Iron Fist Day

::Rub eyes::
::Sit up straight out of bed like a bolt of lightning hit me::
“OMG – I didn’t miss it, did I?”
::Grab cat::
“What day is it? Did you hear me? What day is it today? Dammit Miso, tell me what day it is!!!
::Toss worthless cat back on bed and look at cell phone::
“Oh phew… it’s still the 9th. I didn’t miss it.”
“Happy Birthday Vahid!!!”
Now be a pal and go wish him a happy birthday before you start doing your laundry. I mean really… look at this face – the eyes, the dimples, the curls, the martini… you know you can’t resist:

9 Responses to “Iron Fist Day”

  1. Hilly Says:

    WooHoo, Happy Birthday Sexypants!
    Great and awesome post, Jennypants!

  2. Dave2 Says:

    It’s a tempting offer, but I need at least six olives in my martini.

  3. vahid Says:

    I know ostensibly this post is about me, but really I think you’re just using my picture to drive more traffic to your blog. I expect a cut of all that ad revenue that I’m sure all you bloggers make. Ahem.
    (awwwww….thanks Jenny!)

  4. jenny Says:

    hilly: sexypants, indeed. :)
    dave2: that can be arranged, sir!
    vahid: see, i should know better than to tell you all my evil plans ahead of time. but it’s working – traffic to this site is up 47%, mostly due to google searches for “sexy + pants.”

  5. shari Says:

    I wondered why my car inexorably drove itself — with me IN IT — to Portland on that fateful date. The eyes, the dimples, the curls, the MARTINI(s)… irresistible indeed. Plus, a mid-night trip to VooDoo Doughnuts. Happy Birthday Vahid!

  6. churlita Says:

    That is a great photo. I hope he’s smart enough to use that as his profile pic. Who wouldn’t want to go read Vahid’s blog?

  7. jenny Says:

    shari: i’m soooo jealous that you guys all got to hang out together. AND you got donuts, to boot? simply awesome!
    churlita: don’t you just fall under his spell as he looks across that martini deep into your soul? resistance is futile!

  8. dee-dee Says:

    Happy Happy Day Vahid!

  9. martymankins Says:

    Ok, now I want a martini.
    Happy Birthday Vahid

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