Help me interwebs, you’re my only hope!


I repeat, calling all Girl Scouts, past, present and future! I need your help!

Can any of you tell me what this merit badge means?


My guess is that you earn this for burning something in effigy. Natasha thinks it’s the voodoo merit badge. All I know is that it didn’t exist in 1954 because it’s not in my handbook.

It’s imperative that I find out because I am trying to retroactively earn all the badges on the sash I bought. I need to find out if I should be stockpiling kerosene or stick pins and locks of hair.

A million thanks, sister Scouts!

30 Responses to “Help me interwebs, you’re my only hope!”

  1. Fiorello La Guardia Says:

    That’s easy….corn husk doll making.


  2. Finn Says:

    Maybe folk art. It’s not a current patch (I looked it up!), but there is a folk art patch with a different design. This looks familiar to me; it’s probably from around my era (1 million BC).

  3. hello haha narf Says:

    you need to attend the burning man festival. that’s all there is to it.

  4. Karen Says:

    That’s the autopsy badge.

  5. Seamus Says:

    It’s actually from a knockoff badge that Dr. Green and I came up with when we were trying to infiltrate the group as the Bosom Brownies. It’s a badge for Inflatable Costume Dancing. But back then, latexnology was still fairly primitive, so we had to go with straw and baggy clothes.

  6. Dave2 Says:

    I agree with Natasha… definitely voodoo. FLAMING VOODOO!

    How’s that for shark extreme?

  7. martymankins Says:

    My guess would be voodoo, but I don’t know if the Girl Scouts would have a voodoo merit badge. I mean, if they did, that’s cool.

  8. vahid Says:

    You’re all wrong. See those stitches in the shape of a crown on top of the head? That’s King George III, and this is the Overthrowing Tyranny Badge. Just refuse to pay unjust taxes, stage a revolution, and draft a few documents guaranteeing liberty for all and you’re set.

  9. shari Says:

    You guys… can’t you take anything seriously? Jenny appeals for help and all you’ve got are smartass quips and sarcasm. I’m sorry on behalf of all of these commentors, Jenny! Sheesh.

    Now then, as for the badge, I’m not surprised no one else knew or would say what it is, because it’s the little-known Sasquatch Badge. You only earn it when you’ve had a verifiable Sasquatch sighting. Good luck!

  10. Waterfall Says:

    I think it is the honorary “Child of the Corn” badge.

  11. sizzle Says:

    Definitely looks like voodoo to me. But we never made voodoo dolls in my troop. I feel ripped off!

  12. You can call me, 'Sir' Says:

    I imagine that the badge signifies that the person worked on The Blair Witch Project as a grip or someone else behind the scenes.

  13. Roy Says:

    It’s either for dissecting frogs or for taking LSD. Or, wait, taking LSD while dissecting frogs.

  14. claire Says:

    Looked like a scarecrow to me, a bloody voodoo scarecrow perhaps.

    I did look at the Girl Scout website a bit but no luck with my initial guesses. If my head weren’t so sieve-like at present I’d keep looking…

    good luck!

  15. Kris Says:

    delurking to say that that is the toymaker badge from the 1970’s. you can find more at

  16. jenny Says:

    fiorello: a distinct possibility!

    finn: i actually have some of the folk art ones, and i think they were from the same era, so i have a feeling this might be different than folk art.

    hello haha narf: burning man! of course!

    karen: LOL! god, now all i can see is an autopsy!

    seamus: you boys always were ahead of your time.

    dave2: only thing more extreme than voodoo is FLAMING VOODOO!

    marty: if i had known that scouts got to do voodoo, i would’ve demanded that my mother let me join!

    vahid: i want to see the marie antoinette badge…

    shari: thank you for recognizing my plea as genuine. you’re always so sensitive to my needs, shari.

    waterfall: “he wants you too, malachi!”

    sizzle: we were ALL ripped off.

    sir: ooh, another likely option!

    roy: or is it the badge for licking the poisonous rainforest frogs, and then hallucinating about dissecting them?

    claire: interesting – it does have a scarecrow-esque quality about it. the mystery continues…

  17. Missy Says:

    According to this site, it’s the Junior Girl Scout’s Toymaker badge: (Scroll to the far right and then down toward the bottom of the page.)

    I wonder how many Girl Scouts got their Toymaker badge making a voodoo doll…and then I wonder how many of them remained Girl Scouts.

  18. jenny Says:

    YAY!!! kris and missy are my heroes!!! it’s a toymakers badge – that is the coolest! now i just need to find out what, exactly, i need to do to earn my toymakers badge. i hope it involves puppet shows…

    thanks a million!

  19. vahid Says:

    Now that we’ve solved that mystery, can I just say that it’s a little suspicious that Dave2’s comment was “I agree with Natasha”? Doesn’t this just corroborate what we suspected all along, that they were completely in cahoots during that game of Apples to Apples. I knew they were playing us for fools! Sharks more extreme than Hitler, my ass.

  20. shari Says:

    Oooh, who knew the Junior Girl Scouts are actually Santa’s little elves?! Do you have to move to the North Pole in order to earn the badge?

  21. Nat Says:

    A Giapetto badge? Booo! Looks like the toys in my nightmares.

  22. Gary LaPointe Says:

    So did they get rid of the “toymaker” badge or just make it something less scary?


  23. Greeneyezz Says:

    I honestly couldn’t tell you.

    Scouts honor!


  24. Christie Says:

    Maybe you can work out a deal with this seller. They say they have the requirements.

    If not maybe here….

    Or maybe Jr. Girl Scouts were Brownies so….

  25. Cindi B Says:

    Looks like there are lots of ways to earn the badge, depending on where you look. Toy museums, miniature shops, etc… seem to have activities that count toward the badge.

    What a fun idea– keep us posted!


    Junior Girl Scout Badges–Toymaker

    This workshop completes 6 of the activities that help the girls earn the “Toymaker” badge. The girls learn about the different kinds of puppets and they finish their own toy puppet. They learn about toys around the world and toys through history. They create their very own board game and create their own “trash toy” made from anything that might be thrown away like boxes, cans, string, buttons, newspapers, etc. They also learn about toy safety.

  26. jenny Says:

    vahid: yeah, don’t even get me started on the whole dave/natasha conspiracy. i’ll go to my grave believing those two were in cahoots.

    shari: i live in chicago. this *IS* the north pole!

    nat: oh, you haven’t begun to see nightmare toys yet…

    gary: good question – maybe it still exists, but only for junior girl scouts.

    greeneyezz: and here i was totally counting on you to tap into your girl scout past!

    christie and cindi b: this is why i love the internet – not only have you all figured out what the mystery badge is, but now i know how to earn it, too! thanks so much!

  27. Cheryl Says:

    In Southern California, that would be a pinata-making badge. And if Southern California made computers, it wouldn’t be so hard for me to find the effing tilde that should go over the N in “pinata.”

  28. Midge Says:

    It’s a Witchcraft badge, according to
    She lists the ones on the badge photo, and it is the third one over in the upper right corner. She may be guessing what it is, too, though.

  29. girl guides rule Says:

    no, no ,no!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are completely wrong! It’s actually the Toymaker badge! My mother was in Girl Guides a long time ago and she gave me her handbook and in it it said it was the Toymaker badge!!!!

  30. Joan Says:

    I earned this as a girl scout 1973 I remember makeing the “doll” out of yarn. I have always called it the Doll Making Badge but I would would go along with toy making.

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