That’s What Friends Are For

I saw my husband on the train again last week. We did our usual routine – sat near each other, enjoying each others’ company, and feeling really good about the fact that we never feel obligated to fill silence with any sort of conversation. We’re just that comfortable together. That’s one of my favorite things about him.
As we walked home, I turned to go to my car and Orangehat kept walking straight ahead. For a moment, I thought about following him, just to see where we live. I can’t help but be a little curious.
Do we have a house? One of those nice condos with the balcony? Gosh, that would be nice. I’d love to plant some flowers out there in spring.
I decided against following him since I didn’t want to miss the beginning of Survivor Vanuatu – Islands of Fire. Plus, it was kind of raining out, and my hair started to frizz. Until he knows we’re married, I always want him to see me at my best.
Over the weekend, I was telling my friend Penny about my beau and how I thought about following him home.
Me: “I mean, if I just follow him silently to see where he lives and what kind of car he drives, and he never knows I’m doing it, that’s not really stalking, right? I’m only doing this so that we can be together.”

Penny: “Mmmm… that’s actually the definition of stalking.”
Me: “It is?”
Penny: “Yes.”
Me: “Oh.”
[reflective pause]
Me: “So then that would be a bad idea?”
Penny: “Right.”
This is why it’s important to run major decisions past an objective friend. Sometimes what seems like an innocent idea turns out to be a Class 2 misdemeanor.

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