The Number You Have Reached…

Temporary phone issues have cut my blogging abilities off at the knees… it’s like living in the 80’s! And me without my cocaine and boat shoes.
Be back soon!

6 Responses to “The Number You Have Reached…”

  1. ms. sizzle Says:


  2. sandra Says:

    Please, please PLEASE tell me you’re fully embracing the ’80s, complete with tight-rolled jeans, thick eyeliner and poofy bangs. And please tell me there are photos? Can there be photos?

  3. asia Says:

    You are not on dialup are you???

  4. Dave2 Says:

    Oh I hope you are happy… you’ve enticed Ms. Sizzle to snort cocaine off your blog!

  5. jenny Says:

    sizz: Hey – go easy! It’s not even 7:00am your time yet!
    sandra: I’m actually going with more of the off-the-shoulder Flashdance type look. And stirrup pants with elf boots.
    asia: No, my phone and DSL are all bundled, and it’s all screwed up.
    dave2: Let’s be honest – Sizzle was bound to start snorting coke off of someone’s blog, so I guess I just feel honored that she chose to start her downward spiral right here!

  6. shari Says:

    /sending emergency headbands and leg warmers.