There’s so much to say about TequilaCon, but all I can say right now is.
Except this time, I earned every bit of my headache. It was so worth it! Details when I get home…

13 Responses to “OMH”

  1. Avitable Says:

    It was awesome meeting you and thank you for putting on such an amazing party.

  2. kat! Says:

    congrats on a TC well done, missy.

  3. martymankins Says:

    Sounds like it was a party to remember.
    So when do you start planning for TC 09? As I have mentioned on several other blogs, my vote is for Las Vegas. I will be there.

  4. Jennie! Says:

    I had so much fun last night! Of course, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, but it was worth it.

  5. You can call me, 'Sir' Says:

    You = Awesome.

  6. You can call me, 'Sir' Says:

    You = Awesome.

  7. Karl Says:

    Jenny, as always, you put on a helluva party. Loved dancing with you. North Bowl rocked that night!

  8. Hilly Says:

    Thank you for yet another wonderful TequilaCon!

  9. Greeneyezz Says:

    Jen – It was Great to have met you! You kick Ass!…organizing this event AND on the Dance Floor!! ;)
    Thanks for all your hard work

  10. Miss Britt Says:

    It’s Monday and I am STILL dragging.
    Thank you so, so much for organizing such an amazing event.

  11. shari Says:

    ***taps fingers impatiently***

  12. Finn Says:

    Ms. Jen – Sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk, but I did so love watching you dance!
    Thank you for a great party. You are a queen among women…

  13. vahid Says:

    You are so the greatest party organizer ever.

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