Mystery Photo Quiz #7

Has it been a while? It seems like it has. No? I think it has. Well, even if it hasn’t, here it is – the latest Mystery Photo Quiz!
This will be a test of your willpower – try your best to guess the answers without reading the rest of the comments. It’s nearly irresistible, I know, but do your best. I have faith in you.
Good luck!

14 Responses to “Mystery Photo Quiz #7”

  1. RW Says:

    1. extreme close up of a bowling ball from the Spanish American War.
    2. The larvea of a scatterweevil
    3. Hair plugs gone terribly wrong.
    4. DNA molecule from a live Hershey’s White Chocolate Bar.
    5. The latest picture from the surface of Mars the US government has suppressed.
    6. Top view of a whale with a bone in his mouth surfacing and saying J! 5!
    7. The underside of that barstool from last Friday.
    How’d I do!?

  2. Dave2 Says:

    2) Looks like Pringles. IT’S PRINGLES POTATO CHIPS!!
    3) Leather maybe? A CONVERSE TENNIS SHOE!!
    4) A swizzle stick perhaps?
    7) Oooh pretty! A LOLLYPOP! IT’S A LOLLY!!

  3. adena Says:

    Dammit. Dave already answered the 2 I knew.
    Potato Chip and Converse Shoe.
    The others…wooooo, no idea!

  4. kat Says:

    1. button
    2. pringles
    3. shooz
    4. mac & cheese
    5. mouse bottom
    6. floss!
    7. sucker

  5. Jessica Says:

    1) A button
    2) A chip from Natasha’s generic vending machine
    3) A tennis shoe – perhaps a part of your old Dallas Cowby cheerleading ensemble?
    4)Vanilla licorice
    5) I dunno – but turn it “that way”
    6)Per a recent post of yours, is that the heel of your shoe stuck in some paint??
    7) A sucker, sucker

  6. Chase Says:

    I would guess, but I’ve already cheated and read all the guesses. No willpower.
    But now I want a lollipop.

  7. jenny Says:

    Excellent guesses, people! But there are still two pictures that no one has figured out yet.
    #1 and #4 are still a mystery…

  8. Dustin Says:

    1. Some sort of ultra-patriotic noise maker.
    2. A strand of your newly dyed and waxed blonde hair.

  9. Jenny Says:

    Dustin: You’re sooo close! Okay, you’re not close at all. BUT – I’ll say this: I would venture to guess that at least 90-95% of the US population uses both these items on a regular basis. Does that help?

  10. kris dresen Says:

    Number one looks like the top of a can of Comet cleanser.
    But that’s just me.

  11. egan Says:

    sex toys?

  12. Kevin Says:

    And here I thought I was going to be the cool one who knew Pringles right away. Or maybe they’re Stax. Ooooohhh. Make it a coup with Stax.
    1. Film reel from Paramount.
    2. Stax!
    3. Chuck Taylors
    4. A pasta dish I recently had that was horribly undercooked.
    5. The naked underbelly of a mouse. Mouse porn will not be tolerated.
    6. Floss.
    7. Wine glass stem.

  13. McMonkey Says:

    1. That would be the top of a can of Comet cleaner
    2. A Bugle snack
    3. The Star on a Converse All-Star tennis shoe
    4. Looks like a twisted phone cord
    5. The removable ball area on a mouse (that sounds dirty…)
    6. Floss cutter
    7. Blow Pop, where the stick meets the pop

  14. sandra Says:

    If I said, “believe me, I know all of the answers”, would you believe me?