These Vagabond Shoes

The date has been set. Location selected. Invitations engraved.

What: TequilaCon ‘06*
When: May 5-7, 2006 April 21-23, 2006
Where: New York City, NY**
Who: Everyone. I’m talking all y’all
Why: Geez, if you really have to ask…

So to give a brief background, TequilaCon ’05 happened when I tricked Jill and Brandon into coming to visit me in Chicago this fall. I told them that there was a big blogger convention here, and that they were up for some awards for outstanding writing.

“No, no. There’s gonna be lots of people, honestly. Um… I’m not sure, there’s an intern handling the RSVP’s. But it’s like the most popular blogging event, like, anywhere. My site? It’s run jen run. No, run jen run dot com. J as in jellybean. Yes, that’s it. No, my legs don’t really look like that. Mmm hmm. Okay, cool.”

When they arrived at my apartment and found me sitting in a dark corner, flicking the light on and off while listening to Madame Butterfly, things got a little awkward. Until I gave them their laser-printed certificates of achievement and pointed them in the direction of the tequila. Then we became fast friends.

But that was 2005. 2006 is all about more love now than last year. And I have so much love to give, people. So much. And so many laser-printed certificates. You don’t even know.

Which is why the TequilaCon committee decided to open up this event to the whole world. And where better to host a blogger convention than in the city that never sleeps? So start saving your money, my friends. I mean, would it kill you to drink Folgers for a couple months? Do you really need to get your hair cut at that fancy schmancy MasterCuts place, Mr. JP Gotrocks? So now we’re too good to eat generic cottage cheese, are we?

So mull it over, check the seat cushions for change, detox your liver, and leave a comment or send me an email at if you’re interested in joining us in the 3-D world of flesh, blood, sweat, and tears. As the self-appointed keeper of all things list-like, I am working on an elaborate Excel spreadsheet.

There are already some really famous bloggers signed up for this. Who? Um… I’m not sure, there’s an intern helping out with the RSVP’s. But honest, it’s like the most popular blogging event, like, anywhere…

*Don’t let the name fool you – non-drinkers are welcome and encouraged. Someone’s got to be clearheaded enough to delete all the pictures…

**There is a crack team of field researchers scouting out watering holes as we speak, so once we get closer in, we’ll announce the exact location.

35 Responses to “These Vagabond Shoes”

  1. shari Says:

    Start SPREADing the news…. I’m LEAVing today…. I wanna BE a PART of it, NEW YORK, NEW YORK…
    OK, so don’t bring your karaoke machine.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Hmmm… New York… tequila… what’s to lose?
    This sounds like fun. But I think a lot more scraping would be in order for me. I know my wife wants to see NYC sometime before she dies, but May may (back-to-back homonyms… woo hoo!!!) be too soon for our budget.
    Planning on this remaining annual?

  3. Cheryl Says:

    Shari’s song makes me think of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, which does not help foster a generic brand mentality, but I will nevertheless try to switch to Poor Man’s Mocha (Folgers plus half an envelope of Swiss Miss–oops, I mean generic brand hot chocolate), and see what happens.

  4. patricia Says:

    I’m so there. Well, not yet. I’m still in VA right now, but I will be there in May. As for being clearheaded enough to delete the pictures. Uhm, that depends on how much y’all pay me. A girl has to fund this little trip somehow.

  5. kat Says:

    DC is too close to NY not to come. So I will be there, with bells and such on.

  6. jenny Says:

    S: Oh, I’m bringing it all right. Wait – that might be tough to get through security at the airport. Never mind.
    K: Start making keychains and selling them on the street. Silk screened t-shirts. Lemonade stand. America was built on entrepreneurial spirit – someone wanted to earn enough money to go somewhere else and drink.
    C: Ew. Let’s not get crazy – Folgers and generic hot chocolate? I mean, there are sacrifices, and there are sacrifices!
    P: Whatever it takes to keep people out of the tabloids.
    K: Bells are highly encouraged. That way no one gets lost.

  7. Jessica Says:

    Jen, I’m in. My people will call your people to make all necessary arrangments such as coordinating my grand entrance and the brand of rare bottled water I would like in my dressing room.

  8. brando Says:

    as a member of the tequilacon committee i have veto power on invitees, right? cause for the last time, my ego will not fit in the same room as donald trump’s. everyone else ‘famous’ on the list is cool. including zach. we’re cool now. cool.

  9. jenny Says:

    Jess: Did you also want your M&M’s sorted by color this time, as well?
    Brandon: Yes, yes. As members of the committee, you and Jill have veto power. Trump is out. But I am not going to tell Wil he can’t come. I know you hate Star Trek, but he’s in and I don’t want to discuss this anymore.

  10. patricia Says:

    Of course Will has to come! Who else will bring the 50,000 monkeys? I could bring like 18 I think, but that’s stretching it a bit. I think we should just let Will do his thing and not chance it.

  11. ashbloem Says:

    As I said at Brandon’s, the only thing standing between me and TequilaCon’06 is a $15 Fung Wah bus trip and 4 hours. And I have both to spare. See you there.

  12. janet Says:

    Cool idea…I’m not that far from NYC. I tried co organizing something like this about a year ago in AC and it was a nightmare. Kudos to you if you pull it off.:)

  13. Jessica Says:

    (In Joan Crawford “No wire hangers” voice), NO BROWN M&M’s!!!

  14. dee-dee Says:

    is this a re-do of natasha’s b-day when we went to salud? is this secretly my b-day party? more importantly — can you bring the cats (they would be so cute in I heart nyc shirts)…

  15. StationeryQueen Says:

    Love New York. And meeting people is such a good excuse to go there, eh?
    Happy Holidays!!

  16. jill Says:

    Okay, is my security going to clash with Jessica’s security? Jenny, can we get some flow charts over here or something?
    (Don’t you see, Janet, the key to success is organization. And apparently, Jenny’s all about organization. Brando is apparently, all about drinking, another key key to success, especially since it is called tequilacon. And I, I’m all about security. It will be fiiiiiine.)

  17. Twixie Says:

    Just so we’re clear, there will most definitely be celebrity bloggers there? Like is Moby coming? Cuz if so, I’m there, although he doesn’t allow comments… Okay forget him, I’ll be there anyhoo.

  18. Sarah Says:

    How can I say no to a chance to not only meet lots of bloggers in person, but to get to point and laugh at them (and take photos) while they drink themselves into oblivion?
    I shall be drinking myself into a caffeine frenzy.
    And I’m far too close to NYC to turn this down.

  19. sandra Says:

    Jen, I’m in! I’m not sure Brando believed me when I told him, but I suspect that you might.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Jenny,
    While I haven’t had tequila since 1990 when I woke up in a bathtub and posting comments on your blog is the closest I come to blogging (bring back lead type!), I hope, as a New York City resident, I can crash your con. I’m happy to be your tour guide. Especially if it involves a uniform.

  21. Jessica Says:

    Jill, I don’t think our security issues will clash…we can always hold each other.
    Sarah, I am SO happy that you will be coming!

  22. nina Says:

    It’s when I usually go to do my stuff in Europe. Hmm. Bloggers drinking or Europe. Maybe I can postpone Europe.

  23. jenny Says:

    Okay, opening Excel… File > Open > C:/tequilacon/2006/attendeeslist.xls. Okay, now I’m ready:
    Patricia – I don’t know nothing about 50,000 monkeys. I can’t possibly find a space that could fit more than 100. Please let him know.
    Ash – Okay that’s column E, mode of transportation… bus. Okay, you’re in.
    Janet – I like Kudos, but I prefer Twix or Snickers.
    Jess – I’ll special order them immediately.
    Dee-Dee – that was my birthday, not Nat’s, but I’m not surprised that it’s a blur to you after the shots…
    SQ – see you there!
    Jill – I’m doing some process mapping right now and will send you the charts when they’re done. Do you have Visio loaded on your PC?
    Twixie – Um, yes. Yes, there will be many famous bloggers there, but their publicists refuse to let me release their names. And “famous” is a very relative term.
    Sarah – I’m sending you a copy of our non-disclosure clause that will need to be signed prior to the taking of any photos. Please sign it in triplicate, keep the pink copy and send the yellow and white back.
    Sandra – I’m far more gullible than Brandon, so yes, you’re on the list!
    Viv – Please. Why do you think I was pushing so hard for NYC? Please wear the navy uniform with the little cap, and carry the red umbrella so we can see you above the crowds. Thanks!
    Nina – Europe has been around for at least 100 years or so, it’s not like it’s going anywhere. Blogs are going to be obsolete by 2007, so get on board now or miss your chance forever.

  24. panthergirl Says:

    OOOH can I come???

  25. Jill Says:

    Since I’m already here, then I’m totally there. Especially since I told The Voices in Brandon’s Head that Mildly Drunk, Gropey-Ass, Talks Too Loud Jill would be in NYC to entertain him. Cupcake and I were planning to hit some places and takes some pictures and email them to ya’ll as possible venues, but I don’t know when we’re going to get to it, since she and I have never been seen in the same room together and might quite possibly be the same person.

  26. Leggy Says:

    Found you via Jessica. Would love to go- sounds like lots of fun.

  27. asia Says:

    Do you think maybe 50% will say so and not go? I guess about that. I am 50% going/cant go.

  28. jenny Says:

    PG – But of course!
    J – Excellent – I’ve got some troops on the street as well, so we’ll compare notes.
    Leg – Fun will be had by all.
    Asia – Now this is the classic optimist/pessimist debate. Whereas you think that 50% of the people won’t show up, I think that 50% of the people will show up. Hey, wait a minute…

  29. shari Says:

    Happy Holiday, Jen! Can’t wait for NYC!

  30. Neil Says:

    Usually, I’m away that weekend at the Annual Llama Carrying Competition in Northern Tibet, but I will definitely skip it that weekend just to fly into NY and see you in those shorts like in that picture above. Va Va Voom.
    Happy Holidays.

  31. Last Girl On Earth Says:

    Just found out about this through Jules via Jessica. Oh hell…. what I’m trying to say it… CAN I COME? I live here in NY. I can be the native guide! And a chance to do a shot with Brandon. WHOO HOO!

  32. hooizz Says:

    who knew that id moved to boston JUST to be perfectly situated to drive down for tequilacon (or as i like to call it, jencon/gincon). im in like flynn!

  33. Pants Says:

    I’m a sucker for laser-printed certificates of achievement. Last week I accepted one for a computer class at work that I didn’t even take.

  34. jenny Says:

    Shari: thanks, sista! See you there!
    Neil: Um, yeah. I’ll be wearing those shorts shown in that highly accurate depiction of my body, as long as you’ll be wearing that kilt I saw you in on your site. Deal?
    LGOE: So does that give us four degrees of separation, or three? I always get confused. And OF COURSE you can come! We need all the locals we can get to help guide us back to our respective flop houses.
    Hooiz: Exxxxxcellent. There may be a few folks coming in from Boston, so maybe you can coordinate, all get CB radios, and get yourself a convoy going!
    Pants: Already working on several options – do you want: “Outstanding achievement in the area of tequila consumption,” OR “Team-spiritedness,” OR “Most likely to succeed?”

  35. curly mcdimple Says:

    You’re coming to NY?! Sweet. I’m down. After all, I do live here. I have no excuse. Say, can the tequila be blended like in a margarita? Or must it be consumed straight up? I’m a wuss when it comes to tequila, I admit it. But, if you don’t mind me putting lots of crushed ice, lime juice and uh… you know, the rest of the stuff that makes up a margarita, count me in.