Live Long and Prosper

Okay, so sorry to disappoint, but I’m not really going to a Star Trek Convention (although wow - the blogging opportunities would just be endless). I will, however, be taking my leave soon, to the true final frontier.
Yes, I’m heading up nort’ to Madison, WI to hobnob with the literati at the Wisconsin Book Festival. My friend Jen is doing some readings and speaking in a few high-powered smarty pants discussion panels, so my plan is to put my hair into a disheveled bun, push my glasses down to the end of my nose, sneak into some of the conferences wearing a corduroy blazer with leather patches on the sleeves, and ask questions like:
“Interesting point you make, Ms. Benka, about the symbolism of the decaying topiaries in Mr. Blahdeeblah’s first novella, but really my question is… if you could make out with one poet, living or deceased, would it be Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emily Dickinson, Arthur Rimbaud, Maya Angelou, or Theodore Geisel? Thank you.”
While I’m at the University, I think I might need to take the opportunity to live out some of my college dreams since I didn’t attend UW-Madison. I should probably make a short list, so I don’t forget any important details:

  1. Buy beanbag chairs at Urban Outfitters
  2. Practice handstands for upside down kegger hits
  3. Memorize Greek alphabet
  4. Start food fight in the quad
  5. Haze a freshman
  6. Paint school spirited, yet still attractive, “W” on cheek for Badgers game
  7. Make Fimo clay beads
  8. Join impromptu drum circle on street
  9. TP the Dean’s house
  10. Make out with Arthur Rimbaud or anyone wearing a Guatemalan sweater

I cannot wait – college kicks ass! See you next week!

16 Responses to “Live Long and Prosper”

  1. jaymarie Says:

    UW-Madison is my husband’s alma mater. he is insanely fond of Madison. it is a fun town, especially if you love beer and bräts…
    we’ll be there (actually more in Milwaukee and Janesville) for a few weeks in Dec – Jan.
    Snow anyone?
    Have a great time!!

  2. jaymarie Says:

    (oh yes, and i love your handwriting. very you.:-)

  3. Rich Says:

    Movies made me long to go to a frat party. Then I actually saw the reality of a bunch of drunk morons copletely trashing their already trashed frat house. the women there just looked tired, like they whised they could possibly be any place, but where they actually were.

  4. The Other Vivian Says:

    Jenny! You totally forgot “makeout quietly on a twin bed while your roommate tries to pretend like she’s sleeping.” Oh and nice handwriting!

  5. shari Says:

    Mr. Eclectic is devastated. He loved Uhura.

  6. Sarah Says:

    Don’t forget to max out your dad’s credit card and of course you should at least try to hide a little pot in a rolled up pair of socks, even if you never do anything with it.

  7. Christie Says:

    No way! I have the same key ring! What a small world. I thought mine was one of a kind. hee hee

  8. Jenny Says:

    J: I love beer. I love brats. I love snow. I should be from Wisconsin… oh wait. I am.
    R: Yeah, I went to this frat party once where there were bowling ball sized holes in the walls and people kept throwing their half-empty beers into them. I’m guessing they didn’t get their security deposit back.
    TOV: Nice! I TOTALLY forgot that one! (oh, and thanks – I was trying to write legibly…)
    S1: For Mr. Eclectic, I may don the Uhura wig. But it would totally be in a platonic kind of way.
    S2: Oh I’ll do something with that pot, all right. I’ll snort it all in one sitting. [What do you mean, you don’t snort pot? Oh, I knew that. I was totally just seeing if you knew…}
    C: I know. I live in your basement.

  9. romy Says:

    have a great trip ! haze a freshperson for me, too.
    and btw – i’m amazed you would even need to ask the question. rimbaud, of course. RIMBAUD.

  10. Number4of5 Says:

    Guatemalan sweaters are hot.

  11. asia Says:

    Most certainly I’d have to get smoochy with Richard Brautigan. He’d probably put me on the cover of one of his novels.
    Have fun, and um… practice saying “I’m sooooo drunk teehee”

  12. Mateo Says:

    GREAT to see you last weekend. The marathon went swimmingly… er… runningly. I just blogged about it – with pics. BTW, please send me any of the pics you took. Rob and Tara greatly enjoyed meeting you, too.
    Be well, and long live owl puke.

  13. Neil Says:

    Sorry. Making out with UW-Madison undergrads just doesn’t have the same ring to it as making out with a Klingon at a Star Trek convention.

  14. jessica Says:

    I’ve wanted to post…I have – but I’ve been trying to get over my disappointment that you weren’t really attending a Star Trek convention. I feel so….misled.

  15. kc & the sunshine band Says:

    let’s change that p-a-r-t-y to milwauk’ee and we can talk gen-con (oh wait we lost that convention)…

  16. kc & the sunshine band Says:

    let’s change that p-a-r-t-y to milwauk’ee and we can talk gen-con (oh wait we lost that convention)…