There’s so much to say about TequilaCon, but all I can say right now is.
Except this time, I earned every bit of my headache. It was so worth it! Details when I get home…

Sunshine on My Shoulder

I was feeling really down earlier this week. Things weren’t going my way. In fact, I’m home sick today, trying desperately to stop the pounding in my left eye and get at least half a nostril to work. But then I dragged myself to the grocery store for some Cran-Grape juice and I saw something that changed my outlook, possibly forever.
As I was choosing between chocolate and tapioca pudding Snak-paks (I ultimately got both), I looked over and saw a man standing by the milk. At first, he looked like any other man – a regular Joe – but then I noticed something on his head. He was mostly bald, and had his head shaven like all the hip guys do, but along the top of his head he had grown the tiniest of blonde faux-hawks. It was no more than three hairs wide.
I initially thought, “Who in their right mind would try to grow a faux-hawk with only three hairs?” but then I realized what a triumphant tale this really was. Here was this man who had barely any hair on his head, but he said to himself, “I want a faux-hawk, and dammit, I’ll have a faux-hawk.”
And so he did.
I guess what it made me realize is that it doesn’t matter if you only have three hairs on your head or one-half of one functioning nostril, life is what you make of it. So I’m just going to pull myself up by the boot straps, keep sucking on these ginger-ale flavored Vitamin C drops, and start packing my bags, because tomorrow I’m going to TequilaCon. I’m not going to be at my best and brightest, but fortunately, there will be another 50 people there to keep the party going.
I’ll try to post some highlights along the way… but will save all the juicy details for when I return. Be good while I’m gone, and keep rockin’ it 3-hairs wide!