Mystery Photo Quiz!

Based on the heated debate going on in the comments section of my last entry, I decided it was time to lighten the serious mood that has taken over here by posting another Mystery Photo Quiz. Plus, now that I’ve gotten you all completely hooked on Flickr Top 100 Photos, I’m sure you don’t even care about writing anymore. You don’t eat, you don’t sleep, you recoil from sunlight. All you think about now is where your next picture fix will come from. It’s just like Panic in Needle Park, but without all the veins.
And besides, it’s been a slow news week for me here in Chicago. I mean, after your teen idol comments on your site, is there really anything left to write about?
So effective immediately, this is becoming a photo-only blog. That is, of course, until I have taken pictures of everything located within arm’s length of my computer. Then I guess I’ll have no choice but to do some more stupid writing.
Anyway, if you’re new to the Mystery Photo Quiz, here’s how it works: I post a bunch of pictures, some of which I think will be easy to guess, and some I think will totally stump everyone. Then, within two minutes of posting this, at least four people will have accurately guessed 90% of the photos. Next, I will post the answers later in the week, which is pretty much pointless since everyone already guessed them two days earlier. And finally, I will once again swear that this will be my last photo quiz, because I apparently keep making them too easy.
Now that I’ve explained the rules, let the guessing begin:
[click to enlarge]
Bonus TequilaCon Photo!

18 Responses to “Mystery Photo Quiz!”

  1. Dave2 Says:

    1) It looks like a playing card. Like a Jack? IT’S A KING!! IT’S A KING ON A PLAYING CARD!!!
    2) Q-tips? No. Those are white, these are green plastic. But they are beauty swabs. BEAUTY SWABS!!! THEY’RE BEAUTY SWABS!!!
    3) FROG! IT’S A FROGGY!!!
    6) A dandylion?
    7) A wire spool? These are getting too hard.
    8) A snap?? No. Those are three little rings or something.
    9) EYE LINER BRUSH! YES!! AN EYE LINER BRUSH!! Or maybe a stripping drill bit or something like that.
    10) I am totally freaked out and don’t even want to know.

  2. Strode Says:

    1. King of Clubs
    2. Cat Brush
    3. Tempanic membrane of frog
    4. Iron
    5. Compass (you know, the floaty kind that sits on a dash board.)
    6. Ewww.
    7. Licorice mold
    8. Golden napkin ring
    9. Mascara brush?
    10.Some strange sex toy?
    11.Eggs of the Peruvian Mud Wasp

  3. roy Says:

    This is what I see when I close my eyes.

  4. Tracy Lynn Says:

    1. playing card
    2.generic q tips
    3.frog eye
    6.dandelion, the blowy part
    7. some kind of tread
    8.eyes, as in hooks and eyes
    9.mascara brush
    10. cat tongue
    bonus. one of those sticky things that you throw at the wall and they slowly crawl down, like some sort of sticky rubber spider. But glow in the dark.
    :-) Dude, I am so not good at this.

  5. Kevin Says:

    As thoroughly excited as I am that you are doing another mystery photo ID contest, I am sad to admit I only really know one of them. And that’s the King playing card. Not sure which suit as I don’t have a deck in front of me. But it is a king.
    Oh wait, I do know #6… it’s a dandelion.

  6. Jessica Says:

    1. A King card (knowing you, prolly King O’ Hearts)
    2. Fluorescent bulbs?
    3. Good God, Jenny – clean out your fridge!
    4. Iron ( you iron clothes?!) I’ll bring some of mine on my next trip.
    5. Compass – or, poor man’s “navigay-shon”
    6. Uh, after you finish cleaning your fridge, you may want to give your corners some attention.
    7. I have no idea but I hope it’s not something you put on Mr. Lionel Richie and/or Ms. Dionne Warwick.
    8. I have no idea but I hope it’s not something you put on Mr. Lionel Richie and/or Ms. Dionne Warwick.
    9. This cannot be a mascara brush – not unless you have recently donned “whore eyes”.
    10. I have no idea and can’t study the photo long enough to make an educated guess, let alone a smartass remark.
    11. Here’s where I win da’ prize – THAT is the beautiful ring you purchased at the Whitney Museum and wore with style to the TequilaCon gathering.

  7. jenny Says:

    OMG – I’m really enjoying everyone’s fake guesses! A Peruvian Mud Wasp? Brilliant.
    I think my strategy next time might be, “If I can’t stump them, I at least need to make them nauseous.” Looks like I’ve succeeded with a few of these photos. ;)

  8. nightfly Says:

    #10 is the nose of a dog, I believe. But everyone else is too quick for me. (I had number 5, darn it!)
    Also, I’m pretty sure that #1 is one of the Black Kings, since there is no red on the card, but I could be wrong. I’ll say clubs just for fun.

  9. dorkafork Says:

    2. celery
    7. pencil sharpener

  10. Sunny Says:

    1. I’m going to agree w/ the king. He looks royal, but determined, so I’m thinking spades.
    2. Those do look like the q-tips with the plastic middle.
    3. I don’t know where you would have found a frog, so no to that. It’s green, so I’m going to say a plant. But nothing like I’ve ever seen. An alien plant? Is this some sort of code to say that you were abducted?
    4. Iron.
    5. Compass would explain the SE, at least.
    6. A dandelion seed!
    7. It looks metallic-esqe. Ah, more proof of the abduction… it’s the inside of their spaceship!
    8. Corkscrew? It’s twisty and then the red blur could sort of be the handle.
    9. Mascara brush.
    10. I can’t even make something up. No way the aliens even had something that weird.
    11. Well, it looks like a bunch of Xmas tree lights clustered together, but I don’t know it’s function. An alien beacon?
    Whew, that was tough!

  11. shari Says:

    Each and every photo is a tool you are using to fix your “remember me” button, isn’t it?

  12. mcmonkey Says:

    Here we go…
    1. King playing card
    2. Plastic “Q-tips”
    3. Frog “ear”
    4. An iron
    5. Bubble Compass
    6. Dandylion Seeds
    7. Boot tread
    8. Corkscrew
    9. Mascara brush
    10. Cat nose
    11. It’s plastic beads tied together in some kinda ball, thingy…maybe a wine saver cap of some sort?

  13. teahouseblossom Says:

    Agh, my brain hurts…

  14. Fish Says:

    No. 11, is it the flower of the agave (agave tequilana weber azul)?
    No. 10, that’s my liver isn’t it? Thank god you found it.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Jenny,
    I believe you encountered all of these items on your last trip to Las Vegas.

  16. Fiorello La Guardia Says:

    I’m not going to guess at any of these…just had to say that the sight of No. 10 is totally freaking me out. WHAT THE HECK IS IT?

  17. shari Says:

    Gaaah! The suspense is killing me! I’m wearing out my F5 and still NOTHING from you. This may cause me to drink — I hope you’re happy. (Well technically I’m drinking already, but I could make a persuasive argument that this mystery quiz of yours, and subsequent silence, drove me to it.)

  18. Serenity Says:

    Came over here from Red’s site. I had been thinking of doing something like this for a couple of weeks now but seeing your photos, I think maybe I’m just not clever enough. These are good. Some are easy, some are hard and some are downright disturbing.
    My guesses nonetheless:
    1) Playing card.
    2) I would have said celery although it’s very BRIGHT celergy but who am I to argue with your refigerator lighting?
    3) This is the city center of Mold Town. I think I saw this in the bottom of my co-worker’s coffee mug that she never takes home NOR cleans. And she’s proud of that fact.
    4) Others are probably right that it’s an iron…I was going to say weights like in a gym because I can’t remember the last time I saw an iron and it is now foreign to me.
    5) Definitely a compass.
    6) Dandelion
    7) Either rebar or a serious black and white close up of someone’s corn rows. (hair, not plant.)
    8) Um….a gold plated snail shell?
    9) My first thought was vaccuum cleaner brush until I noticed the black goop…so either you have very dirty floors or this is mascara.
    10) My first thought was to run. Then I thought, maybe she’s in to cow tongue. Then someone said animal nose and now it makes sense.
    11) A glass plant, tchotchke stuff…the kind you get your mom on mother’s day when you can’t think of anything else.
    How’d I do?