I want pie! I want beef jerky!

If you haven’t seen this yet, then clearly you don’t spend nearly enough time on kitten sites. You should work on that in 2009.

Double head!

** UPDATE: I can’t stop watching this video. My new favorite part? “I’m her mom.” “No… she’s not.” **

16 Responses to “I want pie! I want beef jerky!”

  1. dee-dee Says:

    this really creeps me out for some reason … and i love to read books

  2. Dave2 Says:


  3. eric Says:

    be afraid. be very afraid.
    oh, if only i had that kind of energy….

  4. jenny Says:

    dee-dee: it’s half creepy, half FABULOUS!! how can you not laugh at this?
    dave2: psssssssssst.
    eric: i’m going to try to work that energy level into any business presentations i have to do this year. especially the screaming.

  5. Fiorello LaGuardia Says:

    I just keep waiting for her to say…..
    “They’re heeeeeeeere.”

  6. claire Says:

    um, wow. I think I actually hallucinated one of the kittens mouths moving towards the end.
    We are in Hawaii!!!
    ooh, Hawaii for TQCon ’10!

  7. martymankins Says:

    Ok, that was funny… love kittens.

  8. jenny Says:

    fiorello: she does have a poltergeist quality about her, doesn’t she?
    claire: keep watching it… pretty soon they all start talking.
    marty: it seriously cracked me up!

  9. Mel Says:

    I know I watched this a couple of times too.. MAGICIAN!! Screeching..

  10. Mel Says:

    and where did she learn..bow wow chica bow wow..
    and pee sound?

  11. vahid Says:

    I’m trying to remember how old I learned what that “bow chick a bow wow” music was all about and whether or not I should be concerned for this child.

  12. serap Says:

    I love it! The screams were my favourite, I just tried to scream now and think I have lost the ability to do so… I can just say ‘ahhh’. Anyway, it was very funny but I’m not sure why!

  13. shari Says:

    Tell me again, what was this book and this reading inspired by? I can’t recall.
    However, my 6 year old is now running all over the house screeching, “I have to go potty! Pssssssssssss!!” Awesome.

  14. churlita Says:

    You are not alone. This thing is taking over the internet. I’m sure it’s someone’s evil plot to take over the world. I’m just not sure what the exact plan is yet.

  15. jenny Says:

    mel: i was a little creeped out by the bow chicka bow wow thing, too!
    vahid: yes, we should all be a little concerned!
    serap: there’s nothing quite like little girl high-pitched squeals. cuts through everything…
    shari: that is SO awesome. you should know better than to give your kids access to youtube – it’s the work of the devil.
    churlita: i know – i’m like the last person on the interwebs to see it!

  16. renn Says:

    Sadly, she probably learned the “bow chica bow bow” thing from the movie “Underdog”. It was in the movie trailers. On tv. During the DAYTIME.

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