Urgent Update!

SBC AT&T sucks ass.
That is all.

10 Responses to “Urgent Update!”

  1. Dave2 Says:

    Seattle’s Best Coffee?? What did they ever do to you? Did Mocha Momma put you up to this? Because I think they provide coffee to McDonalds, and we ALL know how Mocha feels about McDonalds coffee. :-)

  2. shari Says:

    I’ll loan you my sword?

  3. kris dresen Says:

    Don’t you mean AT&T? The fine folks who absorbed SBC and then took three weeks to get me my dialtone back? (“According to the questions you’ve answered, it appears your phone is off the hook.” Um, no it’s not. Don’t you think that’s the first thing I checked?) I found that finally threatening to go with another phone company or just getting rid of all of my AT&T services really did the trick. “Hm. You know, my cellphone seems to be suiting my phone needs just fine…” “We’ll have a technician out there in an hour.”

  4. sandra Says:

    Agreed. Yes. Definitely.

  5. Dustin Says:

    Don’t worry, I went to church today and had a conversation with God about your “situation.” He said that, and I quote, “She is being punished for her latest blasphemy against the Dutch. Everyone knows that they are my chosen peoples.” I say don’t worry because he promised not to make your hair fall out…this time.

  6. jenny Says:

    dave2: Oh, I know better than to get Mocha riled up about coffee…
    shari: So I can impale myself on it?
    kris: You’re so right! I totally meant AT&T. I had to enter (or say) my phone number no less than 10 times in their stupid automated system before I could finally wind my way through to a live person.
    sandra: Will you sign my petition?
    dustin: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don’t tell me you’re Dutch! With that hair? Everyone knows the Dutch all want to kill us for our curls – you can’t be one of them!

  7. Dustin Says:

    Me? Dutch? Only if eating 3 lbs. of Dutch chocolate in single seating (I refuse to comment on this) can change your nationality.

  8. Cheryl Says:

    I hear you, sista! Every phone/DSL bill I’ve received since the merger has said I didn’t pay my last bill because they are apparently incapable of leaving a forwarding address with the folks at online bill-pay. Or something. It always ends with my bank having to set up a conference call and then fax them a copy of the check they sent.
    The good news is that while I have tiny AT&T voodoo dolls strung up throughout my apartment, I now view B of A as a guardian angel.

  9. jenny Says:

    Dustin: 3lbs in a single seating? That’s only an issue if it was for breakfast… and even then, as long as it’s followed by a glass of milk, it’s okay in my book!
    Cheryl: That’s exactly what happened to me! My automatic online bill payment didn’t go through, so they shut down my entire account. I am now 99% convinced that I got double charged. Bastiges.

  10. Dustin Says:

    Jenny, thanks for not judging me. I was worried my confession had affected “us.”