God Grant Me the Serenity

Addiction, thy name is ringtone.

23 Responses to “God Grant Me the Serenity”

  1. nina Says:

    So, you believe in God, eh? Cool!(?)

  2. Tracy Lynn Says:

    OK, so maybe four in one month is kinda nutty, but I’d like to point out two things that might make you feel better about it.
    One, you got a very funny post out of it. And two, they were some pretty sweet ringtones.

  3. jenny Says:

    Nina: if it will help me get the ringtone monkey off my back, I’m willing to try anything.
    Tracy Lynn: Um. See, here’s the thing… it was actually five over the course of two days. But the sweetest ringtone of all was Dr. Greene’s idea: Back in Black. So now when he calls, my phone’s all:
    Dun. Duh dun. Duh dun. Dee dee, dee dee, dee dee, dee dee. BACK IN BLAAACK!

  4. The Scarlett Says:

    Don’t you wonder why ‘Fame’ was cheaper?

  5. jenny Says:

    Scarlett: Very observant! In fact, when I ordered it, I did wonder. But as soon as I heard it, mystery solved. Instead of being the actual song, it was the polyphonic muzak version of it. I ordered all these when I was in DC for my b-day. Vivian requested FAME!, and we were all crying laughing at how nerdy her new ringtone was: beep beep ba beep ba bee bee. beep beep ba beep ba ba beep BEEP!

  6. Jessica Says:

    Oh, Jenny, I wish you could have heard how loudly I laughed over this one!

  7. ms. sizzle Says:

    push it real good! :)

  8. Tracy Lynn Says:

    Dude, if you round it up, two days BECOMES a month…that’s called thinking like an addict.

  9. Cheryl Says:

    I am so envious of Vivian. That’s the best ringtone ever, AND at Ross-Dress-For-Less prices.

  10. sandra Says:

    Me too, Jen — me too. It’s just so hard not to download ALL OF THEM once you realize you have the ability to do so. I think I downloaded 7 the first day I had my new phone.
    “Hi, my name is Sandra and I’m…”

  11. 3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) Says:

    $12.00 just for the ringer on your phone??!! Cool. I’d have fun with it too, if I knew how. (Probably a good thing I don’t) ;-)

  12. jenny Says:

    Jess: My pc shook a little bit earlier – was that you?
    Sizz: Boyyyy, you really got me going. You got me sooooo, I don’t know what I’m doin’.
    Tracy Lynn: I like the way your mind works!
    Cheryl: It actually is pretty good, if I have to admit it…
    Sandra: Nice! I think I remember you writing about that!
    3T: Yes, this is where a little knowledge can be very dangerous.

  13. Chris Says:

    Is that Don’t Bring Me Down the one by ELO? If so, you’re awesome. If not…this conversation never happened.

  14. Kevin Says:

    Now that’s funny!
    I was working at my gym last night when one of my coworkers came in to work out. She left her cellphone with me behind the desk and I had a concert going. Her boyfriend (Goo Goo Dolls “Iris”) called twice. Her friend Justin (Jack Johnson “Upside Down”) called. And a couple others I can’t quite recall. Entertainingly annoying.

  15. Laurie Says:

    I looove that you have “Push It.” I’m so jealous.
    I have the cheesy standard ring on mine. Becuase I KNOW that if I start dabbling in ringtones, my budget as I know it will cease to exist.

  16. egan Says:

    At least you’re not suckered into texting that Joke Line they advertise on MTV. You know the one, “it will you sense of humor even better” ad.

  17. jenny Says:

    Chris: Oh, that conversation happened all right, and apparently I am awesome. ELO indeed.
    Kevin: It’s sad when I’m so out of touch with popular music that ringtones are too hip for me.
    Laurie: Seriously – it’s like crack. You try it once and you’re hooked!
    Egan: I’m ashamed to admit that I honestly don’t know how to text message. When I was in DC, my friends kept text messaging me, and I couldn’t figure out how to retrieve them!

  18. Dustin Says:

    I was soooo excited when I downloaded “Stairway To Heaven” as my ringtone for only 99 cents. My euphoria soon turned to shame though when I heard the greatest song ever played like a cheap Nintendo sound track.
    Since then I’ve been too afraid of letting another digital monstrosity into my phone to try downloading anything else.

  19. peefer Says:

    I just banned “ringtone” from my comments. You and I … we’re totally in synch.

  20. shari Says:

    So what’s your ringtone for me when I call you at TC’06? Because you know I’m so gonna call when I get my little shot of tequila in front of me, and sit at my own little table, all alone… drunk dialing taken to a whole new extreme.

  21. Erik Says:

    I love this. Ringtones are so addictive. I did the same thing last week. Bought way too many (i mean WAY TOO MANY), but I have no regrets. My favorite ringtone? When my mom calls me, I hear Axl Rose singing “Sweet Child of Mine,” which, now that I’ve typed that, seems really weird, but it makes me laugh when I hear it. Anyway, “Push It” has gotta be the best ringtone EVER.

  22. egan Says:

    On most phones you go to the Messaging menu and look at the Inbox and there you should find your incoming text messages.

  23. Hap Says:

    “Everyone else’s is STOOPID.”