TequilaCon ’06…

…has come to an end.


24 Responses to “TequilaCon ’06…”

  1. jaymarie Says:

    this will not do.
    it simply will NOT DO!
    i need details, photos, STORIES. come on, jenny.
    really, have a speedy recovery and know that i was with you in spirit. (whatever the heck that means…)

  2. sween Says:

    Deets, woman! We need DEETS!

  3. Caitlinator Says:

    Oh no! I think I am going to start crying again.

  4. Tracy Lynn Says:

    BWAHAHAHAHA! Alright, as soon as the hangover subsides, I expect full details. In the meantime, drink some soda.

  5. elle Says:

    It was great to meet you. Thanks for the lolly.

  6. panthergirl Says:

    I am SO BUMMED to have missed it!! Cannot wait to see pics!

  7. Dustin Says:

    I know, a deep sorrow wells within me also. Thanks for organizing such a fun event.
    P.S. Hows that tatoo working out for ya?

  8. jenny Says:

    jaymarie: oh, don’t you worry your pretty little head. there will be posts, and lots of them!
    sween: deets coming soon… once i get back home and can remember what was real and what was the absinthe talking.
    caitlin: so sad you couldn’t make it! you were definitely missed.
    tracy lynn: i think other people were drinking my drinks, because every time i turned around, my glass was half empty… did i do that?
    elle: loved meeting you and your husband! and glad you liked the candy!
    panthergirl: you were also very missed – i can’t wait to start posting actual stories!
    dustin: don’t succumb to the post-partum depression. and the tatt is working out juuuuusssst fine.

  9. Neil Says:

    question #1 — who drank the most?

  10. Pauly D Says:

    I want to know if you’ll ever be able to drink Tequila again.

  11. ms. sizzle Says:

    details please. i need some vicarious living!

  12. nina Says:

    So in the end, what was the age-gender-etc balance all about? And who was the wildest? Specifics!

  13. peefer Says:

    “oh my god”
    Three words that could mean almost anything.
    I am intrigued.

  14. jenny Says:

    Neil: What happens at TequilaCon stays at TequilaCon. Except for everything that gets posted on flickr.
    Pauly D: No. I’ve given it up for good, and I mean it.
    Ms. Sizzle: Coming… i promise!
    Peefer: In this instance, I think those three words are trying to convey joy, guilt, appreciation, confusion, and migraine.

  15. sandra Says:

    And on the 8th day, there was tequila…and the TequilaCon attendees thought, “we must drink it in appreciation…!”
    Had a fabulous time, Jenny — you did a great job organizing it. And I have lots of photos to send you; I seem to have rewarded you & Brando for being such good board members by including at least one of you in the majority of mine. Although really, nothing can top our entry into the high-profile world of modeling. That Sandra & Jenny…so hot right now.

  16. amanda Says:

    so great to meet you. i still have the orange/clover on my shoulder.

  17. Sarah Says:

    Best. Hostess. Ever.
    Meeting you was fabulous and I hope one day you will forgive me for posting photos of your tongue on Flickr.
    Oh and Vivian? She rocks.

  18. Jessica Says:

    I don’t know what you are talkin’ about…I haven’t posted my recap yet because I’m STILL AT STOUT IN NYC!!!! I’m the hardest core TequilaConner of them all, I tell ya.

  19. jenny Says:

    Sandra: Tyra says we’re fierce! She’s certain we can do editorial work, but isn’t quite sure that our look will sell commercial. She’s keeping us in for another week because she sees something in us. YES!
    Amanda: Shoulder tatts are H.O.T.!
    Sarah: Yes, I think I have it in me to forgive… but remind me to keep my tongue to myself in the future. (And yeah, Viv is pretty much the awesomest. She’s coming to all TequilaCons if I have anything to say about it.)
    Jess: OMG! You are so hardcore! Save our tables for the next TequilaCon!

  20. Kevin Says:

    I agree with everyone here who requested… nay, DEMANDED… details. You can’t just say “Oh My God” with one word on each line and leave it like that! You tease!

  21. communicatrix Says:

    Suck it up, girly-girl, and get those snaps and deets onlinee. We who were not there want to salute you.

  22. ashbloem Says:

    Too good, too good, too good.
    Man, do I have some winning photos. Can’t wait to get home and Flickr them.
    Thanks Jenny! You rock.
    Even if you don’t drink tequila.

  23. jenny Says:

    Kevin: Good thing I took today off… I’m working on it!
    Communicatrix: See above…
    Ash: Uh… what do you mean I don’t drink tequila. That’s all I was doing… drink, drink, drink. I even have pictures of me… okay FINE! I hate tequila, are you all happy?! But I still have pictures of me “drinking” it.

  24. shari Says:

    You don’t drink tequila? Fine. We’ll make it WhisquilaCon, and I’ll bring the scotch. But first, you have to post some sort of list pertaining the the weekend.