Going On Up to the Needle in the Sky

[Sung to the tune of LL Cool J’s, “Going Back to Cali”]

I’m going to Seattle, Seattle, Seattle.
I’m going to Seattle… hmmm, I don’t
think so.
That’s right, I’m off to sunny Seattle next week for my first work trip at the new job. Can’t screw this one up – got a lot riding on it.
Actually, I’m really excited to go. Not only is this my first business trip in a long time, but it’s my first trip to Seattle ever. I haven’t really been anywhere on the West Coast, unless Vegas counts. I don’t know why I’ve never made it out West yet. I guess the flights are just so darn long – I figure if I’m going to be in a plane for 4 ½ hours, I’m more than halfway to Europe, so I might as well head in that direction instead.
Plus, I was never all that great with geography, so everything gets kind of sketchy for me once you get past Minnesota. I know there are a bunch of square states in the middle of the country, but from there it’s a bit of a blur. And growing up in Wisconsin next to Lake Michigan, my internal compass gets really screwed up if the water isn’t to the east of me.
But that’s all going to change for me next week. I’m packing up the covered wagon and heading out West. I may not know much, but I’ve heard enough about Seattle to know that it’s home to some of the country’s most exciting and recognizable landmarks. Since I know I will have a limited amount of free time while I’m in there, I’ve made a list of all the critical things I want to do:
1. Ride the roller coaster that goes around the top of the Space Needle.
2. Spend a few hours at StarbucksLand, home of the world’s largest free-standing latté.
3. Take the trolley down to the Golden Gate Bridge.
4. See if my hands fit inside of Angelina Jolie’s handprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.
Yes, Seattle is such a diverse state that I’m sure I’ll have no problem finding loads of amazing activities to fill my evenings.
Of course, this trip can’t be all fun and games. I suppose I really should start planning out more of the “business” part of my business trip. I wonder if we can hold our client meetings at the bar where “Cheers” was filmed?

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