Mystery Solved!

Once again, I am amazed and impressed by what a perceptive bunch you are. I must admit to you that I am quite terrible at solving mystery photo quizzes myself, and get incredibly frustrated by them, so I appreciate that you all play along.
But even with all your group cleverness, there was still one lone photo that no one guessed correctly, although at least you were all consistent in your incorrect answer. This exhibits solidarity, team spirit and group-think that would have made Vince Lombardi prouder than his Packers ever did. A lone tear is running down my cheek right now.
So here they are – the results of the latest Mystery Photo Quiz – Superbowl Edition! (answers hidden below in case any of you want to make quick guesses)

Hut One!
[Okay, I think 100% of you got this one right… why are you such pyros?]
Hut Two!
[I appreciated that only a few of you *cough* *dave2* *cough* immediately assumed that I was popping pills, and the rest of you recognized this for the innocent Dentyne Ice chewing gum that it was.]
Hut Three!
[I thought this might have been a stumper, until McMonkey pulled it out in the clutch, plus made reference to the gym… nice touch!]
Hut Four!
[And now the real stumper! I admit it was pretty impossible, because really, why in god’s name do I own a tape measure? For all those dress patterns I’ve been working on late at night? To measure my massive biceps? I really don’t know.]
Hut Five!
[Uh, yeah. Let’s all be vegetarians and eat nasty ass looking broccoli all the time. Look at this, people! And you scoff at me eating hot dogs? By the way, I will never be able to eat broccoli again without thinking of dead grasshopper babies – classic one, Viv!]
Hut Six!
[Well, Disney isn’t the most recognizable brand in the world for nothing, I see. All it took was a toe and half a finger for you all to figure out that this was Mickey. Why? Because I like you.]
[And speaking of strong brands… a couple of squiggly lines and everyone knows it’s Starbucks! But – I guess I never realized she was a mermaid. What’s that all about?]

8 Responses to “Mystery Solved!”

  1. momdana Says:

    Such fun. Thanks for the quiz.

  2. Neil Says:

    You have smart readers. I couldn’t figure out anything.

  3. jenny Says:

    momdana: My pleasure! Glad you enjoyed it!
    Neil: So true. Actually, in an independent study I had done last year, it showed that run jen run visitors scored in the 95th percentile for intelligence and the 96th percentile for sex appeal. I’m actually very intimidated by them…

  4. shari Says:

    So, on the next one, if we guess them all, can I have your camera?

  5. teahouseblossom Says:

    Wow, those were some pretty tough ones. I think the only one I would have guessed was the Starbucks one. I have always noticed the unique waviness of the mermaid’s hair…

  6. The Scarlett Says:

    The tape measure was genius. You know you actually had me studying gum. Who the hell studies gum?

  7. jenny Says:

    Shari – are you kidding? with this crowd? they almost get all of them right every time! I’d have to give away a disposable camera.
    THB: See – and you knew she was a mermaid too? I must not be that perceptive.
    Scarlett: I think that would make you a hubbabubbologist.

  8. mainja Says: