Mystery #7 Revealed

Well, once again, it turns out I can’t fool this crowd. There was only one photo that no one got. If you want one last chance to make your guesses, read the post below this before clicking on the extended entry.
Nice work, folks! I thought these were some pretty obscure ones, but as usual, you continue to impress me with your mad photo figurin’ skills.

#1 – Comet cleanser
#2 – Pringles (I would’ve given bonus points to anyone who had correctly identified them as Sour Cream & Onion Pringles. And I would’ve placed a restraining order on anyone who knew that they were actually Fat Free Pringles, which I accidentally bought, and fortunately did not eat before realizing they contained Olestra, known for it’s “anal leakage” contraindication.)
#3 – Converse low tops (suitable for poppin’, lockin’, and glidin’)
#4 – WHAT DID I SAY?! I SAID NO WIRE HANGERS! NO WIRE HANGERS! CHRISTINAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! [I guess you couldn’t guess this one because you are all too classy for me, with your fancy wooden hangers.]
#5 – Dirty mouse butt! (Okay, the underside of a mouse – how’s that?)
#6 – Dental floss (unwaxed)
#7 – Cherry Blow-Pop (licked once)

8 Responses to “Mystery #7 Revealed”

  1. Dave2 Says:

    w00t! i only missed three this time! I’m brilliant!!
    Oh. Wait a second. There are only seven photos.
    I guess I’m not as brilliant as I thought I was. :-(
    AT THIS!!

  2. Karl Says:

    Wow, I got three of them. And you get mucho bonus points for using the word contraindication. $20 words are hot. How have I not read you before?

  3. jenny Says:

    Dave2: No, you are also brilliant at photo guessing, because you answer so quickly that you don’t have the advantage of seeing other people’s responses. Wicked brilliant.
    Karl: And here I thought “anal leakage” was going to be the phrase that got me recognition. When I met up with Dave2 and Kapgar in Chicago, all I heard was, Karl this and Chase that. So I finally had to look you up… glad I did!

  4. Kevin Says:

    What she’s being oh-so-kind in not telling you, Karl, is that we were bitching every time we mentioned your name and praising every time we mentioned Chase’s. Heh. Sorry.
    So no creativity points for saying Stax instead of Pringles? I know they’re not the same, but at least I was trying to be different.

  5. jenny Says:

    Kevin: You get 1/2 point for creativity for the Stax reference. You’re no mindless follower – you’re your own man!

  6. Mocha Says:

    I didn’t even get to guess on them because I’m really not that bright. It has something to do with me wearing a helmet early in life. However, I love how you’re building up Kevin.
    Or patronizing him. Either way, I love it.

  7. RW Says:

    No Jen, you’re wrong. That is not what they are.

  8. RW Says:

    …I mean I just thought you should know.