No Words, Just Hold Me














28 Responses to “No Words, Just Hold Me”

  1. Dave2 Says:

    Friends don’t let friends puzzle drunk. It’s the #1 growing cause of house fires in the USA. I’m sure there’s a support group for these kinds of things… might check the Yellow Pages?

  2. TSF Says:


  3. Robert Says:

    Even your wordless essays are hilarious.
    Excellent choice of bourbons, too!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Jenny,
    I think you are a genius.
    P.S. We don’t need to talk about your drinking, do we?

  5. jen b Says:

    hey jen i agree with vivian– about your genius not the drinking. and thanks for the shameless promo the other day xxjen b

  6. brando Says:

    Part of me is standing up and cheering the sheer brilliance of this post. One of the top ten of the entire internet.
    Part of me is trying to do complete the puzzle for you. I’m already on page 60, don’t you know.

  7. kris dresen Says:

    Oh sweet lord, this is absolutely brilliant. I am humbled by your constant setting of the bar at a level no lower than high.

  8. Jenny Says:

    Wow! I should write posts w/ no words more often! Thanks so much everyone!
    Dave – excellent advice – I went to look for the yellow pages, but then remembered that I set them on fire a few weeks ago when I ran across a particularly tough Word Jumble in the Tribune.
    TSF – thanks so much!
    Robert – a Maker’s Mark man? You’re not a scotch drinker too, by any chance, are you?
    Viv – no worries, I only drink when I’m home alone, or feeling sad.
    Jen – it was my pleasure – can’t wait to hang out this week!
    Brandon – if you hadn’t just paid me the most amazing compliment I’ve rec’d in ages, I might be irritated about the page 60 thing. Boy geniuses. Damn!
    Kris – aww, Kris, you gone and made me blush…

  9. romy Says:

    jenny i LOVED this photo-post !
    and this is totally off-topic but your comments never remember me. should i be hurt? :(

  10. Jenny Says:

    Thanks, Romy! And, no, it’s not personal. Doesn’t remember anyone, which drives me nuts! I’m trying to figure out how to fix that, so if this site disappears in the next day or so, you’ll know why.

  11. shari Says:

    OOOoooh, oooooh…. I drink Scotch — Glenfiddich 12 year old single malt. Wanna hang out? I say Seattle and/or Portland for tequilacon ’06. I’ll bring the Scotch.

  12. teahouseblossom Says:

    Very nice photos. Such an artistic touch you have!

  13. Sarah Says:

    Fantastic. Truly.
    I have that exact same book and was sailing through, feeling like a total genius until I hit page 32, where things went from “gentle” to “moderate”. Now, I basically sit with my pencil poised, staring at a blank puzzle for 30 minutes before going out for a smoke.

  14. Kevin Says:

    As much as I love Sudoku, I must admit to having shared such feelings regarding my sudoku book and matches from time to time. Nice photostream.

  15. Jenny Says:

    Shari: You are a woman of wealth and taste. BUT – have you tried Balvenie, 12-yr Doublewood? Best. Scotch. Ever. Here’s to WhiskyCon’06!
    THB: Thanks! Apparently, my creativity is stimulated by blind drunken rage.
    Sarah: I know! I can’t even imagine what they get like in the Tough section. But, I take offense at the “Gentle” label. Why don’t they just call it “Dumb Dumb Baby,” because that’s what they’re all thinking.
    Kevin: It gets into your system, though, doesn’t it? Like crack.
    And on a side note, what’s up with Columbus Day, and more importantly, those lucky stiffs who get today off? Man.

  16. jill Says:

    My Soduko. My precious. My precious Soduko.

  17. nicole Says:

    So…did you finish it or what? I mean the puzzle, of course, but curious about the whiskey as well!
    I love the new photo post, though. Very funny!

  18. Jean-Francois Says:

    An image is worth a thousand words! That post was hilarious!

  19. asia Says:

    That is so cute. I just discovered that stupid puzzle in the paper for the first time today. It was a one star and I did it in pen cause thats the kind of manly man I am.

  20. rarity Says:

    Hear hear!
    Truly brilliant!

  21. Jessica Says:

    No words but it speaks volumes, doesn’t it?
    Ah, Jenny…the lengths you will go to entertain your followers. No wonder we love you.

  22. Jenny Says:

    J: Mmm… yes. Little Hobbitses likes their puzzleses, yes?
    N: Trust me – that bottle of Maker’s Mark will be gone loooong before I finish these puzzles. Perhaps that’s part of the problem.
    J-F: Merci beaucoup!
    A: Look. You’re a badass. We all agree on that. Must you continue to rub it in?
    R: Merci beaucoup… I mean thanks!
    J: Aw, heck! You don’t even know the lengths to which I’m willing to go…

  23. Fiorello La Guardia Says:

    Oh brother! And I had foolishly considered trying to do one of those things. Not any more.
    I loved the photo essay. You are one for the books (as my mother would have said.)

  24. curly mcdimple Says:

    My newspaper just started running this puzzle last week. In an effort to solidify my increasingly mushy mind, I thought I’d give it a whirl. Uh yeah, I looked at it for a few seconds and well, instant migraine. Methinks I’ll stick to the crossword puzzle in People magazine. If I feel like really challenging myself, I’ll move on to the TV Guide.

  25. romy Says:

    wait, wait, wait. whiskeycon’06 is being held in boston right? or wherever i happen to live then right? and there WILL be whiskey right?

  26. asia Says:

    Heyhey, I said it was a one-star. I tried a two star puzzle and made it all the way through the bottle. By then the matchs were too soggy to light.

  27. Bathroom Reading Says:

    This is absolutely hilarious! I’ve been getting into that game a little, and it certainly can be frustrating.
    Got to you from Vivian (It’s thirteen…)

  28. deanne Says:

    Ahhhh god, I refuse to talk to anyone about Sudoku, unless I give away just how truly bad I am it, so this amused me greatly!
    Came via Bathroom Reading, btw!