I’m off to Sonoma for the weekend with Dee-Dee and a couple of her friends from high school. I had considered getting them all really drunk so they would tell me crazy stories about Dee when she was 16, but then I remembered that I’ve already seen the pictures of her with a giant perm and prayer hands leaning against a tree for her senior photo. What more could there be to tell?
We have decided to rent a limo for our tour of the wineries so that we get to feel like the Kennedys, or maybe the Baldwins. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be like MTV’s The Real World: Napa, but without all the crying and T&A. But I’m not leaving until someone makes out with someone. And by someone, I mean me, in both cases.
Wish me luck!

11 Responses to “Wino”

  1. Don Says:

    in both cases
    Both cases? Uuh? Wut?
    Both cases of that Australian boxed wine will go over big. Make videos of selling ‘em on the sidewalk in Kenwood. Or Glen Ellen. Dealing out the limo windows. Why is this image amusing to me?

  2. Dave2 Says:

    Sigh. Your life is ever so glamorous and…
    … uhhh… no T&A???
    Never mind.

  3. jenny Says:

    don: i’m a complicated woman. but i love the idea of leaning out the limo window and selling boxed wine to a line of people holding dixie cups. i’ll see what i can do for you!:)
    dave2: i know… we’re like rock ‘n roll prudes.

  4. kat! Says:

    i’m heading out thataway in a couple months. warm it up good and proper-like for me, but don’t drink all the wine, okay?

  5. churlita Says:

    From what I’ve experienced lately, making out with random guys can be awesome. Just make sure the guy is really funny too.

  6. vahid Says:

    Wine tours? Making out? Awesome!
    Make us proud, Jenny.

  7. shari Says:

    The limo is a great idea! Much better than the bicycles my friend Linda and I used to tour the wineries in the Napa Valley that one time in college. Hey, it’s not as dumb as it sounds… OK, so maybe it is. Nevermind.

  8. teahouseblossom Says:

    Hey, hope the weekend was fun!! Renting a limo was a great idea; the last time I went there my friend had to drive so she couldn’t drink. It was no fun getting silly drunk alone.

  9. Dustin Says:

    …pictures of her [Dee] with a giant perm and prayer hands leaning against a tree for her senior photo.
    Flickr was made for blackmail (read: WANT)

  10. dee-dee Says:

    jen i swear to god if you post pictures of me in my perm we will not be friends (dustin: jenny can meet you in a dark alley for a glimpse but you can’t have more than that)… you have no idea what happens in the country when your mom gives you home perms!

  11. jenny Says:

    kat!: we warmed it up all right, but believe me… even i couldn’t drink up all that wine!
    churlita: well, there were no random make-outs, but there were plenty of funny people, so i’m halfway there, right?
    vahid: it was really so much fun. how come we’ve never done the oregon winery tours?
    shari: bicycles? you really are crazy, woman. the limo turned out to be a badass SUV, and it was a blast!
    THB: it was so nice to not have to worry about driving around – i’d highly recommend hiring a driver!
    dustin: it really is a fabulous photo…
    dee-dee: seriously. you seem to be forgetting that i am far and away the least photogenic of our group, which means that for every blackmailable photo of you, there are 4,000 of me. i would never risk that!

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