The time has come to define the new year, and although I’m still working on my official 2009 theme, I think I’ve decided on my personal sponsor and spirit guide. In years past, I’ve chosen Ann Margret and Willona Woods for their spirit and energy to lead the way, but this year I’m going a little grittier. 2008 was one hell of a year, so I think 2009 is going to need someone with more of an edge. I’ve spent a lot of time debating this decision, going over the pros and cons of all the candidates, trying not to be swayed by the lobbyists… and I’m excited to announce that my spirit guide for 2009 is the inimitable Patti Smith.

Why Patti Smith? So many reasons, but to name a few:

  • She’s 62 (today, as a matter of fact) and still totally rocks
  • I always wished I was even just a little bit punk rock
  • Patti is a singer, poet, painter, photographer, activist
  • And even better than all that? She’s a blogger
  • She did a cover of When Doves Cry and I love anyone who can do a good Prince cover (See also: The Be Good Tanyas)
  • Put simply, Patti Smith is a badass

I look forward to a punk rockier 2009.

*** Updated to add this video, sent to me by my friend Seamus. It’s especially awesome because in 2nd grade, I learned how to perform this song in sign language. True story. ***

16 Responses to “WWPSD?”

  1. sizzle Says:

    Excellent choice!
    And also? I love the Be Good Tanyas.

  2. churlita Says:

    What a great spirit guide. You should be shooting smack and rolling around on stages in no time…Wait. Maybe that was just the 70’s Patty. I bet she’s more mellow now.

  3. MOM THE DULLARD... Says:

    Jen, you fascinate me.
    Smoochies to ya!

  4. jenny Says:

    sizzle: thanks! and if you haven’t heard their version of When Doves Cry, you must get it immediately!
    churlita: 2009 is gonna be all about horse for me.
    MTD: really? i would’ve told people about my patti smith obsession long ago if i’d known it made me seem fascinating… :)

  5. claire Says:

    Great pick. Love Gloria. Reminds me of what Lucy Lawless had to say about meeting her: scroll down to the 4/23/08 message.
    I’m feeling more punk rock since I started playing drums on Rock Band 2 a few days ago. Highly recommended.

  6. Tim V Says:

    You know, should this fail mid-year, you could switch to Patti Smyth and probably no one would notice…
    “Shooting at the walls of heartache, bang bang, I am the warrior.” Now THOSE are some words to pattern your life after…

  7. jenny Says:

    claire: thanks for the link! how jealous am i of lucy lawless for getting to hang out at patti’s apartment? and really, we should all find more occasion to use the phrase, “wild sapphic rant.”
    tim v: i like your “be prepared” kind of style. that’s exactly the type of belt and suspenders approach that will get this country back on its feet in 2009.

  8. Cindy Says:

    Hey Jen,
    Isn’t Patty Smith the one who threw her bloody tampon into the crowd during one of her shows?
    Just wonderin…
    This is a great idea, not bloody tampon tossing, but the idea of “spirit guide”..I’m going to think on this for myself.
    Happy New Year.

  9. asia Says:

    Wishing you a very Patti Smith New Year!

  10. Cheryl Says:

    Ditto on the Be Good Tanyas love.
    Maybe the theme for 2009 could be “When Doves Stop Crying Because We’re Totally Maybe Going To Achieve World Peace This Year And Doves Love Peace”? Or, if Cindy is correct, “Bloody Tampons Aloft.”

  11. jenny Says:

    cindy: oh… god. this is the one time i’m actually NOT going to google something because i really, really don’t want to know if this is something my 2009 sponsor and spirit guide did. but if she did, it was the drugs.
    asia: thanks. may we ALL have a very Patti Smith new year. :)
    cheryl: i believe our mutual friend is the one who turned me on to the be good tanyas in the first place. and you know, i’m not entirely sure that doves are such pacifists. there was a mourning dove outside my mom’s house at xmas that was beating the shit out of a squirrel who was trying to get in on the sunflower seed action. just saying.

  12. jewelz916 Says:

    Mine would be WWHKD? What Would Hello Kitty Do?
    1)She would wear a flower or bow in her hair at all times.
    2)She would never speak an unkind word toward anyone….because she doesn’t have a mouth and only speaks from her heart
    3)She’d probably sic her sister Mimi on her enemies
    4)She might give money to those in need…since as the ultimate pop icon of the Sanrio Company, she’s apparently rolling in the green stuff
    5)She would create a cult following of 40-somethings who grew up idolizing during their childhoods and are now in extreme fanatatical exhileration because she’s ‘back in style’…although to the the true fan, she never went out of style
    6)And finally…she would stay eternally happy and in a loving mood…because she’s either demented in that way or is taking some pretty powerful anti-depressants. Either way…she’s my hero!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Jenny,
    I am pretty sure doves only want the best, even if sometimes they have to get a little fierce.
    Happy New Year my good friend!

  14. jenny Says:

    jewelz: i think hello kitty is a brilliant spirit guide for 2009!
    vivian: i hope you’re right, because if the doves ever start to attack, we’re all goners. and happy new year to you, too!

  15. shari Says:

    Personally, I’m celebrating the New Year today.
    I hope 2009 takes me to TequilaCon.

  16. BB Says:

    WWPSD? Patti Smith would post more frequently than 9 days!

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