Dangerous Addiction

I have recently become obsessed with Flickr. And now, I have found my crack cocaine: Top 100 Photos.

24 Responses to “Dangerous Addiction”

  1. kat Says:

    oh man, if i’m not careful, i’ll sit there for hours reloading the last 7 days of interestingness page.
    (note to self: get a life.)

  2. Sarah Says:

    Oh my god…ME TOO!
    I just keep telling myself, “Hey, Self. At least you aren’t smoking crack.”

  3. Sunny Says:

    Do you think there’s a 12-step program?
    (Step 1: Remove Flickr from your favorites list so that you have to actually type the address…)

  4. Roy Says:

    Jen, we are conducting a scientific study at Jen’s (Nobody) What sign are you? Pisces, Aquarius, or Leo?

  5. Darby Says:

    God, I loves me some Flickr. I loved me some Flickr before one of my photos raked in 800+ views. Now, I *really* loves me some Flickr.

  6. jenny Says:

    Kat: I know! And now this link led me to all sorts of other “Top Photos” lists and groups. There sure are a lot of amazing photographers out there!
    Sarah: The voice of reason, once again. FLICKR AWAY!
    Sunny: It’s not even on my favorites list and I still go there! I’m a true addict!
    Roy: Always happy to participate in scientific studies. I’m a Pisces. But wait… how did you know I was one of those three? Are you the devil?! Evil trickster – you may know my sign, but you will never have my soul!
    Darby: COOL! Which of your photos got 800 views? Post the link here so we can make it 805! Please?!

  7. allison Says:

    I love that I recognized the locale of one of the photos.

  8. ms. sizzle Says:

    i can’t even click that. i don’t need any more addictions! ;)

  9. shari Says:

    PUSHER! You’re a PUSHER, Jenny Amadeo!! Aaaack! First one’s always free, but then what? You start charging for access to Flickr through your links, and before long, I’m strung out looking for a way to afford your outrageous prices, running from your goons… it’s a slippery slope, I tell ya.

  10. Roy Says:

    Don’t talk to me. You have disproven my theory that Leos like orange. Pisces orange color liker!

  11. Tracy Lynn Says:

    Oh, that’s just great. I come here to read and you try to hook me into your Flickr lifestyle. Well, I’m not having it, I tell you. I don’t even own a camera!

  12. peefer Says:

    Since I’ve been warned six times by my boss to stop downloading porn at work, I’ve been looking for a socially acceptable substitute just like this. Thank you. You have saved my career.
    (Fix your “remember me” button.)

  13. Jessica Says:

    I’ve got one of Mr. Lionel Richie that should be among those.

  14. jenny Says:

    Allison: I recognized one locale, too… but that was only because the photo was in front of the Eiffel Tower. :)
    Sizzle: Click it. CLICK IT!!!!
    Shari: C’mon, Shari. Everyone’s doing it. What are you – chicken? It’ll free your mind – trust me!
    Roy: I never said Leos can’t like orange, too. Isn’t there enough orange for all the signs?
    Tracy Lynn: But that’s just it! You don’t need a camera to get hooked on all these amazing photos. Do it!
    Peefer: Finally, someone who appreciates me sharing my addictions. But… every time you and shari mention my malfunctioning site, I taste blood. I CAN’T FIX IT!! I’M A FAILURE!! THERE! ARE YOU HAPPY?!?
    Jess: Oh, Mr. Lionel Richie. It wouldn’t even be fair to put his picture in with all those others – he’d blow them all away.

  15. sandra Says:

    I’m a bit bitter with you now — for I may become addicted to the Flickr crack you mentioned. Or I’d be bitter if I wasn’t too busy with the Top 100, anyway…

  16. Dustin Says:

    You think thats addictive?? Ever heard of the “Deleteme!” crowd? These guys eat amatures for breakfast…it’s hilarious. But the results are some of the most fantastic shots ever. Check it out.

  17. teahouseblossom Says:

    Awesome! Photos must be like crack for a seasoned photographer such as yourself.
    And I’m still giggling about your previous post, and the part about where you got a certificate for excellence in breakdancing!
    Remember that movie from the 80s, “Breakin'”?

  18. Strode Says:

    You should check out http://www.dpchallenge.com. It is a pretty cool site for pictures too. You like to take photos, maybe you could win a ribbon or two.

  19. jenny Says:

    Sandra: Well, now at least I’ll have someone to attend the Flickr 12-step meetings with me. :)
    Dustin: Oh, I know! Those people have to be mighty thick-skinned to submit their photos to the delete-me crowd. Merciless!
    THB: I remember the movie, Breakin’ like it was yesterday, perhaps because that’s when I bought the Breakin’, Breakin’ 2, and Beat Street DVD box set. I sense a film festival coming on soon… :)
    Strode: Nice site – thanks! But somehow, I don’t think my point-and-shoot pics of marshmallow Peeps could compete with those stunning photos!

  20. sween Says:

    Right. I sent you the smackdown for this one, Jenny.

  21. sween Says:

    Eep! And now the velcro cat tongue has landed.
    I’m really useless for the rest of the day now…

  22. jenny Says:

    Sween: I think you and I are even, since you’re the one who turned me on to Cute Overload. An eye for an eye.

  23. sween Says:

    Oh. You’re right. I did do that to you, didn’t I? My bad.

  24. amanda Says:

    very cool, thanks for the new pasttime…your a photo pusher.