I believe it is a sign that I have chosen my friends well in life when I invite Natasha over for pre-Christmas snacks and we drink wine, toast the holidays, exchange gifts, then simultaneously open nearly identical origami how-to kits.
One thing the kits did not explicitly state, however, is that 1) you should not attempt origami after polishing off a bottle of Pinot Noir and 2) you must never begin with a Level 4 Tyrannosaurus Rex. The results could be disastrous.
Looks simple enough.
Cool! A T-Rex!
For almost five minutes straight, Natasha mumbled to herself, “Fold the tip of the top section up. The tip of the top. Okay, tip of the top. Wait… so, which part is the tip? The tip of what? Fold the tip to the top. To the top. Am I folding the tip to the top… oh, the tip OF the top.”
“Hey Nat, why don’t you just fold the tip to the top?”
“Screw you.”

Headless T-Rexes tell no tales.
“Let’s try something easier. Hey! Here’s a Level 1 Swan!”
Tricks with dollar bills.
I cannot tell a lie. Natasha did this one.
Who’s the cutest little sailor boy? Who’s my little sailor? Yes you are!
My 2005 Christmas card:

23 Responses to “Synchronicity”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Look, you all showed me a great time on my last visit but no one, NO ONE ever mentioned origami.
    That’s it, I’m moving to Chicago.

  2. Tracy Lynn Says:

    Dude, your cat looks like it will try to kill you in your sleep for that hat trick.

  3. shari Says:

    Oooh — that T-rex looks like he’s dancing the Macarena. Sweet! Isn’t that like, Level 6 or something?

  4. jenny Says:

    Jess: I’m a woman of many layers. Did you think I was going to reveal them all at once?
    TL: He pretty much always looks like he’s going to kill me. It’s part of his charm. I often wake up coughing, only to find him hovering close to my mouth, slowly sucking out my breath. But he’s my little sailor boy, yes he is!
    Shari: OMG – he’s totally doing the macarena! I think the legs are a level 4, but to complete the head and arms, you have to be an origami jedi.

  5. Kevin Says:

    My wife and I did the same thing one Valentine’s Day… I bought her You’ve Got Mail on VHS, a candle, and a picture frame with hearts on it. She bought me You’ve Got Mail on DVD (we weren’t yet living together), a candle, and a picture frame with hearts on it.
    Cheesy? Maybe. But we both loved it.

  6. kris dresen Says:

    Oh, man. All I gotta say is more photo posts in ’06.
    And is that Ninja or Nunchuck? I can never remember the names of your cats.

  7. nina Says:

    Oh god, I have a bad case of I wannas. I want one of those! Where do you find them? I also want the Pinot Noir, but I am very familiar with the local wine stores.

  8. nicole Says:

    Mmmm, pinot noir. Mmm…dollar bill oragami…as soon as I have a dollar bill to my name, I’ll have to turn it into a snail. Maybe it won’t go away as quickly?

  9. steph Says:

    dude, im totally doing that to my cat for christmas. i looked up directions for a little orgami santa hat! thanks for the idea!

  10. The Scarlett Says:

    I love Christmas cards like that.
    The caption should say, “Santa Claws.”

  11. jenny Says:

    Kevin: Aww, you’re just an old softy, aren’t you?
    kris: Well, it really doesn’t matter what their names were because as of today, I am officially changing them to Ninja and Nunchuck. Sweet!
    Nina: The book I gave Nat was called “Joy of Origami” – all of the lovely creations you see above came out of her book (fancy paper is included)!
    Nicole: You will never want to spend that dollar, because it will have taken you close to an hour to get it to look like a snail.
    Steph: Anytime. Wait… there’s an actual origami Santa hat? Thank god for Google!
    TS: Ooh… good one! You’re now my official xmas card headline writer. It doesn’t pay well, but… well, there’s really nothing else I can tell you.

  12. asia Says:

    Drunken origami, that is so awesome. I am totally gonna make origami cat clothes, actually everyone is getting origami clothes for christmas!

  13. jill Says:

    I love that. Girlfriends are the best. And so is oragami clothing. Fred wants a blazer.

  14. Postmodern Sass Says:

    Wow. I am not worthy. I can’t even make a paper airplane that flies. I can, however, tap dance a little, and I’m told I’m not a bad singer. So, can I interest you in karaoke-ing next Thursday? I’m coming to your town.

  15. Fiorello La Guardia Says:

    That photo of the “Siamese Sailor Boy” will make the best Christmas card EVER!
    And, yes…Ninja and Nunchucks. Will the cats mind being renamed? Then again, will they notice?

  16. Mateo Says:

    Tag! I’ve been infected, so I’m throwing it your way… not that you need a tag to write something interesting. Happy Holidays, babe!

  17. Roy Says:

    The cat was angry. Just for a second there. It wanted to jump on your face and do a dance. Didn’t do it. But wanted to. Thought about it.

  18. jenny Says:

    Asia: C’mon, girl. You’ve got to start slow! Felines first, then move on to humans.
    Jill: Lessee, Fred’s about an XXS, right? Can I make him an origami ascot instead?
    P.Sass: Oh. The. Pain. I’m out of town next Thursday! Which might be for the better, since I’m pretty sure you and your friends could karaoke the crap out of me. Wait, that sounded gross.
    Fio: Well, I change their names every few weeks anyway, so no, it doesn’t really matter. They have so many nicknames that I don’t even remember what their real ones are. So Ninja and Nunchuck it is.
    Mateo: Don’t be giving me your nasty boy germs. Oh you nasty boy!
    Roy: You’re like the Cat Whisperer, because that’s exactly what he was thinking about doing. He just threw up on my carpet instead.

  19. hooizz Says:

    i move to boston, and this is what you guys decide to do in my absence? dang! now i gotta move back to break out my SKILLLZ! ha!
    am i the only odd one who thinks the picture in the book makes the t rex look like he’s grabbing his… oh never mind.
    merry christmas!

  20. jenny Says:

    H: Yeah, sure, move and THEN tell us all you have mad origami skillz. Lot of good that does me in Boston. And re: crotch grab, no, you’re not the only one. My friend Seamus sent an email w/ that picture to half the city likening T-Rex to Michael Jackson and accusing me of posting porn on the internet. But really, if you look closely, that’s not his arm. His arms are those little teeny tiny things up by his head. It’s a T-Rex, after all. :)

  21. nina Says:

    Okay, I got both origami (how to make cute little pandas, etc.) and paint by numbers for my daughters (they are in their twenties). These are my favorite gifts of the season. I’ll blog about it, but not until Christmas, after they reach their anxious little hands into their stockings and open the damn things up.
    Thanks. You are an insipiration.

  22. mrsmogul Says:

    Excellent photos and detail! Nice design!

  23. Pants Says:

    Origami kitty, I love it!