Rabbits are not Evil

WARNING: The entry you are about to read may cause dizziness, fatigue, night terrors, claustrophobia, unusual weakness, numbness or tingling of the hands/feet, rash, loss of vision, difficulty breathing, or headache. If you experience more serious symptoms such as uncontrollable crying, vomiting, or strong desire to rock yourself to sleep in a corner, discontinue reading immediately and contact your physician.

Sometimes Rabbit can’t stand to look at Evil.


Sometimes Rabbit just won’t listen to Evil.


Sometimes Rabbit and Evil are not on speaking terms.


14 Responses to “Rabbits are not Evil”

  1. brandon Says:

    over the weekend i saw a rabbit in the most unlikely of places and i thought, ‘MY GOD, JENNY IS ALWAYS WITH ME.’
    i cannot tell you how comforting it is to know that you are always watching, Beastmaster.
    (your rabbits can’t see through window or shower curtains, right?)

  2. asia Says:

    duh brandon, of course they can see through windows, unless you are showering and all your windows get steamed up, then you might be safe. or maybe if your were boiling water on the stove. fer pasta. or stew. maybe.
    i saw a rabbit too. it was hopping through the sunflower patch.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I had a vision voice that told me that we’d not really know the true symbolism of the rabbit until the year 2080?

  4. shari Says:

    Those photos are REALLY creepy with the black and white, and the wall shadows… Hitchcock was so far off-mark when he did the film about the birds; he SOOOO should have used rabbits.

  5. jenny Says:

    brandon: through the eyes of my rabbit minions, i see all. you looked very cute in that shower cap, btw.
    asia: no, we can see through steam, too. there is no escape… not even sunflowers.
    anonymous: you can’t fool me asia – i know it’s you. but did you read the next quote from that site? “I first saw a tiny baby rabbit inside my bedroom slipper which I had my foot in. I was told that the baby rabbit is the consciousness of man. I was then told that the rabbit equaled the number 54. Finally, I saw and felt the baby rabbit jump from my bedroom slipper into my crotch.”
    let this be a lesson to us all: people who seek symbolism in rabbit dreams are craaaaaazy!
    shari: OOOH! you just gave me an idea for another rabbit portrait. i’ll work on that this week!

  6. Miss Britt Says:

    I see a gallery exhibition in your future.

  7. heather anne Says:

    I couldn’t sleep, so I thought I’d stroll through the Google Reader – see what the blogs had to say in the middle of the night. Bad idea. I may never sleep again.

  8. asia Says:

    Woah! That was totally me… how did you know?
    I wanted to leave the best rabbit vision for you to find for yourself.

  9. Dave2 Says:

    Well there’s my nightmare for tonight… and here I didn’t think it possible that rabbit could get any scarier! I blame Donnie Darko.

  10. serap Says:

    Seriously, those are some very creepy photos! I’m sure Shari wasn’t trying to give you ideas for more scary nightmare-inducing rabbit photos. Please… can’t we just have more kittens?

  11. Strode Says:

    I didn’t see what people were talking about when they said rabbit was scary. Now I do. Those pictures are frightening. All you need now is a large kitchen knife.

  12. jenny Says:

    miss britt: america isn’t quite ready for my artistic vision. i’m thinking of taking my show to japan, though.
    heather anne: i’ve now added a warning. ;)
    asia: ha – rabbit knows all! and that link was kinda scary. do you think i should post something there? like maybe i have recurring dreams that i’m wearing a giant rabbit head…
    dave2: oh, rabbit can always get scarier. i was going more for film noir this time.
    serap: done!
    strode: oh, no! not you, too now! i’ve alienated everyone… you’ll see! i’ll show everyone that giant rabbit heads can be fun, too!

  13. Tracy Lynn Says:

    Dude, I thought of you yesterday when I said Rabbit Rabbit. Then I smirked.

  14. adena Says:

    The eyes!! THE EYES!!
    The blackness and emptiness in the EYES!!!
    I may never sleep again!

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