The People Have Spoken

kodo and podo
Kodo and Podo
So say goodbye to Mr. Lionel Richie and Miss Dionne Warwick, and say hello to Kodo and Podo! There were so many good suggestions for new names, though, that I’m certain I’ll be rotating several of them into the lineup in the future.
And as happy as it makes me to have some cool new names for my cats, I think what pleases me the most is that finally we can all step out from the shadows of shame and openly admit that we love The Beastmaster.
Dammit – my name is Jenny, and I love the movie The Beastmaster (I do not, however, love the cheap knockoff television series).
Here’s what I like most about The Beastmaster:
I like the part when the Beastmaster sees through the eyes of the falcon. I like the part where we first meet John Amos’ character partly because I keep expecting him to yell at J.J. and ask Florida what’s for dinner. I like the part where if you look closely, you can see the stripes of the tiger that they painted black to make it look like a panther. I like the part where those witches have really hot bodies but hideous faces, and hover over the cauldron as they watch the Beastmaster’s every move. I like the part where they stab a hot poker into the eyeball that’s in the ring that stupid kid wore. I like the part when Tanya Roberts and the Beastmaster wrestle and it’s all sexual tension and stuff. And I really like the part when the little ferrets, Kodo and Podo, always save the day. Just like my cats would, if they had ambition.

Now, if I can only teach my cats to steal necklaces and chew through trees when I’m sinking in quicksand, my life will be totally on the right track.
So thank you to everyone for voting on the opinion poll, and thank you for accepting me for who I really am – owner of cats, writer of blog, lover of Dar.

10 Responses to “The People Have Spoken”

  1. Dave2 Says:

    The Beastmaster was a surprisingly cool movie which I have seen more times than I care to admit. At first I appreciated the film mostly because it had a scantily-clad Tanya Roberts running around in it… but I later learned to appreciate it as a truly brilliant fantasy epic (which just happened to have a scantily-clad Tanya Roberts running around in it). Like everybody else at the time, I thought it would be really cool to have my own Kodo and Podo, and now you actually do.
    I’m a little jealous about that…

  2. Jessica Says:

    I don’t mean to ask a stupid question, Jen, but who’s who? I mean, with the other names, it was easy to figure out the male and female but I’m not sure in this case.

  3. Dustin Says:

    Oh YouTube, is there nothing you can’t show us?
    P.S. Don’t lie, you know you love the spin off TV series.

  4. Mocha Says:

    It’s taken at least 14 years for me to find you, but find you I have. People who appreciate the Beastmaster and all it’s campy goodness.
    While we’re all confessing here, I’d like to say that I wanted to grow up to be Tanya Roberts or at least wear those outfits. Now you know I was shooting for something really big.

  5. Jessica Says:

    Okay – if I follow the pictures, I think Kodo is the male and Podo is he female. Love it.
    Mocha – since this post, my husband has been reliving all of his Tanya Roberts fantasies. We may very well be renting Beastmaster soon….especially since, uh, well, I uh haven’t seen it before.

  6. Roy Says:

    I had a cat once who stole my watch. We didn’t find it until long after I bought another one. The way we caught him was, I said aloud, what time is it, and everyone in the room raised their left arm to look at their watch, including Little Roscoe. He knew he was caught and never even tried to deny it.

  7. Jessica Says:

    OMG – The Beastmaster is on RIGHT NOW on SciFi. I’m tivo’ing it!

  8. shari Says:

    Hi. My name is Shari, and I’ve never even heard of “The Beastmaster” until the last post about naming the cats. I have never seen Electric Boogaloo, either. Can we still be friends?

  9. kapgar Says:

    I readily admit I know and love Beastmaster. No qualms about admitting it here.
    Then again, it did have Tonya Roberts in her hot, pre-That 70s Show days.

  10. sandra Says:

    And I now want to see Beastmaster…