Hip Hop 101

Right wrist up
Left wrist up
Right wrist down
Left wrist down
Torso turn pop shrug right
Torso turn pop shrug left
Arms up
Arms down
Lean right
Step left
Come together
Knees swirl
Body drop
And up
Step back
180 pivot
Right foot drag
Left foot drag
Shake it like you got something
Everybody got that? Now faster, with the music…

15 Responses to “Hip Hop 101”

  1. kat Says:

    um, no.

  2. jenny Says:

    kat: um, yeah. me neither. that’s the problem…

  3. elle Says:

    Oh…. I was starting with the left wrist first. No wonder I looked like such a spaz. Thanks.
    *shaking it*

  4. Cheryl Says:

    You do got something, Squirrely J.

  5. peefer Says:

    My ear is in my ass. Now what?

  6. jenny Says:

    elle: Common mistake – are you a lefty?
    Cheryl: Ak-ak-ak-ak! [That’s me, expressing my gratitude in squirrel language.]
    Peef: How odd. That’s totally not what’s supposed to happen. Try shaking it like you got something again and see if you can dislodge your ear.

  7. Tracy Lynn Says:

    You know, I was all set to do this, but then I didn’t. On account of the inflexibility of my bones. Those bastards won’t bend no matter how hard I try, and the poppin’…well, let’s just say, it’s funky, but not in that good way.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Jenny,
    I can’t even say “torso turn pop shrug right” much less imagine what it means.
    Let’s bring back Rock Lobster.

  9. roy Says:

    I think I hurt myself.

  10. jenny Says:

    Tracy Lynn and Roy: Everybody just calm down! Didn’t you guys stretch first? My god – you need to do at least 20 minutes of warm-ups before attempting these sick moves! Look – I cannot be held liable for any injuries as a result of the above dance. Pop and lock at your own risk…
    Viv: I’ll show you next time you’re in town. It’s CRAZY INSANE! I like the Rock Lobster, too, though. Takes me back to my youth.

  11. RW Says:


  12. shari Says:

    /viewing carnage strewn about the room
    Oh Jenny… what have you done?

  13. Tracy Lynn Says:

    I’m pretty sure there’s a limit to what even twenty minutes of stretching can accomplish…I, too, mourn the Rock Lobster.

  14. jill Says:

    What? Like that’s hard? Pfft. I bet I could totally do that. I just don’t want to. Yeah. . .that’s it. I don’t want to. *crys softely into pillow*

  15. Roy Says:

    I stretched for twenty minutes. At minute sixteen I heard a loud pop, sort of like a rifle shot, and then I couldn’t stand up straight. What do I do now?