Lazy McCopycat

I’ve got to tell you, all this thinking about exercising has really worn me out, physically and emotionally. And with xmas shopping stress looming overhead, I find myself a few quarts low on creative juices. Thusly, I decided to perform mouth-to-mouth on this meme from Brando that he tried to kill on his site. Frankly, the main reason I was compelled to steal this idea is because it requires absolutely no thought on my part, just lots of hyperlinking. Which, sadly, probably took me as long as it would have to craft an entirely new post.
Here’s how it works: take the first line from the first post of each month this year, and compile them all into one neat little entry. Simple, no?
I enjoyed this so much, in fact, that I might just devote all of 2006 to further rehashings of my 2005 entries. Today I’ll take the first line of each of the past twelve months, then next week I’ll take the second, then the third, and so on. Suddenly, it will be 2007 and I’ll be bursting with fresh ideas.
So there you have it: Run Jen Run 2005 – Cliffs Notes Edition. Now go try it yourself, why don’t you? You know you want to!

Hey mom, it’s me. Whenever I read a news story about a child who saved his sibling by performing CPR (which he learned on Baywatch), or about a teenager who rushed into the neighbor’s burning house to get them out of the fire, it reminds me of my own childhood. As the years click by, even if I don’t psychologically feel older, my body takes great pleasure in reminding me of my age every now and then. Scene: Chicago O’Hare, Winter 2005. After encountering three children in the elevator, and one pre-teen eyeing up the coffee machine at work, I eventually deduced that last Wednesday was “Take Your Child to Work Day.” I spent Memorial Day weekend at my brother’s house in Wisconsin, working desperately on my never-ending quest to achieve Favorite Aunt status with my two nephews. It’s funny, but no matter how hard we try to outgrow the awkwardness that marked our teen years, occasionally we let slip some vital clue that speaks to a less than popular past. “Hey Jen, it’s Viv.” Stretched out on my love seat and lazily flipping through a copy of Chicago Magazine, I propped the phone under my chin as I talked with my friend Vivian. I’m not sure if I forgot to set the alarm, or if I just didn’t hear it go off, but when I finally woke up on the morning of my flight to LA, I was feeling completely disoriented. Heavy duty box cutter: $9.99. It had all the makings of an historic occasion.

17 Responses to “Lazy McCopycat”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I don’t know if it’s because I’m currently sleep deprived but these first sentence paragraphs make way too much sense to me….

  2. Hap Says:

    OhJen, whatver happend to the determined, trailblazing journalist you once aspired to be?
    What happened to the that took down Nixon… Enron… that power company in that Julia Roberts movie,I forget the name….?
    You can be that rjr again. Here’s a lead for your next lid-blowing epose: what bears do in the woods.

  3. sween Says:

    I just compiled my first lines of the month together for my blog… and discovered that I was really boring on the first of the month.
    However, compiling the first line of every Zombie Tuesday post, now that’s a little more interesting. Look for it — of course — on Tuesday.

  4. nicole Says:

    Even by being ‘lazy’ you still make me laugh! I just wish there was a gym here with rotisserie chickens. Oh well. I guess that’s why the grocery store is for…

  5. shari Says:

    So, what you’re saying here is that the first day of every month is sort of like “Ground Hog Day” for you?

  6. circe Says:

    I pretty much like to exercise, but it gets harder this time of year.

  7. jenny Says:

    Jess: Weird, huh? I think it just means that I write about the same stuff all. the. time.
    Hap: Wait – did I just spend 20 seconds of my life watching a Charmin commercial online? Yes. Yes, I did.
    Sween: Yay for Zombies!
    Nicole: Maybe you could just find a way to work out in the grocery store?
    Shari: Yes, and since I saw my shadow, there will be 12 more weeks of winter.
    Circe: Yeah, it’s kind of the same for me. I find that thinking about working out is WAY harder in the winter than thinking about working out in the summer.

  8. sandra Says:

    I may never forgive you, for I am now looking at the first lines of way too many things and am putting them together…relevant emails…my blog… :)

  9. Pauly D Says:

    That’s funny!
    You should do that with all your comments, too!

  10. cupcake aka Leslie Says:

    My laptop screen is tiny and only showed the part of that posting that was the meme, so I read that and was pondering it for a while before I realized there was more to the posting.
    I was glad to read the explaination, but have to say that it did sort of make sense and stand alone all right. I can hardly wait for the one with the second lines.
    I had a friend with a band called 4th song, 2nd side– and that’s all they played. 4th song of 2nd side of big-hit albums.
    Too bad there’s not a flip-side on blogs.
    Brandon probably has flip-sides on his. He’s sneaky like that. I mean innovative. Yeah. Innovative.

  11. brando Says:

    the flip side of my blog is actually an internet porn site. i’ve got to pay for all the bandwidth somehow. but don’t worry. strictly high-brow.

  12. Ozzy Says:

    You know, I’m just enjoying moving my mouse over the paragraph of links- it has the same effect as violently shaking a plat of jell-o.
    Beats working! (said in best office humor voice)

  13. Neil Says:

    I love when you rollover your quoted post, it starts shaking and it almost comes alive! Scary.

  14. Bobby Says:

    I would do this, but my archives are so goofed up! And my template code. If I wasn’t such a slacker, I’d fix it.

  15. cupcakegrrl Says:

    Wait– I think I just came across Brando’s flip-site internet porn site.

  16. brando Says:

    oh, that was nice, cupcake ;)

  17. jenny Says:

    My god… I leave the internet for one minute to go xmas shopping, and come back to fowl dirty porn being posted on my site.
    I’ve got to get better spamblockers… ;)