I Get Allergic Smelling Hay

Okay, just finishing up my packing for TequilaCon. Do I have everything?

Let me just make sure:

– Black sequined tube top
– Camouflage Daisy Dukes
– Platform wedges
– Heart shaped purple sunglasses
– Binaca
– Ibuprofen

I think I should be set!

Well, I can’t even express how excited I am to be heading off to New York for the weekend. Old friends, new friends, lots of blog talk, and perhaps one or two arrests.

For those of you who aren’t able to make it, you will be sorely missed. But if TequilaCon ’05 is any indication, Brandon and I will talk about all of you at least once during the evening, but only with complete love and affection.

So start saving now for TequilaCon ’07, because next year, there will be no excuses. You know who you are.

All right, now there’s just enough time to clean the litter box, drop bills in the mail, and gather up my whore eyes kit. Stay tuned for photos and stories!

Here’s where we’ll be – hope to see you all there!
Stout NYC
7:00pm – ?
133 W. 33rd St., New York, NY
Between Sixth and Seventh Aves.

17 Responses to “I Get Allergic Smelling Hay”

  1. kris dresen Says:

    Just remember not to blog drunk.
    And say hey to Vivian for me.

  2. peefer Says:

    I learn something from you every post. Today it was Binaca. You are like my cultural mentor. Or is it minotaur? Yes, you are my cultural minotaur.

  3. brando Says:

    whore eyes. heh.
    (the ‘love and affection’ part was pretty funny, too)

  4. jenny Says:

    kris: i’m not going to make promises i can’t keep.
    peefer: a cultural minotaur – i like it! maybe that will be my new tagline: run jen run – all the laughs with half the bull!
    brandon: you laugh now, but wait until i walk into the bar looking like jodi foster in taxi driver.

  5. shari Says:

    I do NOT know who I am! Oh, **blush** I guess I do now…
    I can’t believe you’re leaving already. Gaaah! I wasn’t supposed to have to feel left out until Saturday. TC’06 is killing me!

  6. Kevin Says:

    You should definitely blog drunk! I’m looking forward to it, in fact. I haven’t seen a good drunken blog incident since Magazine Man live blogged a session with absynthe. That was great!
    I’m assuming that “you know who you are” may have loosely been aimed at me. And, hopefully, some others as well.

  7. Tracy Lynn Says:

    Hey, Jen, have a drink for me! Of course, if you were REALLY having a drink for me, you’d have several, accompanied by random shots and suggestive comments to the increasingly handsome bartender.

  8. jenny Says:

    Shari: That which kills you only makes you stronger. Wait…what?
    Kevin: 2007 – the year of AbsintheCon! And yes, you’re definitely on the list of people I want to see show up next year!
    Tracy Lynn: Can’t promise you I’ll do shots – if I did, I wouldn’t make it to 8:00pm. But I will happily hit on any and all bartenders in your honor!

  9. ms. sizzle Says:

    write down everything and report back. i hate that i am missing it!
    :) sizz

  10. Laurie Says:

    Binaca! Hahaha! I haven’t thought of that in AGES.
    I wish I could make it…But I’m totally up for ’07. No excuses. ;)

  11. The Scarlett Says:

    You should have a Singapore Sling for me (that is the only drink, circa Binaca, I could think of … wait, a Harvey Wallbanger … wait, a White Russian … hell, drink ‘em all).

  12. ashbloem Says:

    No Greedo?

  13. sandra Says:

    I’m keepin’ the city warm for you guys — excited about Saturday! I’ll be the other girl in Daisy Dukes…although instead of a tube top, I favor a bustier. Jeweled.

  14. jenny Says:

    leaving to catch my plane in 30 minutes. so, so excited!

  15. Dustin Says:

    Oooo…wardrobe discussions!! You guys gotta help me because I’m so lost as to what to wear.

  16. jaymarie Says:

    i am expecting some live, drunken blogging.
    please please – don’t fail me now.

  17. Buffy Says:

    “Heart shaped purple sunglasses”
    I use to have a pair of those.
    No kidding.