I could make it. I’ve never been to Portland before, and I would love to watch Sizzle do the Robot and the Lindy Hop. Unfortunately, I have two teenage daughters that I shouldn’t leave by themselves…Unless you could talk your cats into stealing them from me, then I’d be booking my flight.

  5. Hilly Says:

    Hotel booked! I thought I was going to drive but eh…gotta go get a flight now!

  6. mainja Says:

    apparently i will fail you in this endevour…
    i really was planning on coming until i saw the air fare…

  7. brandon Says:

    to the pros i would like to add, ‘Free, lo-cost, or self-administered groping.’
    to the cons we should probably add, ‘Bedhead.’

  8. shari Says:

    ***cue 70s theme music***
    I’ll…….. be there…
    ***end music***
    Brandon, you only self-grope at TequilaCon? Wow. I’m an over-achiever I guess. Oh, and Jen? You forgot to mention the single-malt in the ‘pro’ category.

  9. jenny Says:

    sizzle: robot dance is pretty much my entire breakdance repertoire, so you’ll fit right in.
    dave2: me too – can’t wait!
    lsl: thanks for the heads-up!
    churlita: teenagers, huh? i think that might be more than the kitties can handle – they’re mostly used to sucking out the breath of toddlers.
    hilly: yippee! :)
    mainja: noooo! that’s the one downside to portland – it’s a long haul for most of us. next time?
    brandon: TC07: all groping, all the time!
    shari: OMG – how did i forget single malt! yay for scotch-con!

  10. romy Says:

    wait, lindsay lohan can’t be there?
    i’m cancelling my flight.
    (seriously, it sounds like a blast and also possibly the best-organized blogger meet-up in the history of, well, ever. i hope you all have a great time, lohan or not.)

  11. sandra Says:

    I am completely crushed to report that I’m not going to be able to make it this year. Aside from the fact that I’m beyond poor at the moment (see: moved from SF to NYC three months ago), I have a friend from Australia and another from Michigan in town the same weekend. Sad.

  12. jg Says:

    Last year was easy – I didn’t need someone to watch the daughter and dogs while I walked 8 blocks to TequilaCon ’06. Flying to Portland for TequilaCon ‘7 though? I was holding out for a miracle, but it just ain’t gonna happen.
    Have fun!

  13. Postmodern Sass Says:

    Um, OK, so, I’m coming to Tequilacon… but; er; why are we meeting in a school? As opposed to, say, you know, a BAR?