It’s Official

I am *totally* that crazy cat lady, because this video just cracks me up, and I’ve watched it about five times. This is what my cats will look like once I get them on their diet and exercise regimen. And once I move to England.

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  1. shari Says:

    Well… once you get their diet & exercise, move to England, AND, get their facial hair bleached.
    Why is it funny when a cat mocks the adult in charge, but it’s significantly less so when my kids do? Next time, I’m having cats instead.

  2. here today, gone tomorrow Says:

    “Woman!! How many different times and ways do I have to say , ‘No!'”
    The best part is when she starts negotiating at the end. “Ten more minutes.”

  3. communicatrix Says:

    And of course, you’ve already seen “Today is an *outside* day,” right?
    That poor cat lady took 8 kinds of crap for posting her cat chat. No good deed, right?

  4. jenny Says:

    shari: maybe you need to get your kids an outdoor carrier for them to sit in and it will seem funnier.
    htgt: woman = 0, cat = 1. i also liked the, “are you being cheeky?” “mew.”
    communicatrix: yes, i did see that and thought it was really cute, too! people who complained must not have cats, because the reality is that no matter which side of the door a cat is on, he suddenly wants to be on the other side.

  5. Cheryl Says:

    Wow, that woman is way more patient than I would be–I would have reached in and dragged my cat out about 30 minutes into that saga.
    I feel shame.

  6. vahid Says:

    Poor cat. I think he was just hungover. That noise clearly meant “please stop talking to me my head is pounding.”

  7. Pants Says:

    Call me crazy cat lady too because I can’t stop watching this! Did you know they have a crazy cat lady action figure?
    Here’s a picture of my niece “riding” him at three-months-old. He’s fatter now.
    Tubby Jack.
    (Email me if the link doesn’t work.)

  8. mainja Says:

    but that kitty sounded so sad… Is that just ’cause I don’t know any Siamese cats?

  9. jenny Says:

    cheryl: and that, my friend, is why no one posts your cat videos on youtube. :)
    vahid: sounds like you’re speaking from experience.
    pants: see? he doesn’t look all that fat to me. maybe that’s my problem – i’m an enabler.
    mainja: yes, siamese cats are pretty whiny sounding normally. i always call my girl cat the saddest cat in the whole world, because her meow is so pathetic. once i was on a phone interview and the recruiter thought my baby was crying. she probably didn’t appreciate it when i yelled, “you need to stop whining and jump down from that refrigerator NOW!”

  10. robin Says:

    So is it more pathetic that she had the conversation (at all) with the cat or that she videotaped it?

  11. jenny Says:

    robin, robin, robin. clearly you are not a cat owner, because i have conversations like that with my cats all the time, except they usually revolve around when they’re going to start doing more work around the house.

  12. ashbloem Says:

    Oh my god I can’t stop watching this. What’s this camouflage bunker she’s built in the yard, anyway?

  13. jenny Says:

    ash: i’m so glad to hear that, because i seriously have now watched this like 20 times. i love the camo hut she’s built for alaska!

  14. Chelsea Says:

    That’s hilarious! I love how she negotiates with the cat, and the cat’s all ‘fine!’.
    Are you seriously moving to England? I moved to London 6 years ago from Canada…

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