Photo Quiz #2

More games already? Well, I’ve got to admit – I had so much fun reading all the creative answers to last week’s Photo Quiz that I wanted to do another one. And I’m including more photos this time because I don’t want you to get bored while I’m gone. Didn’t I mention? I have to fly to L.A. for a three-hour meeting next week. It’s almost like I’m James Bond, I live such a glamorous lifestyle. Anyone know a good place in L.A. to rent a speedboat with flamethrowers on the side?
I’m heading out Sunday night and flying back Monday afternoon, which gives me a very limited amount of time in which to encounter my requisite number of mildly insane travelers. I just really, really hope that it’s nothing like my last trip to D.C.
If it’s not too frustrating, I think I won’t post the answers to these until I get back on Tuesday. Is that annoying? Nah… you’ll have them all figured out by noon today anyway. Special recognition will go to the most outrageous, yet still plausible, wrong answer.
See y’all on Tuesday!

11 Responses to “Photo Quiz #2”

  1. Dave2 Says:

    3) MONEY!
    4) CLOWN NOSE!
    7) SCISSORS!

  2. Strode Says:

    1) Ruler
    2) Toothbrush
    3) Dollar Bill (right side, rear)
    4) Tomato
    5) Life support for Frosty the Snowman
    6) Pencil
    7) Part of a picture frame
    8) Chopsticks
    9) Quarter

  3. teahouseblossom Says:

    I think the first 3 are a wooden comb, an electric toothbrush and a dollar bill, but after that I’m at a loss.
    Man, I’m horrible at this!!!

  4. Robert Says:

    1) ruler
    2) toothbrush
    3) currency
    4) Lynda Carter’s WonderBra
    5) Space Shuttle filtration system
    6) unsharpened pencil
    7) trigger to James Bond’s flamethrower
    8) chopsticks
    9) George’s nose on a quarter

  5. shari Says:

    1. kitty curry comb
    2. toothbrush bristles
    3. 1, 5, 10, 20 or some other denomination, but definitely paper currency.
    4. red super ball (with catnip core)
    5. freezer shelf in need of defrosting
    6. frozen sushi
    7. bracket to a wall shelf
    8. bamboo chop sticks (specificity counts… right?)
    9. it’s a dime.
    Have a good trip! Sending good thoughts for a “fellow traveler force field”.

  6. Jessica Says:

    I’m not witty enough to be comical yet accurate in my guesses. Allow me to preface by saying that I do NOT peek at the other comments from those far smarter than me.
    Here are just a few of my ideas:
    1 – Looks like a rail…but I think I’m wrong.
    2 – Toothbrush
    3 – Okay, it could be money, but let’s hope it’s the tattoo of some hunk you recently encountered.
    4 – It’s probably a tomato but it sure does look like an exercise ball.
    5 – Could be an angle of some ornate “dream catcher” you would, no doubt, have hanging from your rear view mirror.
    6 – Pencil end…could be make-up, could be an old fashioned #2..I can’t obsess over the details.
    7 – A bronze statue of Liberace playing the piano.
    8 – Chopsticks?
    9 – Obviously Abe’s nose on a penny.

  7. Sandra Says:

    1. Headboard
    2. Toothbrush
    3. Money
    4. One of those balls I always look at in the bin but never buy in gigantic, Target or KMart-ish stores
    5. Someone with really tubular legs wearing terrycloth and being restrained…
    6. pencil
    7. abstract art
    8. chopsticks
    9. it really made me think of an ink blot test, despite its lack of resemblance to the same

  8. asia Says:

    I am not going to look at anyones answers before I answer myself.
    1. something wood
    2. toothbrush
    3. money
    4. cherry tomato
    5. hair curlers???
    6. pencil
    7. eyeglass frames
    8. chopsticks
    9. coin (not sure which)

  9. Pauly D Says:

    I can tell you #9’s answer — it is totally a QUARTER. The reason I know this 110% for sure is because I have a lot of quarters in my car, which valets periodically steal from my car, and I’m always looking to see how many are missing and because of this I am intimiately familiar with the shapes and curves and lines of the AMERICAN QUARTER.
    Thank you.

  10. Kevin Says:

    Let’s see here…
    1. An end-on view of a piece of wainscoating (sp?)
    2. Hairbrush
    3. Neptune’s legions charging forth against… nope, just a greenback.
    4. Pogo ball!!!!
    5. tooth flossers or pipe cleaners
    6. end of an unsharpened (read: brand new) pencil
    7. the wicked witch of the east’s foot sticking out from under Dorothy’s house as bronzed by the munchkins
    8. I’ll take Dave’s chopstick answer
    9. A badly abused quarter
    BTW, nice site. Discovered it on Dave’s blogroll. And a fellow Chicago-area blogger to boot. Thanks for having that link to the Chicago Blogs site. Just registered.

  11. rarity Says:

    Fun challenge!
    1. folding ruler?
    2. (tooth)brush
    3. paper bill
    4. tomato
    5. inside of fridge
    6. pencil
    7. that thing you pull to open a can of… (coke?)
    8. chop sticks
    9. coin
    And what does this bring the winner ? ;o)