Sometimes I wonder why I’m not more productive, and don’t have more to show for my 37 years, but then I remember that I just spent the past 30 minutes deep inside the rabbit hole known as Flickr looking at page after page of photos of people with beards. Not anyone I know… just random people with beards.
So clearly the reason I don’t have more to show for my life is because of all those damn people with beards. You know who you are.

11 Responses to “Flickr’d”

  1. Karl Says:

    Whew, glad I shaved mine off, then.
    BTW, total non sequitor, but I noticed that your copyright at the very bottom of your sidebar needs updating. It’s actually 2008 now. ;)

  2. vahid Says:

    Fine! I’ll shave already! Gosh!

  3. Johnny C Says:

    I can totally relate–I’m alway wondering where I squandered all my time. And my money, too. Sometimes I wish I had a coke habit just I would know what where all my money went.

  4. jenny Says:

    karl: ooh – thanks for the heads up. i’m always living in the past. :)
    vahid: i’m totally fine with you having a beard as long as a) it doesn’t hide your dimples and b) you don’t create a flickr site dedicated to men seeing how long they can grow their beards in one year. seriously – i lost a significant portion of my weekend looking at those photos…
    johnny c: exactly! because coke makes you beautiful and successful, just like all the hollywood stars.

  5. delmer Says:

    Sometimes I do the same thing with pictures of women in swim suits.
    I don’t know them. I’ll never meet them. Yet, I feel compelled to look at them.

  6. Dustin Says:

    Don’t even get me started on how much time I spend organizing my own crap on Flickr (“could I wrap these sets in a collection???”). Then some jackass has to start a “Tater Tot” group and it’s goodbye 4 hrs. of what could have been productive time.
    Flickr: The Digital Crack of our Age
    P.S. I have a dream that one day your blog will love me enough to remember my info. Yes, one day….

  7. Pants Says:

    Flickr helps me procrastinate writing papers for school. Not that I need help in that department, because if procrastination were karate I’d have like a million black belts.

  8. churlita Says:

    …And if those people with beards have videos on YouTube, I could waste hours of time.

  9. SDJen Says:

    i thought that twitter was the digital crack of our age?

  10. jenny Says:

    delmer: we all have our vices.
    dustin: no way! a tater tot group? see, i got sucked into a marshmallow peeps group much in the same manner. it’s dangerous out there.
    pants: why don’t you write a paper *about* flickr? then it’s all legitimate!
    churlita: OMG – don’t even suggest that! because i might start searching YouTube for “beards” and god only knows where that’s going to lead me.
    SDJen: can i confess that i truly do not understand twitter? i’ve seen people’s twitter pages or whatever they’re called, and it looks like someone’s brain exploded on screen. i don’t understand the point. maybe that’s a good thing.

  11. shari Says:

    It’s just a few pictures. C’mon… everyone is doing it. What can it hurt? What are you, a fraidy-cat? (This is helping, right?)

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